Alaska Offering Valentine’s Day BOGO Sale

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Alaska Airlines has just announced a Valentine’s Day buy one get one fare sale.

This sale is valid only for tickets booked today, and with it you can buy one economy ticket, and get a second economy ticket for just the taxes and fees. This is only valid for travel through March 14, 2019, and you need to use discount code COAST2COAST at the time of booking.

This is valid exclusively for nonstop flights between select coastal cities. Both one-way and roundtrip fares qualify.

Here are the valid West Coast city pairs:

  • San Jose and New York – JFK or Newark
  • San Francisco and Baltimore, Boston, Nashville, New York – JFK or Newark, New Orleans, Philadelphia, or Raleigh
  • Los Angeles and Baltimore, Boston, New York – JFK or Newark
  • San Diego and Baltimore, Boston, or Newark

Then here are the valid East Coast city pairs:

  • Baltimore and Los Angeles, San Diego, or San Francisco
  • Boston and Los Angeles, San Diego, or San Francisco
  • Nashville and San Francisco
  • New York – JFK and Los Angeles, San Francisco, or San Jose
  • Newark and Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, or San Jose
  • New Orleans and San Francisco
  • Philadelphia and San Francisco
  • Raleigh and San Francisco

For example, take the below flight from San Francisco to New York, which costs $129 one-way for a saver fare.

With the promotion code the fare is lowered to just $72 (as you can tell, that’s not quite half, since you still pay the full taxes and fees).

What’s interesting is that as of now the discount code is working even if you’re booking just one passenger, which doesn’t seem like it should be possible based on the terms, but…

Bottom line

Alaska’s BOGO sale has the potential to be a great deal, assuming you can book today and travel within the next month in one of the eligible city pairs. The limited dates are a slight bummer, but at the same time there are few other restrictions.

Anyone plan to take advantage of this great Alaska sale? 

  1. Nice to see Alaska ignoring its home markets with this sale. I guess the hit on a one day sale with limited travel dates was just too much for them to stomach outside California. Or maybe they just assume Anchorage, Seattle and Portland are a given. Personally, I mostly only read Delta’s sale emails these days. They are the ones who are actually trying to win business in the PNW.

  2. Wait so it’s not BOGO free, it’s BOGO 50% off, right? That’s why I hate the phrase BOGO – people use it by itself but it needs something after the initialism to clarify

  3. I hate being held captive by AS, with horrible chance of getting upgraded and unfavorable fares. I was number #30 on the list as MVP Gold. AS takes people in Seattle like me for granted, that’s why I am slowly moving to Delta.

  4. @Lucky, uh, it looks like it’s also valid on First Class fares, based on your own screenshots. So, it’s not just Economy…

  5. As usual no deals from Anchorage or even Seattle. Pisses me off how AK forgets about their most loyal customer base when coming up with these promotions.

  6. Whine more guys… Do you not understand how businesses work? They’re doing a special deal for markets they’ve recently expanded into more. If they did it for SEA/PDX/ANC where they have a huge loyal presence already they would just lose money, it wouldn’t make sense. DL does the same thing. They have mileage deals all the time, but almost never for MSP cuz it’s one of their profit centers

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