Video: “International Criminal Lawyer” And “Barrister” Abuses Air India Crew

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This is just pathetic. Video footage has surfaced of an “international criminal lawyer” and “barrister” losing it on an Air India flight from Mumbai to London after the crew refused to give her “a wee bottle of wine.” This incident occurred on AI131 on November 10, 2018.

Apparently the crew didn’t understand just how important she was, and the urgency of the situation. “If I say boycott Air India, done.”

Also, apparently the crew should be indebted to her because she’s working “for your people,” yet the only people she talks about providing international criminal legal services for is the “f*cking Palestinian people” (her words, not mine).

Here’s the video footage, in which the lady yells more than 40 obscenities in less than four minutes:

Here’s what apparently happened, according to A Fly Guy’s Cabin Crew Lounge:

The passenger is said to have been drinking large amounts of red wine and smoking in the toilet before she was denied another drink. She then threatened to push over the dessert trolley before taking her rage out on the cabin crew after being issued a formal warning by the captain.

The report also claims the business class passenger came to the galley, spat in the face of a crew member and twisted her arm causing injury.

The passenger was arrested once the plane landed into Heathrow.

While we only see a four minute clip here, I have to give huge credit to the crew for defusing the situation. Some might say they were being passive, but it seems like it was best to just not engage with her and let her go on her tirade, because I imagine any other solution would have only escalated the situation and led to more injuries.

  1. Ghastly behaviour.

    Not that it makes any difference but I heard her say (in the first seconds) “Palestinian”, not “Pakistani”.

  2. Amazing that under the influence of alcohol some abusive drunk passengers forget the crew will radio ahead to ensure the police will arrest them on arrival.

    Imagine if airlines were all required on flights of 6+ hours to screen a brief pre-flight video showing drunk passengers being arrested on arrival. Problem solved?

  3. @Lucky, you defuse a situation, as if it were an explosive. Diffusing would just be spraying it thin around you 🙂

  4. She’s drunk nuts. And her failures in life, sober or not, are showing up in her in-flight misbehavior.

    She comes off as looking like some alt-right, EDL-supporter’s personified parody of a hypocritical left-wing nutcase.

  5. Somehow I don’t think she’ll be practicing law of any kind in the very near future.

    I hope AI are also making a complaint to the Bar Council separate from any police action.

    They really don’t like it when their members try to pull rank like this no matter the state of inebriation / stress etc

    Many years ago someone tried to pull the “I’m a barrister” tactic to try and bully my staff and immediately became very contrite when I merely mentioned the Bar Council standards of conduct.

  6. Debit,

    What’s your issue with Indians? The woman throwing a tantrum on the video isn’t Indian; she’s “angraiz”, “ghauri” or something like that, but definitely not “desi”. 😉

  7. @Debit – I know you are being sarcastic, but I believe that the crewmember who filmed the video on their phone is now facing disciplinary charges for “violating the modesty of a woman” for filming the drunk lady without her permission.

  8. Once I heard a british guy say “oh, these chinese tourists are the worse”, while he was in Spain, getting drunk every single day and causing problems with each and everyone around……

    I’m like… “Really?”

  9. It’s high time alcohol is banned in flights. Passengers are losing it after excessive drinking which leads to bad situations. As it is flying is stressful especially for the elderly add a mix of alcohol and it goes out of hand.

    Drinking should be done in a social environment not in flight 30k feet above ground.

    Flying is not partying it is a mode of transport from Point A to B. When smoking is banned why not alcohol which is a more potent commodity.

  10. @guwonder

    As opposed to alex jones and trump’s level headed approach to issues…

    Pathetic and SAD!

  11. What an a-hole. Disruptive and making a complete fool of herself In such a case I agree with the crew filming as evidence
    Hopefully she loses her job assuming she is a lawyer. Many people use the legal threat to scare companies. It’s likely she’s not what she claims to be

  12. I don’t drink on flights. I would like to think that most of us are capable of handling our alcohol responsibly, but clearly this International Criminal Lawyer disproves that. I actually agree with @SS – just don’t serve alcohol on flights. There are many public areas where drinking is prohibited, why not on flights? I have experienced too much boorish behavior from drunk passengers between JFK and SFO and am just tired of it. Drunk men trying to chat me up aren’t attractive.

    “If I say boycott Air India, then it’s done.” What a disillusioned lawyer, whose efforts to help Palestinians (or did she Pakistanis) should sway the captain in charge of Air India….

    Good thing she was arrested upon landing. Kudos to the crew for handling this.

  13. Air India crew is extremely sneaky. They are ignorant uneducated illiterate people and the lady at the check in counter has abused me once. I couldn’t say anything as it was my first international flight and I was afraid of her making up some bs. Air India is the worst airline ever and you can see various videos related to the same.

