Air New Zealand’s Newest Safety Video, Starring Katie Holmes And Cuba Gooding Jr.

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Air New Zealand is hands down the most innovative airline when it comes to their safety videos. Some of my favorite safety videos have been fromĀ Air New Zealand, and they’ve typically introduced at least two new safety videos per year.

For example, last July Air New Zealand introduced the “Safety in Hollywood.”

Then this past December they introduced the “Summer of Safety” video.

Well, Air New Zealand has just unveiled their newest safety video, starring Katie Holmes and Cuba Gooding Jr. The safety video is called “A Fantastical Journey,” and is Alice in Wonderland inspired. Here’s the video:

As you can see, this video is less humorous than past Air New Zealand safety videos (at least in the “laugh out loud” sense), but rather takes a more whimsical approach. The video is all about highlighting the natural beauty of New Zealand.

This seems to be a trend for many airlines lately, as we’ve seen several airlines introduce safety videos highlighting the natural beauty of their countries, including Qantas,Ā Middle East Airlines, Oman Air, Philippine Airlines, and many more.

While the video will get people excited about New Zealand, personally I still prefer the Betty White Air New Zealand safety video:

The Richard Simmons Air New Zealand safety video is certainly the most, ahem, memorable:

The most viewed Air New Zealand safety video, however, is the Hobbit themed one:

What do you make of Air New Zealand’s new safety video? Which has been your favorite?

  1. There has been another one since the one you link to, I think it was titled Summer of Safety. I really liked that one and prefer it to this new one.

  2. I will never understand why airlines waste so much money on gimmicky safety videos. Do they really care if pax pay that much attention to them? Most people have been on a plane before

  3. @Ben (not Lucky šŸ˜‰ ) – The point of the videos is more the viral effect when they go on YouTube like the Hobbit one has ~16 million views. It’s more about the marketing than the safety.

  4. @Lucky – I think you missed another epic video titled ‘Men In Black Safety Defenders’. I have been living in New Zealand for almost an year now, and I fly Air NZ quite often. And every time I am onboard, I look forward to their safety videos anticipating they might have new videos to surprise the passengers. I have seen quite a few videos from Air NZ, but Men in Black one is hands down the best of them all!

  5. Not looking forward to listening to this multiple times each week.

    Its even worse than the current one – at least they used Kiwis for it! This is almost as bad as the Anna Farris one.

    These videos are fine if you only fly the airline every now and then but so grating if you have to watch and listen over and over.

  6. Those are… “interesting”, but get old very very quickly. That is to say, I wouldn’t want to watch any of those videos more than once. I still very much prefer the current Air France video, which is somewhat gimmicky, but not overly so and more to the point. And oh so French.

  7. Hands down I think the best Air New Zealand safety videos where the Bare Essentials one, I think you can still find those on YouTube

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