Must See: AirBaltic’s Nutcracker Airplane Ballet!

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Around the holidays we often see airlines release special themed videos to get people thinking about them. Well, Riga-based airline AirBaltic just published one such video, and it’s incredible.

AirBaltic is the launch customer for the Bombardier CSeries 300, and is just in the process of taking delivery of their first of 20 of these planes.

To celebrate the holidays and this new plane, they’ve done what they call the first ever ballet performed by an airplane. The video is both funny and adorable, so it’s well worth a watch, if you have a few minutes:

Well done, AirBaltic, and I can’t wait to fly one of their new planes soon!

  1. Air Baltic already begun CS300 flights on December 14th. And what a lovely flight it was – such a wonderful aircraft!

  2. Got a seat on the airBaltic C300 inaugural. Aside from the usual pre-departure gate celebration and the escort to gate + water cannon greeting on arrival at AMS, they had a magician doing card tricks on flight. Haha.

  3. Cute Can;t figure out if the ballet guy has Russian or French accent. I think he starts out Russian and suddenly switches to French. Now, can;t we just trash the CRJ200s ?

  4. I flew on the plane to Riga on the second day of service, while I see its a nice new plane I don’t really think it is that nice to fly on it with airBaltic since they don’t really do anything better with it than any other Europe airline…

  5. The only issue with Air Baltic is that their points program (PINS) is a bit isolated. I have 87 points from a TLL-RIX flight a couple years ago. I probably shouldn’t have even bothered signing up for the program, but couldn’t help it!

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