Did American Handle This “Black Lives Matter” Situation Correctly?

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There’s a story getting quite a bit of media attention from American Airlines’ Facebook page.

On Tuesday an American Airlines passenger posted a picture of a flight attendant wearing a “Black Lives Matter” pin.


I most definitely disagree with the person on Facebook calling this pin “disgraceful,” but objectively I think it’s fair to say that very reasonable people can strongly disagree about the effect of the “Black Lives Matter” movement. Some view it as a positive driver of change, while others view it as something which has enabled high level violence, even if unintentionally. I don’t think either side is wrong.

I’m not sure if this is accurate anymore, but one Twitter user posted the following screenshot of what is (or at least used to be) American’s policy on pins:


Now, that policy seems very open ended, and under those guidelines the flight attendant should be allowed to wear the pin, given that flight attendants can wear “personal pins of the employee’s choice.” However, perhaps what he was wearing qualifies as a “button,” which is not permitted. However, that seems like a rather odd technicality.

Personally I think that’s far too lenient and sort of an unprofessional policy. Heck, to take this to an extreme, it seems like a KKK pin would be okay. I’m not sure if the above is still the policy, though.

So, why is this situation getting media attention? Because of how American responded to it. Here’s how they quickly responded to this post:

We appreciate your concerns and have alerted our flight attendant management team who will investigate and ensure all uniform standards are followed. In accordance with our community guidelines, we’ve hidden your posts since it includes a photo of an employee. Thanks for your understanding.

To me that seems like the perfect response. They’re saying that uniform standards are to be followed and are investigating whether that was the case, and they hid the post since it included the photo of one of their employees without their consent.

Not surprisingly, this has started a debate on American’s Facebook page. On the two ends of the spectrum people are saying:

  • “YOU HAVE MY SUPPORT and I’ll continue to purchase all flights from you, and only you, but ONLY if you stand in complete solidarity with your associate and keep him as a valued member of your team.”
  • “I will never fly American again if they allow their employees to support HATE groups in uniform.”

Bottom line

If you ask me, I think American handled the situation perfectly, and the response they’re getting is a bit uncalled for. They acknowledged the situation and said they’d investigate it (which is fair).

As far as American’s pin policy goes, I hope the policy is in fact stricter than just allowing flight attendants to wear “personal pins of the employee’s choice.” Or perhaps the more important question is how they define a pin vs. a button.

Whether or not permissible pins should include “Black Lives Matter” or not, well, then I’m not sure of. I of course 100% support the idea behind the movement and the equal treatment of all, but at the same time I think very reasonable people can disagree about the impact the organization has had.

Should airline employees be allowed to wear “Black Lives Matter” pins? Do you think American handled this situation correctly?

(Tip of the hat to @Airline_AlexBuzzFeed)

  1. I think the disappointing thing about this is that “Black Lives Matter” needs to be pointed out in this day and age. EVERY life matters – whatever the ethnicity.

  2. That’s a button, not a pin, so that’s the technicality they are going to nail this employee on, they don’t even have to delve into the issue of BLM or not, he made it very easy on AA’s management.

  3. +1 for Bob.

    I am a HS teacher. I leave my political opinions at the door. It’s the professional thing to do. As much as I support the BLM group, I don’t think wearing campaign buttons, political slogans, etc is professional on the job.

  4. Sorry Ben, I think you’re good, but you have to wake up on this.

    you wrote: “I most definitely disagree with the person on Facebook calling this pin “disgraceful”…then I’m not sure of. I of course 100% support the idea behind the movement and the equal treatment of all””

    It is disgraceful, it’s racist, it’s thuggery, that movement is for UNEQUAL TREATMENT of all. FIRST and foremost, where are the “WHITE LIVES MATTER” pins, where are the “RED LIVES MATTER” pins, where are the “YELLOW LIVES MATTER” pins? “Black Lives Matter” is a communist organization of low-live, welfare goons.

    Maybe I can enlighten your ignorance: The most dangerous man alive, George Soros, funded that group with $70 million USD, created on the lie from a bundle of black racists bigots in Ferguson, MO—-the gentle giant racist criminal who belongs 6 feet under, And who is their leader? The smoking thin-man retrovirus in the White House. In Laos, the thug Obama said that “whites will be a minority in the US in 35 years”. A US President being a racist…..sickening. Only problem with his belief is that racist Obama has 4 months left in the WHITE House to keep dreaming—-he can’t fathom the fact that the next POTUS will be WHITE again.

