Amazing Deal: LifeMiles Offering Up To 5x Miles For Hotel Bookings

Update: Unfortunately this promotion is over early. As it turns out, the promotion was limited to two million miles, and I guess those were exhausted pretty quickly.

Rocketmiles offers airline miles for hotel stays. Online travel agencies get a commission for hotel bookings, so Rocketmiles gives part of that back in the form of miles. The catch is that you don’t earn hotel points when booking this way, since it’s a non-qualifying stay. Whether or not that’s worth it depends on your situation.

Rocketmiles offers miles with all kinds of different programs, and at the moment there’s a potentially amazing deal.

Through 6PM CT today (or something — either the time is wrong or the counter is wrong), LifeMiles is offering up to 5x miles on hotel bookings through their portal. This is only available for a few hours, so you’ll want to act fast if interested.

This is potentially an opportunity to pick up a lot of miles, though don’t necessarily assume all of these are great deals. That’s because in many cases we’re seeing them inflate the costs of stays. Still, this could represent an exceptional value.

For example, I see a rate of $700 at the Four Points by Sheraton Midtown Times Square in New York, and you’d earn 55,000 LifeMiles.

Not even factoring in the value of the hotel stay, that’s like acquiring LifeMiles for just 1.27 cents each, which is an exceptional value.

In this case the Four Points is even charging $700 directly, so they’re not even inflating the cost.

Note that many hotels may offer an even better return than that, and other hotels will offer a significantly worse return. So feel free to share your finds in the comments below, because I bet there are some even better values to be had.

This has the potential to be a great promotion…

Note that the terms state you actually have to complete the stay in order to earn the bonus. I’m not sure if that’s the case in practice or not, though hopefully others can chime in with their experiences.

Do you see any great deals here, and do you plan on taking advantage of this promotion?

(Tip of the hat to View from the Wing)


  1. Love how they timed this for the day that the Dan’s Deals crowd is forbidden from looking at their computers!

  2. I am getting the same problem upon payment. Tried multiple cards but just can’t get it to process. Some amazing offers there.

  3. Great promo, but I spotted a comment from a VFTW reader re the promo T&Cs which we probably need to be aware of:

    Amount of available miles for this promotion: two million LifeMiles (LM 2,000,000). Promotion will be available until this amount is reached or when the time limit above mentioned is over.
    Promotional Bonus cannot exceed the maximum bonus amount of 200,000 (two hundred thousand) LifeMiles per reservation.

    Does this mean that RocketMiles might deny awarding the 5x points once the 2 mill cap is reached (now very likely)? I’d hate to make a stack of bookings and then get caught out.

  4. Hmmm looks like Adele may be right. The 5x bonus on my Beijing hotel just disappeared. Went from 130,000 points for three night back to 26,000

  5. Damn, the counter said three hours to go and when I went to book it now says the promotion has ended. Looks like the counter was wrong.

  6. It is gone. I was looking at an hotel for 120.000 lifemiles and not it only say 17000. Anyone booked here? Let see how many of the 2.000.000 omaat readers got :0)

  7. Looks like this is the reason the promo ended just now. meaning all 2 mil miles were exhausted before the deadline.

    I barely managed to book 1 local stay, 4 nights, $1520 all in (tax inc) and I will be getting 140,000 miles which will be about 1 mile per 1.08 cent which is better than 1.25c or so (factoring in 5x amex MR) that I paid recently. I was looking to book another stay and then boom the promo is ended.

    Had I read the term I might have hurried up and booked another stay. the one I made is fully refundable… damn.

    if there is another redemption sale like the 72k one way on F between LAX-ICN or HKG, $1520 will almost get me a F round trip on a longhaul.

  8. Um 2 million miles with a 200k cap per person is like 10 people. Even if everyone only got 50k miles, that’s only the first 40 bookings. We really shouldn’t be rewarding this kind of behavior with giving them this kind of buzz over something they rigged to only work for a dozen people while a few hundred people waste their time, not realizing this is not a real promotion but a publicity stunt.

  9. I managed to get one night at the Hilton T5 London. $202 for 15k points. I needed three nights but, unfortunately, I got pulled into a meeting and when I came back it was gone. SO SAD, because I have forgone 30k! And what’s worst is that my company is paying so I lost 30k FREE points. I want to cry! But hey, 15k free points is better than nothing!

  10. wow… wasn’t thinking much about 2 million cap until I did the math. I’ve got 140k miles… that’s 7% of the total prize! I can see some got as little as 15k… I am thinking may be 50 or so bookings under this promo.

  11. I just booked 11 nights at 3 hotels in Bordeaux and Biarritz next summer, very little loyalty action in those markets. Got like 85k points on all of them, if I value them at 2 cents each I am getting something like a 45% discount, plus at least 5 points for the CC points and you are at half off.

    Reality is I will get more than 2 cents a point for the LifeMiles, at least one biz class to Europe and some left over… When in fact I get 4 cents a point my hotels are “free” (not really free… just half off for both flights and hotel).

    All refundable and pay at the hotel; so no NPV loss on the above!

    Thanks Lucky!

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