Air New Zealand’s New Domestic Safety Video

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Air New Zealand is hands down the most innovative airline when it comes to safety videos. For years the airline has been refreshing its safety video at least a couple of times annually.

With New Zealand’s borders more or less closed, and Air New Zealand’s long haul fleet grounded for the foreseeable future, one might assume that Air New Zealand wouldn’t release a new safety video. Well, you’d be wrong, as the airline has just released its latest video, though it claims that it was filmed with a much smaller budget than previous ones.

Air New Zealand has just released its newest safety video, named “Aotearoa, the 8th Wonder of the World.” This is understandably targeted at domestic travelers, given that the airline is exclusively operating domestic routes right now.

The premise is that a meeting is being held for New Zealand to submit an 8th Wonder of the World. However, each person has a different opinion about what part of the country should get that title, and they present their cases. When they fail to otherwise come to an agreement, they eventually decide that the entire country should be submitted for the title.

As Leanne Geraghty, Air New Zealand’s Chief Customer and Sales Officer, describes the new safety video:

“Around 30 per cent of people flying on our domestic network are usually visitors from overseas. In the absence of international visitors, the safety video is a unique way to stimulate further local demand, benefiting local tourism operators, the New Zealand economy and Air New Zealand employees.”

You can watch the safety video here:

Personally I like the safety video. It’s humorous, it’s not very long, it has some gorgeous scenery, and it makes me miss New Zealand oh-so-much. Too bad Air New Zealand will likely be on its next safety video before most of us are allowed back in the country.

What do you make of Air New Zealand’s new safety video?

  1. One of Air New Zealand’s best safety videos yet. Short and sweet with wonderful scenery and a great story. I really miss New Zealand and can’t wait to visit again once borders reopen.

  2. @Tortuga, yes there are glaciers there, they are not the spectacular glaciers in Patagonia and Chile, and they are much reduced from the ones I saw in 1974 but they are still there and you can hike in to them. There are these, volcanic springs, and much more to see in Aotearoa when the borders reopen.

  3. OH MY! I love this – BEST EVER! Air NZ is well known for the best with safety videos. Well done to Air NZ Team.

  4. Slight correction, they are flying international routes but only to Australia as part of the travel agreement between AU & NZ. Not just exclusively domestic

  5. Air NZ can afford to spend up on making new videos but can’t scrape together the money they owe me for my cancelled flight. The good name and reputation that had been built up over the years was squandered by their shoddy treatment of customers over the coved period.

  6. Air New Zealand’s long haul fleet is not grounded, there is a Air New Zealand 787 or 777 in SFO a few times a week, parked at the G international Terminal or remote parking pad. They are flying cargo only flights. @staceysix Air New Zealand has a very innovative cabin with the skycouch, there is also a 3D app for a virtual reality tour of the interior of Air New Zealand premium and coach cabins.

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