Leaked: American Airlines’ New Safety Video

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Update: Unfortunately the video has been removed. If I find it anywhere else online I’ll be sure to post it.

Admittedly there are more important things going on in the world than new airline safety videos, though I find this interesting nonetheless.

American Airlines’ new safety video

We’ve known for a while that American Airlines was supposed to introduce a new safety video, which was to coincide with their introduction of new uniforms several weeks back.

American hasn’t actually made the switch over to the new safety video, given everything else going on in the world. View from the Wing flags what seems to be American’s new safety video, which is the first time I’ve seen it leak.

The video was initially published on Vimeo by Charlie Uniform Tango, the production company that worked on the video. Unfortunately they’ve now deleted it within hours of the video getting attention.

I think it’s safe to say that this is the new video, given that the employees are wearing the new uniforms.

For context, here’s American’s old safety video:

My thoughts on the new safety video

This safety video isn’t going to win any awards. It’s not like American Airlines was going to have a comedy routine or rap battle in their safety video, so that’s not too surprising.

My initial take on the video is the following:

  • I like that the video is visually interesting to watch and that it’s not annoying, in the sense that frequent flyers shouldn’t be bothered by it
  • I don’t like the outrageously fake smiles all employees have; the smiles are just so big that it reeks of insincerity, in my opinion

What I was most curious about with this video is what slogan they’d use. In 2019 American Airlines requested trademarks for the following terms, leading us to believe that (at least) one of them would be their new slogan:

  • “To Care For People On Life’s Journey”
  • “We Fly So You Can Soar”
  • “Our Favorite Destination Is Yours”
  • “Time Well Spent”

Well, the video ends with “We Fly So You Can Soar,” and I guess that answers our question as to which one they decided on.

At the time I shared my take on each of the above new slogans, and my thoughts on that one was the following:

We’re humans, not birds. And the first thing that comes to mind is “we fly so you can be sore,” given American’s new aircraft interiors. It also sets the bar low, and does nothing to differentiate American from any other airline.

Every airline flies, so why are American customers more likely to “soar?”

So yeah, it’s probably the most honest of the potential slogans, though does nothing to raise the bar for the airline.

Bottom line

I assume the above is American Airlines’ new safety video. It was presumably supposed to be launched in conjunction with new uniforms, but was likely delayed given everything that’s going on.

I think the video is non-offensive enough — it’s not too long, and it won’t become tiresome as a frequent flyer.

Then again, with American removing TVs from many planes (and not offering them on any newly delivered narrow body planes), the number of flights with safety videos will be decreasing (since planes without TVs have manual safety demonstrations).

What do you make of American’s new safety video?

  1. The old video, while not perfect, was a fun mix of sassy, modern and chic.

    The new video feels like all the AA union members were lined up and forced to smile at gun point. It is boring as hell.

  2. The old video was much better. But at least they’re not going for great anymore and just there for our safety and to help us soar. Explains the surliness.

  3. Surely they had decided on the slogan when they made the TM application, the others are just ridiculous suggestions? “To care for people on life’s journey” belongs on a seniors home.

  4. Virgin America’s video was stylish but crappy from a safety standpoint.

    Some might misread the slogan, we fly so you can sour. Like lost bags, rude employees that are dictators, etc.

  5. I like the new uniforms and the video is so-so. It’s not annoying so it passes the test in my book.

  6. The previous video deserved a gold medal in vulgarity. The only thing missing was the speaker chewing gum noisily. Are there such things as Platinum medals ?

  7. I think AA should revisit their new slogan given the situation. Maybe in 2030, if they still exist.

    “We Fly So You Can Sore Throat”

    cough cough

  8. The zooming out on employees to show they are in the shape of the logo is a rip off of what Delta did in one of their recent safety videos.

  9. Personally, I Like this Video better than the Last One which had way too much Fluff and distractions and too much music. The “Going for Great” moniker under putz faced Parker made it really laughable….He wouldn’t know Great if it Hit Him in the Head. This One is Cleaner and shorter. There were a few actors that I wouldn’t exactly be Showcasing in Any Brand….the politically correct/all inclusiveness of Some Corporations makes them look really silly and People can see Right Through It. The New Uniform is okay and nothing stunning….like all the Rest of the US Carriers. (4 out of 5 and I am being Generous Today)

  10. I watched it with the sound off and see that flight attendants are generally all women and pilots and luggage handlers are always all men. The world according to Texas.

  11. Seems like a saw at least part of this video on a recent flight to MEX (hmmm?). I am so glad to see they are NOT wearing face masks, unlike Air Canada (no thank you)!

  12. @ Shawn, you beat me too it. I’m kind of bummed out they are no longer “going for great” which is nearly impossible when everyone at AA is disgruntled.

  13. Great airlines safety video so far they great to send this message to passengers during onboard.

    I like the genuine of everyones smile in the end of the video,so pure and honest.

  14. @XenaWP thanks for showing some love for Xena: Warrior Princess. It was one of the best best shows of the ‘90s. It was one of the best shows ever.

  15. I found it funny that there were two versions of the old video. One where the woman talks and the other where she does exactly the same actions but doesn’t say a single word, just looks at the camera. The second one is for non-english language destinations.

  16. I just want to know what plane they were on that had all of that leg room. THAT is flight I need to be on

  17. Does the phrasing “first, let’s buckle those belts” (from old safety video) make anyone else cringe every time they hear it?

  18. The old, old one was less racist. It had all races, all ages, genders, jobs, real people doing real airline stuff. It had a female pilot and male flight attendants, and an Asian spokesperson with every other race represented with a speaking part. The recent one has a white girl in clicky heels, and ALL major acting parts were played by young white people. The one black lady with any focus is servicing the main white girl’s seat belt buckle. That’s it. I HATE that one, but I think it better represents NC-based US Air, who is really in charge now.

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