Airberlin Offering Status Match To US Based Members

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Last March I wrote about how airberlin was offering status matches to the Silver and Gold tiers in their topbonus program. While they initially didn’t list any residency requirements for the status match promotion, they eventually updated it to indicate that only members in certain European countries were eligible for status matches. That was a bummer for US based members.

Well, airberlin is now officially offering status matches to those based in the US — the terms of airberlin’s status match promotion even specifically say so. Airberlin is status matching members with accounts registered in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the US.

They seem to be matching all elite status, except status from other oneworld partner airlines. There’s no expiration date for this promotion as of now.


Presumably if you’re matching from the lowest tier status of another airline you’d be matched to topbonus Silver, while if you’re matching from the middle or top tier status of another airline you’d be matched to topbonus Gold. They’re not matching to topbonus Platinum, which is their top tier status.

Here’s what you have to do in order to take advantage of the status match:

  • Email [email protected] with the following information:
    • Your topbonus number
    • A legible scan/photo/copy of your other valid frequent flyer card
  • Your application will be reviewed and processed by airberlin’s service team

Status will be valid for 12 months, after which you’ll have to accrue 25,000 or 50,000 status miles to requalify for Silver and Gold status, respectively.


Frankly the benefits or airberlin topbonus Gold aren’t that rich. Most of the benefits are the alliance-wide benefits which come with oneworld Ruby and oneworld Sapphire, like priority check-in, security, boarding, seating, etc. You don’t receive any upgrade instruments for airberlin Silver or Gold status.

airberlin-lounge-berlin-airport - 23

The single biggest perk of airberlin Gold is that you get oneworld Sapphire status, which gets you lounge access whenever traveling on a oneworld flight. This includes domestic flights within the US.

Access Admirals Clubs even on domestic itineraries with airberlin Gold status

That means a status match to airberlin Gold status will give you complimentary access to American Airlines Admirals Clubs, even when you’re traveling wholly within the United States. Keep in mind that if you have oneworld Sapphire status through American AAdvantage, you only receive lounge access when traveling internationally, due to the following exclusion:

American Airlines AAdvantage® members, regardless of their tier status or class of travel, are not eligible for lounge access when traveling solely on North American flights within or between the U.S., Canada, Mexico (except Mexico City), the Bahamas, Bermuda and the Caribbean. For more information, visit,

Bottom line

If you have status with a non-oneworld airline and are based in one of the eligible countries, this is probably the best status match opportunity for oneworld Sapphire status. While airberlin status as such isn’t that valuable, the oneworld perks are useful, given that you’ll get lounge access on all oneworld itineraries, along with free checked bags, and all kinds of other priority services.

Who’s planning on status matching to airberlin topbonus Silver or Gold?

(Tip of the hat to View from the Wing)

  1. I did the match last year from my TK gold status. Got reply in a few days. Not really any good benefits like mentioned earlier, except lounge access.

  2. Hi Lucky –

    I have One World sapphire through AA as well as Gold Delta medallion. If I were to status match, however, is it only possible to access AA clubs on domestic itineraries if I include my Air Berlin ff # on the ticket? Or can I still get AA miles by crediting flights to AA but use the lounge courtesy my Air Berlin gold status by showing my card to the agent?


  3. Along the lines of TAR_000 – to use OW perks such as seat selection, priority boarding/security on say American, do you just put in the Airberlin number where it asks for your AAdvantage number when booking the ticket and if so, to get the miles credited to your AAdvantage account, would you call American before or after purchase/ticketing/flying?

  4. Tar_000 Having had OWSapphire status in another OW program for a while, at the same time maintaining my ExecPlat with AA, it was possible to continue to credit flights to AA with that number on my boarding pass but just show the other OW card when entering AA lounges for solely domestic or US/Canada flights. Might consider this as I have some AB and EY flights. Since the EY flights don’t earn status credit in AAdvantage, they’re worth more in an AB account.

  5. I sent off my Delta Medallion card yesterday afternoon and just received the match confirmation email today. That was quick!

  6. Sent screenshots of my Copa Gold account (never got a card from them) yesterday, got the email today saying I’m Gold now.