    Reality: Those who wear “Black Lives Matter” pins are really wearing KKK pins. It is disgraceful, and Ben, retract that point of view and get educated on it. Why are FF programs devalued? It’s because of movements like Black Lives Matter (they don’t matter), and Occupy Wall Street, etc. Wake up, son.

  5. I think the distinction between buttons and pins that you describe as an odd technicality actually makes a lot of sense- buttons are decidedly less professional looking than pins and often much bigger too. Just look at the pic- political slogans aside, the FA in the pic doesn’t look very classy at all to me with that cheap button on his lapel- if it were a nice looking pin that might be a different story worthy of more controversy.

  6. I think the disappointing thing about this is that “Black Lives Matter” needs to be pointed out in this day and age. EVERY life matters – whatever the ethnicity.

    Yes, that’s true. However right now let’s focus on the ones that are getting slaughtered regularly by those that are supposed to protect them.

  7. I think wearing anything that reflects one’s political / religious or social beliefs on the job is great, but not very professional. Especially a job that faces the public. Whatever belief it is that they support, it will inevitably cause backlash. On hindsight, if the statement was “Black Lives Matter Too” – I wonder if it would be as controversial.

  8. Man, I am glad Melissa’s hear to straighten out complicated situations for us. I was in the Lucky camp of seeing both sides of the Black Lives Matter argument, but when I heard they were “a communist organization of low-live [sic], welfare goons” I realized how wrong I had been all along

  9. Hey Melissa, open your eyes. Soros, BLM, Obama — they’re all extraterrestrials trying to conquer us humans. Stop being so naive and trusting. You’re too kind.

  10. @James K, we should be thankful for her patriotic efforts in copy/pasting 11 different debunked Snopes articles together to create one single conspiracy theory.

  11. Lucky, I’m an avid reader who has never commented but I’m disappointed by your statement about BLM. “Some view it as a positive driver of change, while others view it as something which has enabled high level violence, even if unintentionally. I don’t think either side is wrong.”

    People can disagree about BLM but how on earth is BLM “enabling high level violence?” BLM is a human rights movement promoting the rights of people of color. It seems like you’re implying that the existence of BLM is why crazy people like The Dallas guy do what they do. That’s like blaming the civil rights movement for extreme actions of a few. But maybe that’s not what you meant.

    You’re a great writer on airplanes but I’d suggest you do more research, talk to BLM supporters, etc before you characterize it like that.

  12. @Melissa Your comment is making me twitch. I thought your kind only ventured onto the interwebs to visit infowars, and the closest thing to an airline blog was some conspiracy theory site that claims that the Denver airport is some secret illuminati safe house for the likes of Beyoncé and Oprah. That’s some post-Fox News stuff you’re screaming there. And here I thought all BLM wanted was to not get shot by the police.

  13. Wow @Melissa, I really hope you don’t have any kids or plans to bring any kids in this world to propagate that hateful racist rhetoric you just spewed.

    Leave it to a post about BLM to bring out the racists on this blog.

  14. @Jo145: This is such a dumb argument. Yes, everyone can agree that all lives matter, but as another commenter posted, we should be focusing on the lives that are currently in crisis. People of color have faced enormous struggles in gaining equal treatment in America, and there’s still a long way to go. Here’s an apt metaphor that some commenter on Reddit posted: if someone’s house is on fire, when the fire dept rolls up to put the fire out, their next door neighbor doesn’t come stamping out of the house saying “why are you giving them so much attention? My house matters too!”. No shit your house matters. Everyone’s house matters, but your house isn’t on fire/in crisis right now.

