AMAZING DEAL: ~$1,000 Business Class To Europe This Summer On Oneworld

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You can fly to Europe this summer for less than $1,000 in business class (and this isn’t some scammy headline about redeeming miles for a “free” ticket plus $1,000 in taxes and fees)! 😉

Oneworld has published some amazing business class fares for travel this summer between New York and Paris. This fare seems to be directly competing with all business class airline La Compagnie, which will be flying between Newark and London/Paris as of this summer.


On the surface, business class fares are as low as ~$1,700 roundtrip, which is already an amazing value.


That being said, matching La Compagnie’s strategy of charging less for people traveling in pairs, tickets are as low as ~$1,500 per person if you’re traveling as a party of two.


There are a variety of these fares available, but for the most part they’re valid for travel between the middle of May and early September.


The fare is valid for travel on American, British Airways, or OpenSkies.

OpenSkies business class

British Airways business class

But you can do better than the above. Keep in mind that if you’re an AARP member (anyone can join AARP for $16 per year, regardless of age — I’m a member) you can save $400 on roundtrip business class tickets booked with British Airways. The booking process is even really straightforward.


For a one person ticket, that lowers the cost to ~$1,300 roundtrip.


And if you’re traveling in pairs, that lowers the fare to ~$1,100 roundtrip.



On top of that, British Airways offers a 10% discount if you have the British Airways Visa Signature® Card, using promo code CHASEBA10. Both the AARP $400 discount and 10% off discount can be stacked.


That lowers the fare to ~$1,170 roundtrip for roundtrip business class:


Or if you’re traveling in pairs, that lowers the fare to under $1,000 per person for roundtrip business class:


That’s right, folks. Less than $1,000 for roundtrip business class between the US and Europe in summer — that’s cheaper than economy!

Add in the fact that you can earn oneworld miles and get a guaranteed flat bed on British Airways or OpenSkies (or under many circumstances you can get a flat bed on American), and this is hands down the best value for getting to Europe this summer on a paid ticket.

If you’re interested I’d recommend booking ASAP, as this deal won’t last!

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  1. Ben,

    Do you know of other travel discounts you can get out of an AARP membership? I’m travelling to Paris in early fall and wanted to see if I can get cheaper hotel stay…

  2. @ Ivo — Sometimes there are senior/AARP hotel discounts, but that’s about the extent of it, as far as I know.

  3. @ ro — You’ll want to book through BA’s site to use the AARP and 10% off discount, if applicable.

  4. This is a great deal. I guess positioning to JFK isn’t too bad. I am now going to look into aarp membership! They even have a button for people in Canada, haha! If aarp is something that can be stacked with other promos then I am in! Every little saving adds up! Thanks Lucky…..any other memberships I should look into? Is aaa/caa worth the sign up too?

  5. Ben,

    Is it possible to book the BA flights using the AARP discount such that one also earns AA bonus EQPs for booking in business?

    “Offer applies to AAdvantage members who purchase and fly on eligible published-fare First or Business Class tickets booked in F, A, P, J, R, D or I on flights marketed and operated by American Airlines or flights marketed by American Airlines and operated by US Airways, British Airways, Iberia, Finnair, Qantas or Japan Airlines”

    But it also says this: “flights operated by the following partner airlines that are marketed by American Airlines or US Airways (sold as an American or US Airways flight number): British Airways, Iberia, Finnair, Japan Airlines or Qantas).”

  6. @Lucky don’t you think that should be the regular price? Most of transatlantic flights departing from east coast are even shorter than flights from New York to Hawaii, yet there are normally more expensive. Also, the need of trans atlantic business classes are decreasing because many companies only allow their employees travel on business classes for flghts longer than 8 hours…

  7. I just went and punched in JFK-CDG using Avios Points. Using points they want to charge me something like 98,000 AVIOS + $1300….. think I will book without using Avios on this one. ha ha

    Thanks for posting this is a great deal. It looks like it is just in competition from JFK to Paris against La Compagnie.

  8. Amazing. I had an Iberia business class flight to Zurich via Madrid using Avios points in July. Was trying to figure out how to get back. Just booked R/T on OpenSkies for $1296 all-in. I’ll cancel the Iberia ticket for 25 euros, save $117 in taxes, save 55,000 Avios, and earn over 10,000 AA miles. I assume the AA Additional Bonus Miles promotion doesn’t apply to BA flight numbers? (The AA codeshares were more expensive.)

  9. Can you cancel within 24 hours online or by phone only

    •If you notice a mistake after you have paid for your ticket(s), we will allow you to cancel your flight booking and claim a full refund without penalty, up to 24 hours from when you make the original booking. Refunds under these circumstances can only be requested by calling our contact centres.

  10. Ben – on award bookings, I know I can drop the final leg of an outbound partner itinerary without the return flights being cancelled. Have you done that on a paid ticket? I’m going outbound via London on BA and returning non-stop on OpenSkies (booked as a BA codeshare.) Too risky to terminate in London on the way out?

  11. Ben,
    Is it possible to book BA flights as AA codeshares on the website so as to get credit for lifetime AA flight miles?

  12. Thanks.. I just booked 2 tix JFK to CDG on AA for $2,987 w/taxes for late August. Your post has made for two VERY happy travelers.