  7. Does “registered accounts in the US” mean any frequent-flyer program where the member is based in the USA, or only for US-based airlines? I’m an Asiana Club member who lives in Ohio. Would Asiana Diamond be matched for TopBonus Gold or would it be ineligible since it is a Korean airline?

  8. I did this last year as a United platinum. I was easily matched to air berlin platinum. I flew with them last month in coach and it was a great experience. One of the perks of the match was a free busiiness class upgrade certificate. I am using it this week between Jfk and berlin it has been quite nice having the status. They have a decent product and the food is great. Can’t wait to try their biz product.

  9. I tried to do this with my Alaska Airlines MVP Gold status, but was emailed back saying I needed to have purchased a round-trip ticket from the US to Europe on AirBerlin to get the status match with them. I went back and checked the terms and sure enough, this language is in the fine print:

    “Customers with residence in the US must prove a booking confirmation incl. booking number of an airberlin long haul flight between US and Europe (return ticket). This flight must be operated by airberlin and take place in 2016.”

    Is this a recent addition? It’s definitely a deal breaker for most I would imagine.

  10. Anybody in this group who would be willing to give up /sell 25,000 Air Berlin Topbonus Miles? I have lost sooo…. many over the years due to expiration and I used my remaining 25,000 for one way USA-Europe. The other direction just opened up for 25,000 miles + Euros 280. txt me at 310.fourninezero.756eight if interested.

  11. I have economy class flights booked on BA. I am Delta Diamond Medallion. Will the airberlin status match get me better coach seats and early boarding on BA flights within Europe? (HEL-LHR-HEL)

  12. I just checked the Status Match page on the Air Berlin website, and noticed something that may be of particular interest:

    •This offer is only available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and USA.

    So, it appears that the Nordics were also added to the status match list! I’m SAS Gold in Denmark, so this is fantastic news for me. I’m going to apply ASAP and will be sure to report back when I get an answer.

  13. Hi Lucky,

    Thanks for the information!

    I have always been wondering one thing about one benefit we will receive after successful status match: In order to use the priority security lane and priority boarding benefit, do we need to add Air Berlin’s account information into our trip or can we still add our trip to AA account but simply show Air Berlin Gold status card at the airport?

    My ultimate goal is still have miles accumulated in my AA account, while enjoying One World perks brought by Air Berlin Gold status.

    Thanks for your time and it would be great if you know how to do it.

    P.s Last time I checked with Delta after matching my UA Gold status with Alitalia’s program, and was told that in order to use SkyTeam benefits brought by Alitalia status, I had to purchase a “Alitalia marketed ticket”. My interpretation is that she meant that I needed to purchase a code share flight through Alitalia, which I doubted as worst case scenario I think I could just purchase a ticket through third party agents like Expedia and add my Alitalia account information.

  14. I applied yesterday for Status Match via my SAS gold card, and heard back within a day and a half that my status would be matched 🙂

  15. Hi Lucky ~ I followed the instructions above and got an email back saying I had to show a valid Air Berlin international flight ticket. I wrote back and sent a copy of what’s on their web site (as you posted) and they said it was part of “the terms and conditions” (under some tab) that one has a ticket. I see no tab with the terms and conditions. Quite frankly, I had a huge bru-ha-ha the last time I flew AB from Berlin to the States and I think their customer service is beyond awful, but I’d like the status match just for the AA lounge access state-side. And if I have to fly AB again of course to get better seats. I’m UA Gold. Any suggestions? Is this something new?

  16. For American based members, TopBonus emailed me with a DENY and was firm that a trans-Atlantic ticket on AirBerlin metal is now required as their terms have been updated.

  17. For this status matches, they now require an official US residence document and the Airberlin flight booking No. between US and Europe. The terms and condition of this program, they could do anything without prior notice but genuinely they should speculate those requirements that enable us to avoid any confusions.

  18. Status match on Air Berlin is not available for oneWorld members (e.g., American Airlines AAdvantage). I tried requesting the status match and was told the above. The agent also gave a link to their status match policy—which does clearly state that status match with oneWorld members is not possible.

  19. They refused my match until I provided them with a round trip international booking in 2017 on their airline from the US. I’m a US resident, Delta Platinum and 4 million miler.

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