American & Hyatt Surprise Healthcare Workers With Vacations

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I think we could all use a feel-good story right about now, and American Airlines and Hyatt have given us exactly that.

American Airlines and Hyatt are awarding more than 4,000 healthcare workers in New York City with free vacations later this year. They’ll receive roundtrip flights on American Airlines, plus three nights at select Hyatt properties in the US and Caribbean.

Specifically, those at NYC Health + Hospitals/Elmhurst are getting a free vacation to help them recharge. This was one of the hospitals that has dealt with the most COVID-19 patients, and they increased ICU capacity by 500% in response.

The two travel brands will be rewarding everyone from doctors to nurses to food services teams.

The press release specifically notes that healthcare workers can travel “later this year.” With so much doubt about when it’s responsible to travel again, I’m curious how the timing of that works out.

Here’s a video from Good Morning America of hospital workers learning about this surprise:

What a great thing to see — it’s nice when companies do good, and they most definitely deserve some positive coverage for this.

  1. As this is actually a very positive story for American I won’t expect many comments from all the hAAters out there and if they are expect them to be negative anyway with plenty bAAshing.

    Lucky thanks for highlighting.

  2. Sarcasm aside
    They seem pretty happy and not worried so as said before well deserved for their dedicated service and efforts

  3. Awesome story. Thanks for sharing. Nice to see AA and Hyatt being creative. Sure it’s good publicity, but more importantly, any effort to show our healthcare workers our appreciation during this pandemic is incredible.

  4. That’s better than the Blue Angels fly by. Good for AA. They’re DOING something for the health care workers to show them the respect they deserve.

  5. What value have they put on these vacations for tax purposes? The recipients might be in for a nasty shock when they get their 1099s.

  6. I teared up when reading about this — although in the midst of financial difficulty, American Airlines and Hyatt have really given a delightful gift to workers who richly deserve it. I am so proud of them as American businesses doing what they can to pitch in where it makes a difference. These workers deserve it! And, remember, if it is truly to ALL the staff, then many would never be able to afford a vacation like this no matter how hard they work. Thank you AA and Hyatt!!!

  7. @Sean M

    I don’t think recipients need to pay IRS tax on these.

    The real nasty shock would be some disclaimer like this.

    **Valid for 1 person only, additional guest or family member must purchase ticket separately**
    **Free Air travel, is subject to payment of the government-imposed Fee and fuel surcharge**
    **Checked bag fees, seat selection extra**
    **Free accommodations are a hotel room with two beds. Guest is responsible for all taxes and fees including but not limited to mandatory resort fee, premise parking, and WIFI-internet **
    *****Reservation requests must be received at least 15 days prior to travel date and all reservations are based upon availability.*****

    And the last nasty shock is will there even be AA when “later this year” comes.

  8. That’s a great thing. They deserve this and a lot more along with their families. My friend works at Wal-Mart. People bombard the store daily with no mask, kids running everywhere. They have received. 200 to 400 hundred dollars during all this. They could stay home but who would pay their bills ?? All essential works deserve all they get. For a company that makes as much as Wal-Mart you would think they would do better. Guess they need all the money they can get to pay for their castles and nice cars.

  9. Unless COVID has been completely eradicated by “later this year,” healthcare workers who care about their own health should run from this offer. American Airlines should be ashamed for putting both their customers and their employees at risk during the COVID pandemic.

    Some of us don’t have a choice but to fly during the pandemic. I had to last week. Somehow Delta is managing to require face masks on their passengers and attendants; managed to not overbook their flights in order to create reasonable distancing on board; and managed to provide each passenger with a consolation bag of water, snack and hand sanitizer due to lack of in-flight service. Meanwhile, American Airlines was not even requiring face masks and won’t until May 11. Both legs of our flight home from SC on American Air were a nightmare. Passengers crammed together, many opting not to wear face masks because it wasn’t required, and not even a bottle of water offered. This PR stunt “gift” to health care workers is merely a publicity seeking effort. If American Airlines cared they’d start by protecting people and taking care of paying customers and their employees. Instead they continue to be greedy and irresponsible by investing money in a ‘feel good’ publicity stunt to try to shore up their brand.

  10. Seems like a nice thing on paper but we have no idea what the pandemic will be like in the US or anywhere else so it seems a bit harsh. Holiday before the end of the year maybe.

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