Amazing Queenstown Landing Video

Wild About Travel shared a pretty awesome video this morning of a plane landing in Queenstown, New Zealand.

First of all, what an incredible video. It not only reminds me of how awesome aviation can be, but also how beautiful the world is. Queenstown is one of my favorite places in the world, and I think this video does it justice from “above.”

Not only is the approach into Queenstown scenic, but it’s really complicated due to the number of mountains around, so you almost “circle” in there.

Approach into Queenstown

Approach into Queenstown

The video brought back good memories of the trip I took with my mom to New Zealand after my senior year of high school. We went to New Zealand for almost two weeks, and started on the South Island. Our first stop was Queenstown, followed by Christchurch, then Wellington, and then Auckland.

The funny thing was that when I was planning the trip no one actually recommended Queenstown to me. Why did I choose it? Well, at the time I was kind of obsessed with Priority Club, and that was one of the four cities in New Zealand where they had a property. So I literally went to Queenstown over a Crowne Plaza, though I’m happy I did, because it was gorgeous.



Good memories, and I can’t wait to return. Hopefully it’s still as incredible as I remember.

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  1. Headed there this month on an itinerary you helped me put together, so thanks for that.

    Backpacking the Routeburn Track, as the Milford Track was fully booked. Can justify buying a new camera lens for the trip, I think.

  2. We, too, stayed at the Crowne Plaza in Queenstown, 3 years ago. I totally agree! Would love to return again. Nothing like beautiful New Zealand!

  3. You brought back wonderful memories. Queenstown is one of my favorite international cities. Hope to go back… soon.

  4. We stayed at the Queenstown CP in June, then went camping aroung the South Island (nearly empty)! When we were wandering around near the hotel, I came across a strkingly familiar scene – your last photo. I had never known its origin, but when I was there, I knew it *had* to be the exact same spot! Now I have my own version of the photo!

    Loved NZ so much. Queenstown is great but shockingly expensive (for food, drinks.) worth it, though.

  5. Fast motion may have been better than slow motion. 4:11 a little much.

    Still, cool approach.

  6. Superb video, thanks for posting 🙂 I’m off there later this year but in my case due to Hilton having a property there!

  7. OMG Ben! My wife and I are going there this Sept starting a week long tour of New Zealand. Can’t wait to see this although I wont be in the cockpit….

  8. @FlyFlyer How is it there in July for a visit for people who don’t want to ski (or snowy stuff) but are somewhat active? I want to justify visiting there not to just spend the time in the hotel.

  9. Gorgeous! Glad I am not a pilot though as descending through the cloud cover took an eternity it seems.

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