    @Melissa: I don’t frequent conservative blogs, so it’s always a nice treat for me to read a paranoid, racist, unhinged rant like the one you posted above. Aside from your absurd, deluded thesis that somehow George Soros is the most dangerous man in the world, your repeated use of the word “thug” to describe black people is pretty telling. Odd how this word is never used in the media to describe white people. (ie: media coverage of white people looting after a natural disaster always frames them as “survivors” doing what they have to do to survive, while when it’s people of color, they are labeled as “thugs”.) Also, according to the Dept of Agriculture, in 2013, 40% of SNAP (food stamps) recipients were white, while blacks were somewhere in the mid 20%. The fact that you (and many others) aren’t able to see the everyday racism that people of color face and the way that they are disproportionately targeted by police for arrest and incarceration (and sometimes murder by police claiming they “feared for their lives”…yeah, i wonder if the person being black had anything to do with that vs. how scared a cop is of a white person), shows a total and deliberate lack of empathy. You don’t want to see the truth of how hard it is for them, you’d rather sit their wringing your hands and be terrified that whites will be a minority in the next few decades. And so what? America’s most well-known virtue is that it is a melting pot of people of all colors and creeds. Maybe if people of color become a minority we’ll finally be able to make effective, lasting changes to the institutionalized racism that’s present in this country.

  15. A button itself is unprofessional looking because of its size and cheap-looking construction, independent of which yahoo, racist, political, funny, acerbic slogan or organization it supports or represents. They are not allowed for a reason; they’re tacky.

    The policy is way too open ended, as you mentioned. Should someone with a very professional, nicely-manufactured pin be allowed to wear it if it, say, was the Confederate flag? Maybe they are a former USAir employee from a Southrn state who still bemoans the loss in the War of Northern Aggression.

    No buttons, no pins, no personal artifacts or accoutrement in uniform should be visible. They should take a clue from the military about decorative jewelry.

  16. Interesting situation. Would this be any different from a person displaying their religious practices. For example a FA wearing a Hijab or a Sikh wearing a turban? I guess it might, since this is a political and social organization. In general, I think it’s best to leave political and social affiliations out of the professional life. I have no problems with individuals displaying religious practices so long as it does not impact me and so long as they don’t preach to me.

  17. All lives matter! But right now we are talking about black lives. I think the slogan should be black likes matter too! Regardless I don’t think the employee should wear that pin/button regardless of his views. Nonetheless, the employee should not be fired for this, just corrected. Black lives do matter as well as every other life, human or otherwise.

  18. Wonder what they would have done if somebody wore a “White lives matter” pin. Probably fire the poor guy. There should absolutely be no place for hate groups such as BLM on planes.

  19. This reminds of the case of Eweida v British Airways a few years ago, except that that case involved a religious rather than political symbol. She was suspended by BA for wearing a small cross on a necklace outside her uniform. Eventually she was reinstated, and BA’s policy was changed, after the case went all the way to the European Court of Human Rights.

  20. Lucky, your moderate fluff has no place in this world. Postulating that there are reasonable people is absurd and unacceptable. Fortunately America’s elite team of extremists have chimed in to help you out. Maybe if you’ll remember a few key points, you can join us in reality:
    BLM only consists of violent and racist people, there is not a single supporter out there who deserves anything less than the chair.
    Articles about anything that may incite political conversation need to have at least 14 mentions of Trump OR 2 mentions of Trump supporters, either how he is a God, or how his supporters are mentally handicapped.
    Thank you for your cooperation.

  21. saw this and immediately did Cmd + F for “Flair”… Glad the commenters didn’t let me down 🙂 I’m guessing that policy will get a lot clearer real quick. Also, so sad how everything has to be polarized now and everyone is forced to choose a side, even though most us abhor violence of any kind.

  22. Interesting display of solidarity on the part of a professional in the airline industry. It is interesting because BA Flight 4 to New York was cancelled on Tuesday (6 Sep 2016) when Black Lives Matter protesters occupied the runway at London City. It would have even more interesting if this flight attendent had decided to take his support for Black Lives Matter to the next level and refused to serve American Airlines’ customers. “You don’t like me. So, I am going to break your toys.” behavior is real childish and unproductive.

    Advocacy of unrelated personal opinions in the work place is unprofessional.

  23. @Jo145 @Melissa: These are exactly the kind of racist statements that, well, racists make. BLM has said, over and over, that it’s not that ONLY black lives matter, it’s that non-minorities are already treated like their lives matter. The white lives matter movement has been labeled a hate group by the SPLC for their strong associations with white supremacist/neo-nazi groups.

  24. Clearly the button violates the uniform policy. After 9/11, I saw a lot of FA’s with pins of the American Flag above the words “Never Forget.” Not sure those pins were in compliance with the policy above but no one seemed to be complaining back then. At Christmas I’ve seen many FA’s wear holiday pins with religious sentiments. Maybe the policy should be clarified a bit more.

