Airberlin Fires Their Head Of E-Commerce For Trying To Find Team New Job

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With airberlin having filed for insolvency and eventually likely being sold off into parts, it’s not surprising that some people are already looking for new jobs. Several days ago I wrote about how airberlin’s VP of e-commerce and online sales set up a website basically offering the services of his 60+ person team.

I suspected the site wasn’t company sanctioned, though I found it admirable that the guy was looking out for his entire team. He could probably quite easily find a job somewhere else, but rather than focusing on just that, he was hoping someone would hire their entire team (or maybe just entire departments).

YHBU notes that the Berliner Morgenpost had a story about this situation today, noting that the airline wasn’t amused by Dr. Volz’s “posting.” The website offering the services of the entire airberlin e-commerce team has been taken down, and apparently Dr. Volz has been fired effective immediately.

I can see both sides here. On one hand, if someone did in fact hire the entire airberlin e-commerce team overnight, the airline would be in an even worse situation than it already is. On the other hand, in reality the airline will likely be out of business soon enough, and it seemed like the guy was trying to line up jobs for the team for when they’re let go. He had nothing bad to say about the airline, but rather just wanted to do what he could to give the team opportunities.

So yeah, I think the guy had the right idea, and I think he meant well, but it also shouldn’t come as much of a surprise the company didn’t take kindly to what he was doing. Then again, there’s not all that much downside for him, as he’d likely be out of a job within a few weeks anyway.

What do you make of this situation — was the VP wrong for trying to get his team new jobs?

  1. Might as well grab onto an empty lifeboat before they fill up. I’d say this was better for the guy.

  2. In army officer candidate school when one gave it his best effort but came up short, he was often met with “Good initiative, poor judgement.”

  3. What is the basis for firing? What is the german/EU employment law says? If AB is not careful they may create another substantial creditor for their insolvency.

    Tough I doubt being fired would mean anything for him. I believe headhunters already contacted several people in AB few days after the news of insolvency…

  4. Never know the real motivation, it could be also a way out of lengthy notice period. I no way on the same level but my notice Periode end of quarter plus 9 months …..

  5. Loyalty to your employer is required. He was openly disloyal, which is ground for immediate dismissal. Apart from that this had the smell of the rat jumping the sinking ship.

  6. Any large company would have fired anyone for this type of action. Even tipping your hand to subordinates if you have info on upcoming furloughs is grounds for termination. This isn’t really news…

  7. Given German labor law, he may have wanted to have been fired to collect severance and unemployment benefits? Can they even pay out a severance during bankruptcy?

  8. No severance because of cause…. but can alywqs try in labor court, normally a good chance but the head of the department was only 18 months there so severance would be not big….

  9. @Michael lol. What era are you stuck in mate ? Loyalty to your employer is required is a crock of shite. AB have been far from loyal to their employees it seems. If you’re an employer and I worked for you then I’d be definitely jumping ship.

  10. probably unwise to do exactly what he did, but I think it would be ok if he offered help to a few individuals who were potentially good employees for a new company.

  11. The graphical/aesthetic layout of that text…
    AS A TEAM!

    is awful, and serves as obvious grounds for dismissal.

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