American Airlines and US Airways merger confirmed (by Apple)

Apple announced the details of their new iPhone 5 today, though it seems they may have announced something even more exciting and unexpected. Check out the promotional page for the new iPhone, and especially this:

Let’s taken an even closer look at that:

I think that, like, makes the merger official, right?

(Tip of the hat to @joelajackson)

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  1. Even if there was a merger, we all know the combined carrier isn’t going to Star…

    While exciting and interesting, I can’t see any scenario where regulators approve a merger in Star, and the combined carrier is better off relative to OW.

    Great eyes!

  2. I doubt that that came from any American Airlines/US Air marketing team. More likely, someone at Apple mocked it up, and just put the wrong alliance there. Of course, I could be wrong, but that seems the more likely scenario at this point, IMHO.

  3. Sharpen the image a bit and see if you can get past the TSA code scanner. Maybe this formerly secret image is the master key to all AA flights. Ha!

  4. It looks like they replaced a UA boarding pass with the AA branding.

    AA 954 goes from JFK-EZE. UA 954 however goes from SFO-LHR, and it appears that the phone at SFO.

    Also, it looks like Johnny Appleseed is a “Premier” member. Clearly a mockup error, which is rare for Apple. The time on the phone usually displays the local time of the keynote, although 9:41 was 19 minutes before today’s keynote start.

  5. If the merger really happens, which i hope it does, think we’ll see US Air join Oneworld instead of AA join Star Alliance. Definitely a sharp eye, whoever caught this one. Well Done.

  6. United 954 does depart out of SFO at approximately the same time as this graphic would indicate…
    Looks like someone just swapped the United logo for the American one…

  7. @Juan
    The whole mockup shows him as Premier Gold in 1C (doesn’t exist) in Boarding Group 4, just like the mockup after the original iOS six launch. And the 9:41 time in every single mockup is because that is when the original iPhone was announced back in 2007.

  8. The promo material over the summer when iOS 6 was announced showed all UA cards in Passbook. My guess is Apple got fed up dealing with UAs IT department in the months since or UA’s IT department couldn’t get their act together in time to actually be a launch partner.

  9. If Steve was still around I would say yes, I might suggest this is just someone at apple preferring the Star logo better then the OW logo. šŸ˜‰

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