American announces rebranding!

Go figure that when I hop on a 20+ hour flight Delta announces a revenue based frequent flyer program and American unveils their rebranding.

Let’s start with American’s rebranding. This has been in the works for a long time, so here it is:

American also produced a video about the thought process behind the new branding here:

It’s 1AM in Singapore and I had one too many shots tonight (which is to say I had exactly one shot) to write anything constructive.

What do you guys think of the new branding? Love it? Hate it? Expecting a Bank of America merger?

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  1. I’m good with the logo. Think the shots of the new branding for airports and promotional materials look good. I don’t love the new typeface, mostly the spacing is too wide.

    As for the livery, it’s fine except that terrible tail. As I said on twitter, “Buzz…your girlfriend…woof!”

  2. I kind of like it. Not sure it’s ‘stylish’ but like the bold colors and graphics. definitely noticeable. I definitely like the stylized eagle

  3. They should have invested in better customer service. The new look will not make it my favorite airline as long as they treat customers so poorly. I will continue to fly it only as a last resort.

  4. The PJ looks better in the video than in the picture. Massimo Vignelli must be pissed though, he was so proud of his old logo design.

  5. The tail looks like a spinning barber pole to me. Maybe Executive Platinum will get a free hair cut????

  6. Like it a bunch. They needed something bold! THink about how you’ll feel seeing that tail on the last let of a long international trip

  7. “Santastico said,

    The tail looks like a spinning barber pole to me. Maybe Executive Platinum will get a free hair cut????”

    Maybe elite benefits are getting the hair cut /s

  8. Sure, it’s somewhat derivative of other logos, but it’s also very modern and forward looking. I like it.

  9. @ Simon, I’m with you. Initial reaction was bad, but I think I could get used to it. A bunch of different types lined up in a row could look pretty spiffy

  10. The tail colors don’t blend well with the rest of the plane. I think it would have looked much better if the bottom 2 red stripes came up the fuselage a bit, maybe in a gentle swoop.

  11. I can take it or leave it. I don’t get what all the fuss is about when liveries change. It’s fine, get on with creating an airline that people want to fly with and enjoy parting with their money that they can rely on that has good consistent customer service.

    Wayyyyy tooooo muchhhhhh time spent “how the liveries make you feel”….makes me throw up a little every time I see all the time and money spent on redesigning an airlines look.

    Kind of like all the time spent in companies doing mission statements. Such wasted time..But the manager’s feel
    like they are accomplishing something and everyone goes along with it. Same with livery changes. Marketing
    folks get a warm fuzzy they changed everything and everyone goes along with the charade.

    I’ll stop. I think I’m going to throw up again…

  12. The tail is terrible! What were they thinking? Looks like some kind of bad Wonder Woman bustier crossed with 1970s plaid jacket!
    Did they not see that they have the ideal tail design inherent in the new logo – duh!

  13. Several of us like it. It’s different from the pack and distinctive. My first impression was “I like it.” I don’t say that very often and I deal with these branding issues regularly. Congrats and let’s hope it inspires change throughout the organization and allows them to deliver on promises of a better airline for everyone.

  14. @Rich it really isn’t a waste of money, they needed to do something to announce the rebirth of their airline out of bankruptcy and if they do merge with US, American will be the one sticking around, they are bigger, and have a better image than US.

  15. I don’t care for it only because I don’t feel it was necessary. They already had an iconic brand and logo. They didn’t need to change it.

  16. Is it just me or is this like a cheap rip off of the US AIR tail just done in red – well I guess that fits.

  17. They took the shield from Captain America! Now you can hear the annoucement when you board the plane: Dear Pessengers, This Is Captain America Speaking!

  18. I don’t care and I think it is a sheer waste of money to do so given that AA has been fighting with its pilots for so long …

  19. If you showed me just that tail and asked me which airline’s now livery it was, I’d probably say US airways. Airlines usually put their logo, or part of their logo on the tail, and which airlines uses the flag as a logo? If this isn’t a clear sign what’s to come and I don’t know what is.

  20. Definitely love the new logo though I will miss the double A that has make the airline easy to identify for a long time. The tail is kind of flashy but I think it is all about getting used to it. Just saw some pictures of the plane in the hangar and it looks better than in the promos. The plane looks elegant and modern. And the best thing is that with all this changes the interiors are also changing and the colors that will be uses make first ans business class look more classy as I have never liked the colors been used now they are too plain.

  21. @Nathaniel,

    If they merge with US airways my understanding is that US management would most likely be in charge. So they would select the livery wouldn’t they? Or did US sign off on this? If you are in bankrupcy your bargaining power is generally limited.

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