Air New Zealand is at it again with some racy ads…

Gosh, you’ve gotta love Air New Zealand for their creativity, eh? First, it’s grandma running through the aisle naked in Air New Zealand’s new safety video, and now they have three, erm, unique ads promoting their new Boeing 777-300ER aircraft.

Here’s the first ad, “Happy Hour:”

Here’s the second ad, “The Intimate Art of Touch:”

Here’s the third ad, “Story Time:”

Thoughts? Hilarious? Offensive? Somewhere in the middle? I’m laughing my rear off over these.

I can’t decide if it’s because I think they’re funny or ifĀ it’s simply because I’m amazed that an airline would spend their ad dollars like this. Well, I guess Air New Zealand is a firm believer in viral marketing, that’s for sure…

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  1. “poor taste” says… mrpickles? Heh. Heheh.

    I think they’re hilarious. Companies are always trying to take themselves too seriously. What looks great in an marketing team meeting or in a boardroom isn’t going to look nearly as good to people aimlessly flicking channels or browsing the web.

    This will make you stop, watch and notice things that will make you want to fly NZ — “look at the size of those premium economy seats” and “cool touchscreens!”

  2. Not something that would ever be aired on TV, but excellent in reaching their target demographic via the internet: upwardly mobile yuppies living in coastal LA and central London.

    Frankly, I didn’t find it funny. I don’t understand what kind of accent he’s supposed to have — is it supposed to be French-accented NZ English?

  3. Children’s story time? I’ll make sure to avoid those flights. The less kids on board the better.

  4. @xj47 – you hit the nail on the head here. With viral marketing you have to entice the viewer with something “different”. These ads definitely do that.

    Spot on with: “This will make you stop, watch and notice things that will make you want to fly NZ ā€” ā€œlook at the size of those premium economy seatsā€ and ā€œcool touchscreens!ā€

  5. Brilliant! Very typical of the ‘downunder’ sense of humor. Right in line with the Australian beer ads. I don’t know why we up here in the Northern Hemisphere can be so uptight about things – a little double entendre never hurt anyone.

  6. Well, as an uptight Northern Hemispherer, I find the ads crude and unprofessional. They would make me less likely to fly Air New Zealand in the future.

    An airline is not a late night comedy club. Oh, sure, there’s nothing wrong with making folks laugh, but at the end of the day, flying people safely and efficiently around the world in metal tubes is a serious business. Would you hire a doctor or lawyer who advertised like this? Wouldn’t you want one that seemed, um, more professional? Personally, I’d prefer an airline that acted a little more professionally.

  7. The first one is the funniest. The 2nd one, not so funny, and the 3rd one?????? Beats me what they’re talking about. :>)

  8. @ iahphx – Air New Zealand do fly people safely and efficiently around the world. However a company does not need to be boring to do that. I’m actually really glad that you are less likely to fly with them. Please don’t. I’m more than happy to fly on airlines that are not full of uptight people!

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