Great Deal: Buy An iPad For Just $249

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For Cyber Monday, Amazon is selling 32GB latest generation iPads for $249, which is 24% off the normal price of $329.

This is a great deal, though I’m actually sort of annoyed by it, because literally on Monday I bought my mom exactly this iPad for the normal price. Grrrr. On the plus side, I was planning on getting myself the same one, but hadn’t pulled the trigger yet, so I’ll do that now.

My current iPad is from 2013, and at this point it’s super laggy, as you’d expect after five years of use. I’m not someone who uses an iPad as a laptop replacement, but rather I like it for downloading TV shows for hotel gyms, and stuff like that.

So if you’re in the market for an iPad, this is an excellent offer. You can potentially save even more if you use the Amazon trick I shared a couple of days ago, where you register on this page and use one Membership Rewards point. That would knock 20% off the price.

(Tip of the hat to Pizza in Motion)

  1. @Lucky

    Does Amazon not offer price protection within a specific period of time?

    I know B&H Photo offers a price guarantee for 30 days. If the price goes down on their site, you simply send them an email or call them and they will refund the difference to your account.

  2. Izz, no Amazon does not offer price protection as a policy. You can negotiate sometimes, particularly if the price dropped before your purchase was delivered.

  3. @Cliff is right!

    @Lucky – You should be using a card with price protection throughout the November/December shopping season! Thats standard protocol for a pro like you. I’m surprised you don’t already have a story on how great the Citi Price Rewind program is and why its the perfect shopping support tool for holiday purchases!

  4. Followed the link. Is now discounted at 9% for 299 instead of $249 :/ would have bought it at the lower price.

  5. Gold one is out of stock, but discounted still. I used that 20% thing and ended up getting it for like $199 + whatever fees. Total came out to $223. I don’t really care when it ships since it’s a gift, but I’d love to get it before Christmas lol

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