  14. Apparently she is Irish and supports the IRA (her words towards the end of the video). Oyvay… if I was the captain I would be thinking “Damn – I thought we got rid of these psychotic firangis 60 years ago.” 🙂

  15. Anyone know a good lawyer for her? Lol!

    @Aarav Singh Hora – can’t say that I have met the same staff members that you have. Although I am not overly excited with AI flights, the staff always appear courteous and willing. Could it be that you misunderstood something as this was your first int’l flight? I find BA and AA staff to be rude (or rather disinterested) on a regular basis.

  16. Plenty of passengers are drunk when they board (and even crew members, if what I read here is accurate). Banning alcohol on flights doesn’t solve the problem. Abusers will just sneak it on or tank up airside or before. Alcoholics and drug addicts are a big problem everywhere, not just at 33,000 feet. I’ve flown over 2 million miles and never encountered anything remotely close to this. Occasionally, someone will be loud and disruptive but it doesn’t escalate to this level. These events, though perhaps more common than in the past are, on the whole, not worthy of banning alcohol on board.

  17. She should be behind the bar atleast 3 yrs and by then her reputation as International lawyer will get tarnished over a passage of time. I am sure her personal family would have been an utter failure and that is the reason she resorts to drinking heavily and bursting her frustration.

  18. SeanM,

    Where did you get that the filming is “violating the modesty of a woman”?

    Sounds like someone made up that is what the charge is in this case and that the filming person is going to get in trouble.

  19. As this lawyer is a self admitted “international criminal”, her behavior is not surprising. And rather than barrister, I think she actually meant ‘bar fly’. 😉

    @GUWonder Anyone who specializes in legal services for “Palestinians” (sic) is certainly not “alt-right”. Alt-Leftist would be more like it.

  20. @derek – yes, as that fine American, President Trump very helpfully demonstrated on his trip to France last weekend. And he wasn’t even drunk…

  21. Alcohol removes the filters from some peoples brains. This lady obviously keeps it together when she is sober, but think of the vile thoughts going through her tormented head. The booze unleashed her true ugliness. If she is genuinely a human rights barrister for the Palestinians as she claimed, and with her mouthing off about the IRA, she ought to be investigated for links to international terror, who knows what she may well be up to. The truth serum may have opened a real Pandoras box.

  22. What an appalling woman – and rather sad if she feels the need to behave that way. She very likely will not have much of a career after this in any case.

    For what it’s worth I’d be surprised if it was only drink that put her in that state, she seems prettty worked up for someone who’s only been drinking alcohol.

    I agree with @Donna here I think these calls in the comments to ban alcohol on airplanes are a rather hysterical overreaction. I fly very frequently as well and have done for many years, and have never seen anything approaching this bad on board a flight. A majority of people like to enjoy alcoholic drinks on a flight (and this has always been the case) and yet these incidents are exceptionally rare given how many people travel by air.

  23. If she is part of the BDS movement, Israel couldn’t have paid for better publicity. Come to think of it Mossad has been known to do sneaky things like slip roofies to their opponents. Was she checked for drugs in the system on landing?

    Or she could just be one of Lucky’s regular readers. Air India bashing is an honored tradition on this blog.

  24. Ah – the Brits. Drunk beyond belief.

    Ditto to not having alcohol on board. Course, little do I care since I avoid alcohol and food in flights.

  25. Interesting how men and women in the USA really dislike each other, that there’s always at least one of them using a video that’s nothing about feminism, into a chance to whine on about feminists.
    Like those men who spend their time making videos of women doing things wrong to say why they hate women, even if men usually do more of those things

  26. Wonder why every comment section has at least one man using it as chance to whine on about feminists, as if they do little else, because they’re angry most women have enough sense than be trapped in an abusive relationship with no confidence, so think they can do that to women online

  27. Robert Hanson, do you still not understand the English language in full?

    I said this: “She comes off as looking like some alt-right, EDL-supporter’s personified parody of a hypocritical left-wing nutcase.”

    And this video’s drunk passenger is just as I said: “she comes off as looking like some alt-right, EDL-supporter’s personified parody of a hypocritical left-wing nutcase”.

    Reading is fundamental. Is it the word parody that is giving you grief?

  28. BDS,

    Given that the woman can’t even tell Palestinians apart from Indians or at least lumped together into some weird Arab-to-Asian-Indian group people because of some kind of “brown” complexion speaks to the likelihood of this woman having no prime seat at the table when it comes to Palestinians being wronged anywhere.

    This drunk “barrister” seems so ridiculous that she could have probably engaged in much the same kind of lunatic rant if flying Aeromexico. She comes across as being an alt-right parody of a hypocritical left-wing nut.

    Anyone get her name?

  29. Robert Hanson,

    The alt-right in the US and Europe is its own medley of characters, some of whom act as if they support the Palestinians at times:

    While a real human rights lawyer working on behalf of Palestinians against Israeli action is indeed more likely to be a leftie than to be a member of the alt-right, the world is full of weird characters on the alt-right. See above the link about white supremacists/neo-Nazis opposing Israel and acting as if they support Palestinians.

  30. hmmm…how exactly is she helping “you” (citizens of India) by working for the rights of Palestinians?

    Am I missing something or is she just a self-entitled, drunk, and racist fake…

    …and now a felon.

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