    I think AA is, so far, handling the situation properly. The FA should not be fired.

  25. Is the Asian lives matter in his back pocket? How upsurd this flight attendant is ….. Last I heard BLM blocked a runway at LCY putting 1000 of persons in danger including a family member on a flight attempting to land. BLM is a racist social experiment at its worst.

  26. I agree that BLM are a bunch of revolting goons – BLM knowingly, and illegally sell wild horses horses for slaughter, harass ranchers, abuse farmers by seizing cattle and assets, seize land from legal land owners, illegally closed off thousands of roads (roads used by hunters, firefighters, ranchers and others, create huge backlogs of oil and gas drilling permits.

    So yeah, there are your REAL BLM thugs.

  27. Melissa is right. Read the charter of BLM. They are a racist, communist, crazy organization filled with fanatical ideas.

  28. I think the comments here show why this button shouldn’t be allowed. It is so polarizing to many people and important to many people. What about a pro abortion, a Trump button, a there is no God button? People have a right to their opinions, but if I was running an airline, I certainly wouldn’t want my employees making these statements, especially on a plane.

  29. I think when you are at work, you do your job. Pins should represent your employer. A simple nice set of wings… Wear what you want as soon as the uniform is put away and you are off duty.

  30. The number of Blacks killed by Police Officers in a year, justifiably or not, is miniscule compared to the number of Blacks killed by other Blacks in this country. Chicago is already up to 500 murders, with the vast majority of the victims being Blacks killed by civilian Blacks, and it’s only early September. Yet BLM isn’t interested in that, only in the cases where, for the most part, Black thugs are killed by Police Officers defending their own lives.

    And yes, this race baiting rhetoric does end up encouraging the murder of innocent Police Officers, with the murder of five Officers and the wounding of nine others in Dallas being just one example. I’ll believe that this country is no longer racist when a Black man is elected President. Oh, wait….

  31. Since the comments section has already gotten political, I’ll give my thoughts (which nobody has asked for 😉

    While I can understand the motivation behind the Black Lives Matter movement, it has gone out of control. The actions of some (emphasis on some) group members have gotten so ridiculous to the point that no one can take the group seriously. Going off and shooting police? That just angers the many, many good police officers in this county. Closing the runway at London City airport? All you’re doing is angering travellers, some of whom may have the power to affect change in legislature.

    Acts like these just make more people angry, and it’s hard to have a discussion about fixing a problem when everyone is angry at everyone.

    Now, as for American’s policy, if an employee supports/volunteers/is involved in a charitable organization that they care about enough to wear a pin for, I think it’s great that they do. However, once something gets political, then I think it’s no longer acceptable to wear onboard.

    Just my 2¢.

  32. Flight attendants are there to provide a service – not to run for president and not to advertise some political point of view. The pin wearers need to be fired.

  33. Pretty disappointed that this blog has become daily troll bait and not a forum for savvy frequent travelers like it once was. Just my two cents.

  34. @RCB

    You pretty much summed it up in a nutshell. Buttons are ostentatious where pins tend to be small and understated, had this employee been wearing a pin, it would not likely have attracted attention.

  35. @Neil

    “People can disagree about BLM but how on earth is BLM “enabling high level violence?” BLM is a human rights movement promoting the rights of people of color. It seems like you’re implying that the existence of BLM is why crazy people like The Dallas guy do what they do. That’s like blaming the civil rights movement for extreme actions of a few. But maybe that’s not what you meant.”

    You’re kidding right?

    First of all, accept that not every agrees with your narrative about what the #BLM movement represents and what the prime objective is, especially now that it’s a money making machine.

    Second of all, look at the pre-speeches given at some of the ‘pro-tests’ , for example, “God damn white America” or when dealing with LEO the proper approach is ” “I don’t give a f**k whether you knock ’em over, whether you run up on them, whatever you do, you better f**king take action!” . That isn’t a call to civil rights. That is the fuel that fans a fire. …and fires lead to destruction.

    It’s no wonder why then so many ‘protesters’ can get amped and the whole thing turns to sh!t.

  36. @sheeshtheinterest

    And are you proclaiming that BLM in any area or chapter has never been associated with Nation Of Islam or Black Panther groups? Because you’d be wrong…

  37. It seems like a button to me. Really AA should tighten up their policy. If I was running the airline I certainly wouldn’t want staff wearing such pins supporting groups that illicit strong public reactions.

