AirAsia Crew Has Passengers Play Incredibly Annoying “Moaning” Game

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I appreciate an airline crew that tries to have fun with their job. Goodness knows we need more of that in the world. However, I think this might just cross the line a bit.

A couple recorded a video from their AirAsia flight where the crew came up with a “moaning” game for passengers to play. Specifically, passengers were apparently encouraged to “moan” into the PA system for as long as possible, until their breath runs out, with prizes for those with the longest moans.

In the video you can hear a flight attendant announcing that a passenger managed to moan for either 18 or 80 seconds (I suspect the former, but I couldn’t fully understand).

Here’s a video from the flight:

If you’re going to try and engage passengers, is this really the best way to do so?!

(Tip of the hat to Eric)

  1. This was filmed during Chinese New Year (so January 2017 is most recent possible timing). They are doing “yumsing” which is a Chinese style of toasting done during festival periods or weddings.
    I always find it annoying too, but when in Asia, expect to find some Asian idiosyncrasies.

  2. You have no rights if you’re a passenger seated in economy class. If you were seated in flat bed class trying to sleep and this was a night time flight than yes you should go bat shit crazy and talk to the pilot and make them stop.

  3. Also if you are flying on Air Asia X and paid $53 for your plane ticket because Thai Airways wanted $388 for the same flight then you get what you paid for.

  4. @Justin H

    Nowhere in the contract does it explain a game. Did they get more than they paid for? Is AirAsia so nice as to do such a charitable thing? That their economy passengers with no rights get to enjoy playing a game that we can only watch online? All those poor people in flat bed class on redeye flights that have to deal with not watching this game since they should go to the pilot make me feel sad. They should enjoy this game just as much

  5. I would be in the “stop complaining” crowd. Although I have never seen Air Asia do games on board I have certainly had my share of Cebu Pacific Fun games on board. The kids and many passengers just love it. I remember on one flight the crew played the “show me” game. I swear every second person had their belt off, their wallet and their their. The flight attendant world say “Who is the first person who can show me their belt?” and sure enough belts were everywhere. It made for a fun flight in an otherwise boring routine world of flying.

  6. I avoid Southwest like the plague for this very reason. It’s nice that the flight attendants try to be fun but I’ve had them basically do this same “game”. Maybe not moaning but all sorts of singing and games and just generally disruptive annoyances. I’d much prefer a level of professionalism that they simply do not offer over wackiness.

  7. It is a cheapy flight. Laugh, enjoy the cheap ride. It’s fun games like southwest “games” rappers/singers/hill billies singing, customes etc…

  8. They should play that other game, “let’s all pretend that we are actually helpful, kind and considerate flight attendants, and we’re here to make sure you have a good flight and anything you need is taken care of!” i.e. let’s all pretend this is Singapore Airlines and not Air Never-really-grew-up-and-stuck-at-12-years-old Asia.

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