Air New Zealand’s New Hollywood-Themed Safety Video

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Air New Zealand is hands down the most innovative airline when it comes to their safety videos. For years they’ve been refreshing their safety video several times per year, always with the intent of being as entertaining as possible.

Air New Zealand has just released their latest safety video, called “Safety In Hollywood,” starring Anna Faris and Rhys Darby. Here’s how the video is described:

Shot at Warner Bros. Studios in Los Angeles, Air New Zealand’s newest safety video explores multiple iconic Hollywood film locations as Rhys Darby tries to convince Anna Faris to play a role in the airline’s new in-flight safety video. Watch as the star of Mom and the New Zealand comedic legend hop from iconic set to iconic set on the Warner Bros. lot, including those used in Jurassic Park, Casablanca, War of the Worlds and True Blood:

Safety in Hollywood also features more than 20 extras, including Chester the Chihuahua, who has appeared in Transformers and Grey’s Anatomy. The video, which will be rolled out across the airline’s fleet beginning today, continues Air New Zealand’s tradition of presenting safety videos in a fun and clever way (previous safety videos featured cameos from Men In Black, The Hobbit films, Betty White, Bear Grylls and others).

Here’s the video:

All of Air New Zealand’s safety videos have a fairly specific sense of humor, so not everyone is going to love every video. Personally this video isn’t among my favorites, as it’s not really my style of humor. However, I commend them for the effort.

Perhaps my favorite part is that my beloved Andaz West Hollywood makes a cameo in the end of the video. 😉


In terms of my favorite Air New Zealand safety videos, the one starring Betty White is still my favorite:

And the one starring Richard Simmons is certainly most memorable (though I’m not sure if “favorite” is the best term):

What do you make of Air New Zealand’s new “Safety In Hollywood” video?

  1. I will never understand why airlines waste so much money on fancy safety videos. Such an unnecessary expense.

  2. The new safety video looks great! I think fun and entertaining safety videos are great ways to engage traveler and ensure that the actually listen to the safety video.

  3. Not impressed and difficult to follow.

    A little fun and acting is fine. There is too much filler here. And at times difficult to understand…..yelling, screaming, antics.

    Betty White is fine. Some of the others are fine, too. This one is too much.

  4. wow that was long….5 minutes…..I would probably switch off after the first minute watching that.
    They should have made it two minutes and snappy, quick, with the information you need.

  5. I thought it was cute, but if I were flying NZ regularly, it would drive me nuts, because it *is* long.

  6. Men in Black is my favorite, but I did love the flying Hobbits, too. I like what they do, it is very Kiwi.

  7. Airlines need to quit trying to “outcute” each other with these tacky, topical-yet-still-not-funny pop culture safety videos. The singing, terrible acting by both “professional actors” and airline employees, and subpar production values are *barely* cute the first time they air them. By the second or third time a passenger watches them, they’re already passe, boring, too long, too stupid, and have caused most people to tune them out as unnecessary and stupid background noise. I’d rather a quick, to-the-point demo be shown then all this nonsensical tongue-in-cheek bullshit that quickly becomes nauseating.

    I think a great example a fun and direct safety video is the Virgin America video used before that hideous singing one. The one that was a simple cartoon with a few well-placed jokes that kept things short and to the point. It was quick, got the intended information across in an easily understood format, and was slightly different from the norm just enough to capture the audience. Plus, it was probably fairly cheap to produce. What is so damned difficult about this? How inept are the airlines’ in-flight safety and/or marketing organizations? This isn’t a hard concept to grasp.

  8. @Adam – Completely agree. For most effective video that still reflects the identity of the airline I nominate Air France’s outstanding video.

  9. I got lost. Too much filler … not enough focus.

    I like creativity. Betty White was awesome. But there was too much drama and activity that distracted from the real purpose.

    They tried too hard. I give it a (barely) C-.

  10. I hate all attempts to be cute or creative in safety videos. I’d much rather you just get the damned thing over with in as little time as possible so that I can start watching a movie or something. Don’t waste my time with what you think passes as humor. Delta seemed to change theirs up quite a lot in recent years, all with the same general theme but new unfunny jokes.

    The best video is the one that gets from beginning to end in as little time as is possible without distractions.

  11. @Ben – the cost is mostly treated as marketing expense since they keep Air NZ’s profile up. Important for an airline based at the bottom of the world.

    @greg99 – all of Air NZ’s safety videos are long. At some airports there is a holding spot used to allow the video to finish before entering the active runway for takeoff.

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