  38. @Donna you are kidding right? Comparing an american flag pin to a black lives matter button? It is called american airlines and they were wearing pins to remember people killed in an attack on this country, the home country of the airlines. Black lives matter is a political movement/group which rightly or wrongly is going around accusing law enforcement officers of committing murder and the government of helping to cover it up. There is a vast difference between the two. Your comment about religious pins I guess would depend on what the pin was. Again holiday pins are not the same as political pins though. Someone can be christian/muslim/jewish without offending other people and wearing a holiday pin. I guess if there was a pin that says all non-believers will burn in hell that would be an issue, but somehow I don’t think holiday pins are expressing sentiments like that. I don’t think they should have pins for various political candidates, planned parenthood, NRA support or other groups where there is an easily identified sentiment both for and against said groups.

  39. It is possible to support law enforcement AND ALSO oppose police brutality, and neither should be done while on the job, imho.

    “If you want me to wear thirty-seven pieces of flair…then why don’t you just make the minimum thirty-seven pieces of flair?”

  40. Wake up Ben, and stop being so politically correct all the time. BLM is a hate group, pure and simple. They have openly calling for shooting cops. Why should passengers but subject to this message??

  41. Well, that’s a button, not a pin. And the uniform policy clearly says “buttons are not permitted on any uniform garment.”

    I think it’s a little big for a work uniform.

  42. I’m going to sound terrible, but there should be nothing worn on that uniform. Period. It doesn’t look professional. We aren’t at a Bennigans where the server has a hundred pins and buttons on their suspenders. Look at emirate airlines uniforms. I don’t see anything else on their uniforms. At the end of the day, the customer is important. You do not want to alienate anybody. I may support police officers, but I would never wear a “Blue lives matter” pin or anything of the sort. A customer I may serve might have been unjustly brutalized by an officer and might take umbrage to my pin. Leave your political views at home. If you support BLM, protest with them on your own time.

  43. BLM is a black supremacist hate group. The employee should be suspended. Ben, I’m disgusted at your support for their hate and bigotry.

  44. Criticizing Chinese airlines/food/people at any time in any media, especially in this blog, is no problem at all (probably because in most cases they are reasonable and won’t revenge through violent or terrorism way). But anything relating to some certain race/ethnicity, you gotta be real careful.
    Lucky, you are a bloody smart liberal and you are handling this in a bloody smart way.

  45. Where is Loz with his predictable diatribes? Oh wait, despite his self-righteousness he probably hates blacks so he’s MIA!

  46. @Chris
    The American Flag 9/11 and religious pins were examples in reference to the policy guidelines, not a comparison to BLM or any other political movement. My point was the policy is vague.

  47. @Jean | Holy Smithereens

    Agree with you with the exception of the religion part. I don’t think wearing something that represents one’s religion is bad – especially when required by one’s religious believes; i.e. a hijab for Muslim women, a kippah for Jewish men, or a turban for Sikh men. I think that is not very different from my choosing to wear a necklace with a cross. However, I agree with you that if I were in a professional environment, I wouldn’t embellish my uniform with unnecessary religious motifs.

  48. Sigh, “black supremacy” — that is hyperbole… BLM are an activist movement that seeks to highlight violence by police against people of color. That is their focus, and nothing else. They have bad apples, and some chapters may become radicalized, in which case they become dangerous. But the slogan, “black lives matter”, I don’t see how you can even argue with that.
    The “white lives matter” movement does have ties to white supremacist organizations, so that is scary; and since whites are not disproportionally targeted by law enforcement, the play on the BLM slogan doesn’t make sense.
    Nevertheless, everybody has the right to express their opinion in our country. And also to disagree with other people, as long as they stay civilized (which many people in this forum do not). Neither slogan is “disgusting” or “hate speech”, although I’m sure many people of those movements say other things that are actually hateful. Again, all hyperbole. When there is this much hyperbole, you can’t have a proper discussion about issues anymore, which is precisely the point of trolls like Melissa – to end any rational discussion by making it nonsensical. It looks like many posters on this forum need to see a therapist.