  13. @ chitownflyer — It isn’t, unfortunately. You can book AA codeshares for AA metal on BA’s site, but not BA flights as AA codeshares on BA’s site.

  14. @ Josh — Definitely risky. And even on awards, the rest of the itin is *supposed* to be canceled if any segment is skipped. But I guess in practice it could vary.

  15. @ Dj — Well in fairness this is low pricing even for economy. At the end of the day the cost of airfare isn’t driven by the cost of providing it, but rather based on what the market will sustain.

  16. This fare is lower than the lap child fee I had to pay for my baby for our trip to Europe this summer. That’s right, the lap fee, not an extra seat, but the fee I had to pay for a baby to sit on my lap, was higher than this. Airline industry can be so strange at times….

  17. @ Michael — Unfortunately I don’t think you can book a flight marketed by AA on BA’s website. Who knows, in practice you may earn the bonus even without meeting those exact conditions, though.

  18. @ Joel — It’s anyone’s guess, there’s not really a specific timeframe when they’re published. Sometimes after Labor Day is a good time to start looking at Thanksgiving fares.

  19. @Lucky how are you pulling up the 2 person price on Italian Matrix? When I do it if shows the one person price.

  20. You guys are happy to kill off every decent deal in order to get advertising bucks and click thus.


  21. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for this post today. I was about to give Delta almost 4 grand for Delta one to fly from Atlanta to Barcelona and either Amsterdam or Paris back to Atlanta after spending 3 weeks in Europe in August. I read your blog today and jumped on this. I went online and signed up for AARP right away then booked my ticket for my flight on Openskies from EWR to ORY on August 8th then from ORY to EWR on August 30th for $1,167.42. I don’t have the British Airways Signature card but used the promo code and it accepted. I will sign up for the card just to be on the safe side though. I have platinum medallion status with Delta and position to and from EWR will cost less than $200. Also position to Barcelona to begin my trip will cost less than $200 as well. This is a no brainer for someone like me that loves traveling on airplanes and going through different airports. It does not bother me at all. Plus I will get to try out the OpenSkies product. Thank you very much once again!

  22. Bless you, Ben!

    We’ve just rebooked our second grandchild’s “trip anywhere” to Europe this summer, thanks to you.

    We have six more grandkids to go so you and we have to stay strong!

  23. Do you think my ticket will be cancelled if I used the British Airways Visa promo code but I don’t actually have the card? It accepted the code and bought my ticket price down to $981.

  24. i must be missing something…i can’t get less than $3500 a piece on ba for two people in june…i thought it was because i was using the AARP discount, but doesn’t appear to be the case. what am i missing?

  25. @ Retsef — You just enter two passengers, and then it shows you the per person price on the next page.

  26. @ lucky I believe the deal is now dead as outbound flights are showing as over $1200 through the AARP portal. Inbound flights from PAR to JFK are at $700

  27. Still valid as of 1:15am PT 4/17 on the PHL-CDG route, but not on the BA code share, which knocks out the discount.

  28. Does anyone know of similar Business Class deals from Frankfurt or Berlin to JFK/NYC? Lufthansa is ridiculous!

  29. This is back and valid through October (!!) although the fares aren’t quite as good (the 2-passenger discount seems to be gone). Can still get it to be about $1150, and good through October, which is amazing.

  30. AMAZING DEAL: ~$1,000 Business Class To Europe This Summer On Oneworld

    Hi, are these deals valid from Europe to North America?

  31. Hi, Ben,

    It is showing I will earn 10902 avios for this trip. How many AA miles would I earn? How to convert? Thanks.

  32. From JFK to ORY as shown in your article. Both legs are with Openskies. I want to credit to AA miles. I do not have any status. thanks in advance. If I earn 10902 avios, does it mean I earn 10902 aa miles? thanks

  33. From JFK to ORY the base mileage is approx 3635 mi each way. This will credit to AA (for non-status flyers) with a 25% class of service bonus. So that’s about 4544 AA miles per leg or 9088 for the roundtrip.

  34. Hey Lucky — any recommendations on best route (JFK-ORY, JFK-CDG, EWR-CDG, etc) or best metal (AA, BA, OpenSkies) ?

  35. @ Blake — If nonstop is important, I’d say OpenSkies is the best option, so I’d probably do JFK-ORY. But can’t say that one is significantly better than the other, assuming the alternative is American’s flat bed product.

  36. Lucky, great find! I can get down to 2 tix for $2600 total. Also, can get 1 for $1300, i.e., no special pairs price. Are you still finding a diff pair price? And can you still stack the extra 10%? I am finding no-gos on both.

  37. Lucky, thanks for the response. Perhaps I am doing something wrong when trying to apply the “cardofferu” promo code, as I get an error message saying it can not be applied. Or perhaps it has to do with the specific dates I want to travel or length of trip?

    I first go to, then verify my aarp membership, then get to final quote screen similar to the one you screenshot in your posts. At this point I attempt to apply the promo code to no avail. Is this the order of operations you follow as well?

  38. I signed up for aarp and was seeing the $400 discount applied to the $1700 NYC-Paris route. But as of today the discount is no longer being applied. Are you seeing the same?

  39. Is it all worth it?
    Running around.
    I throw my life in two.
    Around the world
    Just for you
    Computers suck.
    Watching clips from the 80s makes me cry for all we’ve lost
    And all that we’re loosing.

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