$1,435 American Business Class Fares To Cordoba, Argentina

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A few weeks ago I wrote about this good fare, though I wanted to push this to the top since the fare is still around, and also since the fare is now valid for travel through the end of the year, so it allows you to visit closer to peak season (previously it was only valid for travel through September).

American is by far the biggest US carrier in Latin America, and they have a huge array of destinations. One of American’s newest routes to South America is to Cordoba, Argentina.

Cheap American business class fares to Cordoba

Last year American Airlines announced that they’d launch flights to Cordoba, Argentina. The route was initially supposed to launch in April, though ended up being delayed until June. With this route having recently launched, it’s worth noting that American has some really attractive business class fares.

You can fly roundtrip business class from Miami to Cordoba for just ~$1,435.

That’s an incredible fare, when you consider that the flight covers a distance of over 4,000 miles in each direction, and is blocked at 8-9 hours.

This fare seems to be valid for travel through the end of the year (thanks to georgeroads for pointing out the fare has been extended). Fares can be searched using ITA Matrix or Google Flights.

While I’m not saying everyone should hop on this deal, if you do have interest in visiting Cordoba in southern winter, this is a pretty incredible deal.

American’s 767 business class

American’s 767 business class consists of fully flat seats in a staggered configuration. This is my least favorite business class product American offers, though it’s still decent for a fairly short overnight.

American’s 767 business class

American has wifi on their 767s, and the food on international flights is decent enough.

In Miami you’ll also have access to American’s Flagship Lounge.

American’s Flagship Lounge Miami

Earning miles & maximizing credit card rewards

This is an “I” fare, and the itinerary covers a distance of 8,140 flown miles. Check wheretocredit.com for details of how many miles you’d earn for these fares with various programs.

For example, if crediting to American AAdvantage you’d earn 200% elite qualifying miles, and five redeemable miles per dollar spent, not including elite bonuses.

However, there are some good partner program options as well. For example, you could credit to Alaska Mileage Plan and earn 150% elite qualifying and redeemable miles, not including elite bonuses.

If you take advantage of this fare, make sure you use a card offering bonus points for airfare purchases. You can earn up to 5x points, which I value at up to 1.7 cents each, for an additional return of 8.5%.

CardPoints earned on airfare spend
The Platinum Card® from American Express5x Membership Rewards points per dollar spent
Citi Prestige Card5x ThankYou points per dollar spent
American Express® Gold Card3x Membership Rewards points per dollar spent
American Express® Green Card3x Membership Rewards points per dollar spent
Chase Sapphire Reserve®3x Ultimate Rewards points per dollar spent
Citi Premier℠ Card3x ThankYou points per dollar spent
Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card2x Ultimate Rewards points per dollar spent

Bottom line

These are among the cheapest long haul business class fares I’ve ever seen on American. If you have any interest in visiting Cordoba, Argentina, before the end of the year, this is a great fare.

To those who have been to Cordoba, is it worth a visit?

(Tip of the hat to Andrew B)

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  1. Cordoba is worth a visit but this plane should be retired. The 787 service I recently experienced between LAX and Buenos Aires is quite nice; the 767 service to/from anywhere isn’t.

  2. I was in Cordoba last year and it was a lovely place. Compact city center so I walked most of the time, and nice bars and restaurants. Also really cheap on a USD-basis since Argentina’s economy isn’t doing so well.

  3. Cordoba is quite lovely. A day trip up to Cosquin and the Sierras is definitely worth it. I went way back in 2009. Bus from BsAs and took the Ferrocentral train back. The area east of Cordoba looks just like Northern Illinois.

  4. That’s interesting because I’ve seen the roundtrip fare in economy for $1400 as well. American launched this route today. A lot of business class seats available on most flights. Looks like they will overbook economy and there will be operational upgrades on some flights.
    Cordoba is the capital of Argentina. You can also continue on to Ushuaia which is near Antarctica. I’ve seen roundtrip fares from Cordoba on Aerolinas Argentinas for under $200.

  5. Córdoba is definetly worth a visit, having a pretty decent colonial downtown with the oldest argentinian university dating back to 1622. Just to correct D3KingAmerican Córdoba is not the capital of Argentina (that position belongs to Buenos Aires). There are different set of “Sierras” (smaller size mountains) to the north, west and south of the city that are easily accesible by car or bus. Villa General Belgrano is the German town, Capilla del Señor is the hippie-chic-UFO lover town. Córdoba is the “mediterranean” province of Argentina (geographically speaking, it sits in the middle of the country) and has a very nice weather all year round, making it ideal for any kind of vacation. The city has many parks, interesting buildings and a strong cultural life that competes with Buenos Aires.

  6. United’s and Delta’s 767s are really nice, as are those operated by most other airlines. However American found a way to ruin the 767, just like the ruin everything else. The way I see it, it doesn’t matter how low this fare is – it could be $600 round trip in J for all I care, if still never take this flight. Even $600 round trip would be too much for a long-haul business class product with no IFE!

  7. Turn time of 1.5 hrs in Cordoba is quite nice. Idiot amr scheduling planning. Bump it up to two hrs and give ramp crew a break.

  8. As much as I despise AA’s 767s for anything international, they aren’t the worst thing ever for a short domestic like MIA-PHL. Better chance of an upgrade to F and an (albeit terrible) lie flat seat instead of a regular recliner. Even coach is more enjoyable than being on a 737: wider cabin, only one middle seat/row, and better recline.

  9. My friends live in Cordoba, allowing me to stay with them for a few weeks, between visits across Argentina. A beautiful area with historic significance, which never loses its charm. Definitely a part of the world I can envision retirement in, one day.

  10. I live in the Bahamas, and just booked Eleuthera – Miami – Buenos Aires – Miami on AA in business in late December (after Christmas) for $2,190. The Eleuthera – Miami part is in Economy. It usually costs me$190 – 225 just to do that part, so I figure the MIA – EZE part is costing about $2,000. Pretty amazing.

  11. I booked this as an open-jaw, mixed cabin itinerary for $1,100. MIA – GIG in Y, then COR-MIA in J. Now I’m going to try to use an upgrade for the first leg. Great fare, hope that helps someone!

  12. I actually flew on the inaugural on June 6th, overnight, in economy… No IFE… and I don’t sleep on planes unless I have a flat bed lol, But Cordoba was truly beautiful, especially downtown, which is where I stayed. Highly recommend the Yrigoyen 111Hotel, fantastic little hotel right smack in the middle of downtown, has a rooftop pool, hottub and sauna, with amazing views of the sunrises, and dozens of great restaurants nearby. Right now is a great time to visit Argentina because the Argentine Peso is getting more and more, I guess, devalued? But basically 1 USD=45 Argentine Pesos, and everything is really cheap compared to what you’d get it for in USD. In Cordoba I went out with 11 other friends at a good sit down restaurant and it cost us $79 USD. All in all Argentina , and Cordoba is a great little place to visit.

  13. From Cordoba you can continue to Ushuaia where you can take a cruise near Antarctica. Fares on Aerolinas Argentinas are inexpensive.

  14. Not really a great deal when you consider American Airlines is a LCC. Don’t Norwegian Air also have a base in Argentina?

  15. Not seeing anything like that fare on Google Flights or ITA Matrix for any date in November….

  16. Flagship Lounge in Miami… can you imagine….

    Any lounge in MIA is awful, crawling with ….

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