OMG: Airline Employee Fight You Have To See To Believe

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Unfortunately there aren’t many details out there about this video, but A Fly Guy’s Cabin Crew Lounge has shared video footage of what appears to be two airline employees getting into a serious fight.

We’re not sure where exactly this is — I’ve seen speculation that it’s Nassau or St. Croix — and we also don’t know if the employees work for an airline or the airport. Obviously one employee is wearing an American Airlines vest, though it’s possible she’s a contract worker, and just happened to be working an American Airlines flight at that point (I’m sure American isn’t too thrilled about that at this point).

But I still can’t not share the video, so here it is:

Ticket counter take down: When ground staff attack… each other

Posted by A Fly Guy's Cabin Crew Lounge on Wednesday, March 6, 2019

This is low… just wow.

To those of you saying “lucky, what does this have to do with anything?” Well, worry not. Lucky Himself will be back shortly with hard hitting, unbiased journalism, addressing issues like which frequent flyer elite cards are best for cutting various types of fruits and vegetables. I’ll even try to film it with a drone. And if you have no clue what I’m talking about, consider yourself… lucky.

  1. I’m a bit offended you would post this. Are you intentionally trying to put African-Caribbeans in a bad light? Try to be a bit more race sensitive, please.

  2. You took the lion down pretty quick. Funniest part of this was you referring to yourself as a journalist…

  3. “To those of you saying ā€œlucky, what does this have to do with anything?ā€ Well, worry not. Lucky Himself will be back shortly with hard hitting, unbiased journalism, addressing issues like which frequent flyer elite cards are best for cutting various types of fruits and vegetables. Iā€™ll even try to film it with a drone. And if you have no clue what Iā€™m talking about, consider yourselfā€¦ lucky.”

    Er…ok then.

    @Joe Chivas

    These women are the ones putting African-Caribbeans in a bad light, since, y’know, they’re the ones brawling it out in public while at work…

  4. @ Mark — Hah, and that was a joke. Don’t for a second consider myself to be a journalist. Never have been and never will.

  5. @PointsCentric

    To be honest, it is starting to make Lucky look a bit…bitter about it all.

  6. Why do you feel you HAD to share this tabloid nonsense? Fights happen all the time. This just happened to be two airline employees. Doesn’t make it airline / travel news.

  7. Instead of this video we could have a look to the St RegĆ­s Bora Bora ‘last weekend’ trip

  8. I was thinking to post the racist angle as a joke.

    Glad to see someone did it seriously. šŸ™‚

  9. Love that Lucky is addressing the ridiculousness of TPG! Keeping fighting the good fight!

  10. The issue is that in some way, these are the people we are entrusting with our safety. Every person working at the airport has a job with impact. Some load luggage, some transport luggage, some keep aircraft from hitting others while on the ground. Every job can have an impact. Great to see the caliber working there.

  11. That lady in blue at the Aruba Ritz Carlton over Christmas would have kicked both their butts.

  12. The swipe at the stupid crap TPG publishes gave me a good laugh and made my morning; thanks, Lucky!

  13. These ladies are putting themselves in a bad light. State Dept travel advisory due to violence upgrade? But maybe the 3 of us can have some dranks next weekend, hmmm.

  14. @Joe Chivas you’re kidding right? Lucky is discussing two airline employees fighting at an airport and the first thing you think about is the color of their skin and you’re asking HIM to be race sensitive?!

  15. @joe chivas. Get out of here with your race baiting bit. Iā€™m offended that your offended that everyone else isnā€™t offended. The world is doomed.

  16. QUESTION: Per the post title, why do we have to see it to believe it?
    PRO TIP: Clickbait.
    VERDICT: Tacky.

  17. @Evan and others
    1. Seeing is believing. Don’t hide the truth, travelers have a right to know who’s handling their travel arrangements, planes, tickets, baggage and security.
    2. Clickbait – Yes
    3. Tacky – Yes
    4. Summary – don’t pretend it’s not real. Deal with it.

  18. @Joe Chivas – Seriously, it is people like yourself that think that everything that is not positive about non-Caucasian people is racist is pretty damn racist. The fact that those two women got into a physical altercation has nothing to do with their race but rather their anger over what ever situation caused the event. In case you did not know this, white people get caught on video fighting all the time and it get published – is that racist?

    The video only represents that anyone can lose their temper and professionalism and get caught on video. And just like a car accident, we don’t want to watch but we can’t help ourselves.

  19. @Joe Chivas so by definition of your complaint, if it was any other race of human having a fight that would be OK? WTF? So people of all races sometimes get into a fight, and sometimes in a public place where its captured on video. Get over it.

  20. Wow, youā€™ve had a lot of bitchy posts recently. Donā€™t hate on the competition so bad. TPG doesnā€™t mention you because youā€™re worthless to him. Grow up and do some proper journalism or market yourself as a wasteman

  21. Quite a sensational item but this is more the fodder of The Enquirer.
    I like most all your content. How does this relate to the positive and professional work you and your team strive for at One Mile at a Time?

  22. Dang, @Emily. How would you like it if I came to your job and criticized your pole technique?

  23. They were fighting over Debit. The one wearing the American Airlines vest saw him first and he had promised to fly her all over the world in first class.

  24. Emily, how about you STFU? Go, troll around somewhere else. You donā€™t like his blog? Great, why are you commenting then? Move on and ignore OMAAT. Bye!

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