Video: Airline Pilot Tackles Drunk Passenger To Ground

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Stories of drunk passengers being kicked off flights seems to be an almost daily occurrence nowadays. Add in the fact that everyone is a videographer thanks to smartphones, and we often even get video footage of these incidents.

While I’ve seen plenty of crazy drunk people, here’s a story I especially love. In this case an abusive drunk guy is tackled to the ground by one of the plane’s pilots, who restraints him until the police arrives. This happened after the guy shoved one of the flight attendants, which caused the pilot to spring into action, as he said “you don’t put your hands on my flight attendant.”

Per the Charlotte Observer:

This is a result of an incident he created during an American Airlines flight on July 21, when he was charged with attacking the flight crew after the plane had landed at Charlotte Douglas International. Kerr — who had consumed three Jack Daniels he had on board — refused to sit down after the flight crew had asked passengers to stay seated as they taxied to the gate.

According to an FBI affidavit says, Kerr remained standing. When an attendant interceded, Kerr threatened to break her jaw.

Kerr walked quickly to the front of the plane and cursed at the flight crew. He kicked one attendant in the leg and shoved another to the floor of the plane, the affidavit says. The pilot and co-pilot, listed only by their initials in the document, got Kerr on the ground and used a seat belt strap to restrain his legs and keep him from kicking.

Here’s the video:

Kudos to the pilot for his response!

  1. What’s to love here?

    Someone has an alcohol abuse problem. We don’t know why he drank so much. We don’t know his upbringing. We don’t know of any trauma he’s possibly experienced. To “love” is heartless..

    You of all people should understand showing compassion to those who drink too much and get in trouble.

  2. This pilot deserves a medal!

    The drunken SOB, on the other hand, deserves a lifetime ban from AA, and a lengthy jail sentence.

    @lopere – How about some compassion for the flight attendants who got assaulted? And who cares why he drank so much? That’s no excuse for disobeying and physically assaulting crewmembers.

  3. That idiot had side burns and no hair….

    I also think he had a lot more than 3 drinks…he was probably wasted or on something before he even got on the plane. I recently on an AA flight where they let a guy who was so drunk on board, he needed to be helped to his seat and given water the moment he sat down. Then as the plane started to taxi to the runway, he got up and tried to take off his belt.I thought he was going to pee in the isle. The FA who helped him on, rushed over and got him to sit back down. Then he spent the entire flight so out of it, he could barely hold up his head and slumping over in the isle. When we landed, he got up to get his back and he fell over and smashed his head against the overhead bin.

    I was shocked they let him fly, God forbid if there was an emergency..he would have been a liability .

  4. I’d guess he had more than 3 minis of JD to get that wasted, perhaps he had 3 on the flight in addition to whatever he had before the flight. The best LOL part was where he threatens to put everything online and suggests the crew should try and save face. Well hey he’s getting his wish though I don’t think its going to work out the way he was thinking it would

  5. I dunno. I guess I found the entire thing pretty sad.

    Sad for the guy, because he has problems, some of which none of us know (he didn’t seem “simply” drunk).

    Sad for the f/a who got shoved, because nobody goes to work expecting to be assaulted

    Sad for the pilot, because nobody goes to work thinking they’ll need to tackle someone who has assaulted a colleague.

    Like, there are just no winners here.

  6. I wish the penalties for this type of stuff would increase significantly. It’s becoming too common. But AA shouldn’t be held blameless – they either let him board in this condition and/or sold him booze in flight. I’d hate to be the passenger stuck sitting next to that human cesspool.

  7. Its a sad world we live in. I’m glad the pilot stood up for the flight attendant and I hope he does not get in trouble for doing what he did. Yeah the guy could have been a drunk, but the crew of any airline should not have to deal with it.

    But with the world we live in people will think the pilot took this over the top, maybe he did. But what if the situation went the other way and the guy beat the crap out of the flight attendant before anyone did anything, would we all be feeling for the drunk guy then, NO.

    He got what he deserved.

  8. In the past I have been on flights where after boarding, these “problem” passengers, after finally finding their seats, have been escorted back off the plane.
    I’m sorry, the gate attendant has had contact that should have raised red flags as well as one if not two FA’s, but they still got that far!

  9. @Brian L

    Exactly…this idiot was a nasty, abusive, violent drunk…I don’t care what his story is…he didn’t know his daddy? His mommy never hugged him? His mommy hugged him too much. The moment someone puts their hands on someone because they can’t control their drunken entitled behavior, they get zero sympathy from me.

  10. Either more and more people are getting out of control or social media is giving us more access to these incidents.

    Maybe its time for breathalyzer tests before boarding sadly. Depending on the person’s problems, I don’t think its ok that having issues entitles you to drink in excess to numb those issues knowing you are going to be on a plane. It is entirely within your control to not destroy yourself until you are at home.

    I was sitting in front of someone who did not seem drunk when he boarded. But then drank and apparently took a lot of pills while in the air. The whole time I thought he was eating candy meanwhile the sound was from pill bottles. He passed out but was the most obnoxious passed out person ever. I wanted to turn around and punch him but then I would be arrested. But what if he went nuts and stabbed me with a pen or something stupid like that. When we landed he was arrested.

  11. “Either more and more people are getting out of control or social media is giving us more access to these incidents.”

    It’s both. More people are getting out of control because there are more people flying. Additionally, the ability to record makes social media’s impact all the more pronounced, because as people actually see these things happening (vs. simply reading about them), the reactions are much stronger. Additionally, over the last 20 years, airlines have been taking this kind of behavior much more seriously. In the past, some carriers would try not to make a big deal about it, and sweep it under the rug when incidents happened (don’t want to embarrass the carrier or the passenger!). Ability to record and post has taken any control away from the carriers and they’re being forced to confront it even more aggressively now.

    “Maybe its time for breathalyzer tests before boarding sadly.” Or stronger measures before alcohol is consumed. Interestingly, the UK aviation minister is looking into banning alcohol from UK airports:

    Not sure it will ever happen, but it’s being considered.

  12. @Kobe Bryant

    The plane was at the gangway at that point, which is why the door was originally open.

  13. @TravelinWilly

    I am sure it will never happen either, they will loose to much commerce from bars and restaurants, who won’t rent space.

  14. Did anyone notice his LACK of profanity? Usually every other word is F this of F that. He didn’t even say darn or crap.
    That’s got to be a first for some that drunk. (or sober)

  15. “Sit down. Sit down. Enough,” the pilot says as he gets Kerr down on the floor of the aisle. “You don’t put your hands on my flight attendant. Kerr started flailing before he ultimately surrendered when quick-thinking passengers restrained him with their seatbelts, according to the complaint.

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