  49. I reside in Chicago…and the BLM movement has mutated by criminal blacks into the BLACKHADIST movement…attacking singly or in groups of three persons of other races..not only killing their own in unprecedented numbers but now also in mixed white neighbors on the north west and suburbs..
    This is not s ‘ movement’ by a racial curse attacking and killing not only their own children but now senior citizens of other races, as shown on GMA this week…this unprecedented criminal activity is a direct result of the Ferguson effect
    Handcuffing ALL POLICE not only the miscreants….sorry to say….and those bravely wearing buttons in support of what now has evoked an Urban terrorist Group should be so advised…and must stop glorifying what now has mutated into a Hate Group’

  50. i consider BLM to a racist hate group. and i am a minority myself. i am asian.
    when cops pull you over, be respectful and obey their directives.
    all lives matter equally.

  51. I would have asked him, I’m white, so does that mean you won’t serve me, or only if I agree with you? Does it affect the quality of service he offers?

  52. Shame on you, Schlappig. Your comments are already a cesspool of racism, and then you post this shit. You expected something good to come of it?

  53. Let me clarify, Lucky: a conversation about the flight attendant’s button is important and worth having. The problem is that you have proven that you are unqualified to host such a conversation in a responsible manner. The ease with which you toy around with the false equivalence of a KKK button tells me all I need to know about your maturity and judgment. Stick to reviewing the caviar and in-flight showers. That’s your wheelhouse.

  54. Melissa,

    I’m not sure if you’re joking or serious. Obama is the most eloquent, thoughtful, cerebral, and collected person that I have ever seen. Even his political opponents recognize that.

    If you are serious, I think you have serious mental issues, including, but not limited to, paranoia, depression, and schizophrenia.

    Please have yourself checked into a clinic and get treated.

  55. @bob

    Are YOU joking or being serious?

    Pretty much every president in the history of the U.S. has been the subject of criticism, controversy and conspiracy theories. Despite your feigning over President Barrack Obama, he’s not impervious to this.

    Stop being so easily ‘triggered’. It’s a sign of weakness and only encourages more outlandish posts to provoke reactions.

  56. Imagine if the AA attendant was wearing a Tea Party button. I imagine the staunchest supporters of the right to wear the BLM button would get real butt-hurt real quick.

  57. Agree with Jonathan above. I take back all of my previous criticism towards the lack of diverse topics on your blog back.

  58. It was quite a brave move by the flight attendant given the sheer volume of racist and ignorant people that exist in the States (Clinton’s half of Trump supporters being deplorable only just touches the surface…). It wouldn’t surprise me if someone tried to get him fired on the very first flight.

    As to morons like Melissa demanding a white lives matter badge, go ahead if you want. It really makes no sense though because even if you refuse to believe black people are treated any worse, they believe they are and that’s what they’re fighting to fix. It doesn’t say “only” black lives matter… Finally, if the existence of black supremisists means they can be labelled a hate group, then so should the GOP.

  59. America is just full of white Nazis. What could possibly be wrong in wearing a harmless pin, until you have some psychological problem with the slogan contained in it?

  60. For all of you who don’t think this should be a topic for the blog: 72 comments and counting.

    Thanks Ben for making me aware of an issue that has gone unreported in my neck of the woods.

  61. It’s amazing how black people (and their allies) standing up for themselves incites ignorant white racists into such a hysterical frenzy.

    Oh wait, that’s not actually amazing at all…

  62. Lucky, you have the right to support them if you want to. But the movement is built on racism and lies. It should be called “Black Lies Matter.” I expected more from you.

    Cops don’t exist to kill black people. “Hands up don’t shoot” never happened. It was a LIE. Michael Brown tried to punch a cop and went for his gun. C’mon people, get a grip on reality.

  63. People that are in the “All lives matter” camp, are you honestly so naive that you truly think we all treated equally in our society? Do you honestly think by saying Black Lives Matter that some how all other lives do not matter? Its the argument of a five year old. There are clear racial disparities in our society and Black Lives Matter is bringing light to that. Many people that have enjoyed privilege thought their lives do not like that or it makes them uncomfortable so they create natives that simply do not add up.Some of the response on this page show a clear inability reason. Take a step back for a second and have real look at whats going on!! Cheers the employe in question as she is furthering the conversation that privileged would like to brush under the rug.

