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The Platinum Card® from American Express and The Business Platinum Card® from American Express both get you access to Amex’s Global Lounge Collection, which includes access to Amex Centurion Lounges, Delta SkyClubs, Priority Pass Lounges, Airspace Lounges, and Escape Lounges.

Based on American Express’ app, it looks like some new lounges have been added as well, and I love the direction this is taking. American Express Platinum & Centurion cardmembers now get Lufthansa lounge access at Munich Airport, as follows:

  • Platinum cardmembers get access to the Lufthansa Business Lounges in the Terminal 2 Satellite when flying Lufthansa, Swiss, or Austrian in any class of service
  • Platinum cardmembers get access to the Lufthansa Senator Lounges in the Terminal 2 Satellite when flying Lufthansa, Swiss, or Austrian in business class
  • Centurion cardmembers get access to the Lufthansa First Class Lounge in the Terminal 2 Satellite when flying Lufthansa, Swiss, or Austrian in any class of service

Lufthansa First Class Lounge

This doesn’t show on American Express’ website yet, though it shows through the Amex app. Just log into the app, click on “Membership,” then click on “Find a Lounge,” and then enter “Munich Airport.”

There you’ll see the lounges listed (the first class lounge isn’t listed for me, since I’m not a Centurion cardmember — the selection is customized based on the cards you have).

The corresponding terms with lounge entry are also listed for each lounge.

Note that American Express cardmembers can’t take guests into Lufthansa lounges for free, though additional cardmembers are eligible for access.

Lufthansa Senator Lounge

As of now there are already two Priority Pass lounges at Munich Airport (which enrolled Amex cardmembers have access to), though they’re located in Terminal 1. So these will be the first lounges that cardmembers have access to in Terminal 2.

I’d love to see this expanded to more airports with Lufthansa lounges, as it would add some nice variety to the lounge portfolio. Personally I think it’s pretty likely we’ll see this expanded to more airports, though I suspect it will come with similar access requirements to what we’re seeing now (meaning you can only use the lounges when flying with Lufthansa, Swiss, or Austrian).

This is also a very cool benefit for Centurion cardmembers, as they get access to Lufthansa’s exceptional First Class Lounge. It seems like most people get the Centurion Card for the prestige, though this is a nice benefit that could actually be valuable.

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  1. Great news! Somehow I doubt that they would expand it to Frankfurt (LH lounges there are often packed). But I hope Amex will give access to LH lounges in other major German airports like Hamburg, Stuttgart, etc. That would really motivate me to rejoin Amex Platinum 😉

  2. I’m an additional cardmember through a family member’s Centurion account, yet my card is a Platinum Card. Any word on whether this will still get me into the First Class Lounge?

  3. This is a major devaluation of Star Alliance Gold if this is true. Lufthansa’s lounges are already crowded enough, as is.

  4. Just for clarification, the lounge access is only limited to the T2 Satellite(K,L Gates) Lounges, this means no access to the ones in the main T2 Terminal(G,H Gates)?

  5. Great news but concerned where this will end. I can only imagine a flood of Amex Platinum members onto Lufthansa’s lounges and they will quickly cancel this option. Here is something crazy I experience while visiting a Priority Pass lounge last month at the Liverpool airport. I saw they had a Priority Pass lounge and went in and the place was maybe 50% full. I presented my Priority Pass and the person at the entrance told me she had to check if they had space. I thought I had misunderstood her but she went inside to look around. She came back and said they were full and I could not enter the place. I was in disbelief and told her that there were at least 20 empty sofas/chairs. She said those places were reserved by customers that were coming. What??? I could not believe and she showed me that every seat had a little sign saying “Reserved”. She said people usually call in advance to reserve their places in the lounge and they could only accept the same number of people as they had of seats. Have you ever heard of that before?

  6. @FD Probably not unless they upgrade your supplementary to a Centurion as well. The benefit comes with the price you pay for the card. the pricing on a supplementary plat on a centurion account is $175, while a supplementary centurion is $2500 a year. $175 to $2500 is a huge difference, so I doubt they will give you access on a supplementary platinum card.

  7. Interestingly not showing on the Amex UK app, hopefully they will accept the Amex as heading to Munich for Oktoberfest this weekend.

  8. Is there a chance this would apply to Senator Lounges in the US? There’s a Senator Lounge at the Detroit airport that is open from 5AM-6PM. It’s the only lounge in North Terminal at the moment.

  9. I guess Centurion cardholder will get FRA First Class Terminal access in the future as well, but beware that Lufthansa lounges will restrict Amex Platinum/Centurion holders soon due to overcrowding.

  10. So essentially Platinum cardholders (from certain countries) get something between FTL and *G status – but only in one airport (MUC). I’m not sure how attractive this can be …

    And Centurion card holders get something which could be *G or HON, but again only in one airport. The SEN lounges are also marked as “First Class”, since they serve as F-Cl lounge for other carriers (e.g. TG, UA). That’s why I’m not sure if Centurion cardholders only get access to the SEN lounge or the “real” LH F-Cl lounge …

  11. That’s the trick with Amex Platinum – You can add up to 3 people for one extra fee. This means the primary card member + one fee for 3 additional card members, and each person can use their card for Platinum entry to lounges as well as each person receives a priority card. It depends how you use these cards, because the same is true for other cards, such as the Ritz Carlton Card or the Morgan Reserve card but the annual fees are different for additional members.

  12. Finally something positive to come out for Amex Centurion holders. This and Hertz Platinum (which is incredible) and Delta Platinum make the card well worth it now.

    Hopefully they expand access to FRA but there’s no going back once you’ve set foot in an LH First Class lounge.

  13. AS a Lufthansa M&M member from India, this feels really unfair. We have no way of equalizing this ‘shortcut’. I mean we fly and fly, and getting the HON membership to access F lounges is near impossible. And now someone with a credit card can get it? LH has always been a rigid albeit fair system taking all their members into account but this one won’t be appreciated. It was always nice to know the Senator lounges are meant for true loyalists and this policy just allows in a flood of the “mainstream” passengers.

    No offence to the credit card holders, you want more for what you pay, but not everyone can get the card in the first place; and my complain is more towards LH’s new policy not the credit card company, which is obviously doing a better job.

  14. @Sarthi

    Not just anybody with a credit card, only Centurion get access to the Lufthansa First Class Lounge. And only in MUC, not in FRA which is their biggest hub.

    Considering the spend need to get considered for a Centurion and the yearly fees to keep it, there are not that many card holder out there.

    You do now that you can get the Amex Centurion in India for the past 3 years?
    Or the Plat

    Cost are in the same ballpark as the US cards.

  15. You can be a American Express Platinum holder in Germany and the LH personnel still treat you as a third class citizen when a service has to be provided. The best is when they are not even educated about what they have to do!

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