500 Bonus American Business Extra Points For Completing A Survey

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We’ve written extensively here at OMAAT about American’s Business Extra program, which is their business rewards program. The program is really easy to use, and even small businesses can sign-up for it, allowing members to double dip rewards.

This is completely separate from American AAdvantage, and you can earn one point for ever $5 spent on airfare (for you and any of your employees). You can choose from a variety of awards, with the most popular probably being a BXP1, which is a one-way upgrade within North America.

My personal favorite use for these is to upgrade a discounted business class ticket between New York and Los Angeles to first class, though there are lots of other uses as well.

American’s Flagship First Dining JFK

One of those certificates costs 650 points, meaning that $3,250 of spend on American scores you an upgrade (though there are fare class restrictions and capacity controls).

I love the Business Extra program, and it’s a great additional perk for flights you’d take with American anyway.

Business Extra has additional promotions for earning bonus points with some frequency, which I tend to write about here. There’s now another great opportunity to earn 500 easy bonus points. This promotion actually appeared in the last monthly Business Extra statement. Thanks to Sam F. for the heads up, because obviously I skipped over the email, but I see it now that I go back and look.

American Business Extra is offering 500 bonus points for completing a quick two minute survey by August 31, 2018. This promotion isn’t targeted, so all members should be eligible for this.

The survey is quick and just asks you some basic communication preferences. To earn the bonus points you just have to enter your Business Extra number on the last page, and then the bonus points should post by September 7, 2018.

This is an excellent promotion, and is the equivalent of the rewards you’d ordinarily earn for $2,500 of qualifying spend with American. 500 points gets you most of the way to a one-way upgrade within North America.

If you’re a Business Extra member, make sure you complete the survey.

(Tip of the hat to Sam F.)

  1. Couldn’t believe it when I saw it – I thought about sending it to you but figured you’d already seen it!

    Literally spent 45 seconds on the survey, and got >75% of the way to another free trans-con upgrade – an upgrade often worth $2,000 or more based on the cash prices of the ticket.

    Something (actually often) this program makes no sense, but almost always in our favor.

  2. @ Jose — On the last page you’re asked to enter your Business Extra number, not your AAdvantage number. And this link was in an official communication from Business Extra.

  3. Oh wow. I saw this within the newsletter, but got distracted. Thanks for the reminder and consider myself +500 points closer to lie flat transcon. 🙂

  4. This is fantastic. I don’t travel much on AA anymore so this’ll be great to actually use some BizExtraa points!

  5. I wonder if you can get the 500 points multiple times if the various people on the AA BIZ EXTRA acct filled out the survey??

  6. Thanks, Lucky! FYI – I was having issues on selecting answers on Chrome on my Mac. I tried Safari and it worked fine.

    Nice bump up for another transcon upgrade. Actually, using 2 transcon upgrades today 🙂

  7. I can’t believe I never signed up for Business Extra! Doing it now, and it asks for a referral code — is there one available?

  8. @ Eileen Kerrigan — I’m not sure if there’s actually a reward (either for the person referring or being referred), but based on looking at my account I see a referral code listed of SME4Q12. Like I said, it doesn’t list what it’s for, though. If you want to use that we can see if either of us gets anything. It’s interesting they have referral codes but don’t list any sort of reward.

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