  64. After Pakistanis, white Americans and Trump supporters are the most brainwashed people in this world.

  65. Since American Airlines hid the picture of the FA for his privacy (and since it was taken without his permission), would you consider blurring his face?

  66. Black lives matter, but I do question AA’s policy.

    Whenever a company makes a political stance they run a risk on alienating some of their customers (and yes, they can also win some new customers). I’m sure they’re aware of the potential ramifications but that’s at least the corporate position. I’m sure at least one person is mad at Delta for sponsoring the Pride Parade, but Delta felt that it was the right move. Many people I know no longer shop at Hobby Lobby, but they felt their religious convictions are more important than the potential lost business.

    Letting employees express their own views can be a slippery slope. Even if you support BLM, what if the button said ‘Make America Great Again’ or ‘boycott Israel’ or ‘I love Thai prostitutes’ which may still involve the employees personal beliefs may still be something you disagree with

  67. In an environment where a “Merry Christmas” wish,or the sight of a pin, will send shivers and give nightmares to excessively narcissistic individuals, it’s easy to understand how ” hurt feelings” from merely coming in contact with supporter of a particular cause have been elevated to a punishable offence. That being said, I do think the employer has a right to mandate how the uniform, and their corporate image, will be displayed.

    More importantly . . .

    Today should be remembered as the day when nineteen terrorists, that were solidly indoctrinated and compliant (brainwashed), changed how we travel though out the world. Their cause has been revealed and seen by the world as the dehumanizing and dangerous antiquated political ideology that it is. Although their murderous actions have been costly in lives and dollars, we continue to defy the violently spewed hatred of individual freedom and free cultures and continue to utilize one of the safest modes of transportation in existence. More so now than then. My sincerely appreciation for the sacrifices of our first responders, police and all sailors, soldiers and airman. Their dedication to protect will Trump those who demand to hold the world hostage to their retrograding Seventh Century political ideology while some readers continue to enjoy F and J class travel all-the-while not to be inconvenienced.

  68. @mo

    Even the name of the organization – “BLM” is insulting because the supposition is that somhow people are thinking that black lives “don’t matter.” This is not the case. Everybody’s life matters. Forgive me for not seeing the world through RACE-colored glasses.

  69. I am a Black Woman, and I myself do not support BLM, and no its not because I am racist, but I don’t believe in the message that BLM is sending out. Yes I agree with the cause that we need to raise awareness to the Genocide of people of color, mainly people of the African American community, but the message unfortunately that BLM is sending out is that only BLM, no its not intentional and yes the cause is to say that we want our black generation to have a chance at life but that is what God Intended for every individual not just Blacks or Whites. So I say proudly that All Lives Matter.

    Now as far as the employee who wore a BLM pen I personally do not find anything wrong with it other than maybe not the best thing to wear to work, only because the professional environment is not the place for political views especially when working in a field that services people of every culture, nationality, all Political views who pay to ride the airline that he works for which in retrospect gives him his wages. However, he is broad casting something that he believes in, he is not rioting or holding up the plane to make others believe in it, I don’t even think he said anything to any of the passengers about the pen or the BLM movement unless they addressed him about it 1st. This is just a form of freedom of speech, and he like everyone else on the plane is entitled to his opinion.

    @Melissa though you make some valid points, your response is still biased and has some very racist notes that you want to reconsider because they are very much offensive and even though you brought up a certain person of black nationality presented to be racist he is wrong just like anyone else who chooses hate over love because of a difference. I just pray that you understand that the reason that BLM is even been created is because of the out of control targets that seem to be pointed right at people of color, by whites.

  70. Given that most guns in this country are in the hands of white folks but cops shoot black men just for being in possession of a gun or suspicion of possession of a gun (does the 2nd amendment not apply to black folks) ; Black Lives Matter has a point.
    However the problem is broader. Blacks are getting affected disproportionately because they are poor disproportionately and cops think they can get away with s*it against poor people. The more basic problems are 2 folds – Police violence against poor civilians (they are paid to risk their lives to protect civilian lives not the other way round) and black poverty(no reparations have been made for years of discrimination).
    Both these issues need to be addressed to prevent more Blue on Black killings. While solving Black poverty will take a generation , police violence against Civilians can be addressed pretty quickly. A simple law which says you get one shooting in your career -Once you kill a person justified or non justified you are on Desk duty for the rest of your career; would give pause to officers who get off on firing their guns.

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