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While there are more modern and fuel-efficient planes in operation nowadays, I think the 747 will go down in history for the role it served in aviation. For decades it was the backbone of many airlines’ longhaul fleets, allowing them to serve destinations that were previously not accessible. While the 787 and A350 are fuel-efficient and ultimately have a hugely positive impact on the industry, it just doesn’t feel the same to board a 787 as it does to board a 747, in my opinion.


We’ve seen many airlines retire 747s over the past few years, and that has made for some beautiful tribute videos. My favorite is probably this one from Singapore Airlines — the announcement after landing makes me nearly cry just about every time I see it:

It looks like Air France will be the next airline to retire the 747, and they’re planning a tribute flight which you can be a part of. The Air France 747 tribute flight will take place on January 14, 2016, at 11:30AM. The flight will be a scenic flight over France’s landmarks, and business class lunch and champagne will be offered to all passengers. After the flight, passengers are invited to have a drink at the foot of the aircraft.


Tickets on this flight are now on sale for 220EUR, and can be booked by phone. That seems very reasonable for such a special flight.

Here are the full details, from the press release:

On 14 January 2016, Air France is offering its customers a unique experience on board an exceptional tribute flight over France and its legendary landmarks!

More than 45 years after the first flight from Paris to New York on 3 June 1970 by the aircraft affectionately known as the Jumbo Jet, the Company salutes with emotion the last flight of this legendary and easily-recognizable aircraft.

Flight AF747 will take off at 11:30am from Paris-Charles de Gaulle for a unique experience: Business class lunch and champagne for all, with an inflight commentary including a tour of France’s history and legendary landmarks.

On arrival at Paris-Charles de Gaulle, the passengers of flight AF747 will be invited to discover the Company’s aircraft maintenance workshops and share a tribute drink at the foot of the aircraft.

As from 7 December 2015, customers can book their ticket on board flight AF747 by calling 01 56 93 70 28 (+33 1 56 93 70 28 from outside France) from 10am to 5pm from Monday to Friday. The fare is fixed at €220 for the entire cabin.

If I knew I could make it to Paris in mid-January I’d absolutely take part in this flight, as it seems like an awesome time. Hopefully some of you are able to book it!

  1. Damn…….I hate to see them disappear. While it really sucks, having a choice of up to 3 daily flights from Los Angeles to Paris is pretty amazing–one of them is even an A380, and the other two are my 777’s, which are amazing planes themselves. I still enjoy KLM’s upper deck once in a while, but now that they reconfigured their world business, row 77 (I think it was 77…whatever that exit row is) is no longer the best place to be.

  2. Just flew in my first 747 on my last trip to Paris on Air France ATL-CDG in April. Business class in the front of the plane, it was an awesome experience and I am so glad that I got to do it before they are all phased out! Didn’t realize how loud the gear is up there!

  3. I wish I had know about this earlier. I leave Paris on the 12th…..not sure how generous BA would be with a flight change and I have no where to stay 🙁

  4. I have to say this comes as a bit of a surprise. Prior to this announcement I would have bet money that the A340 would be the next aircraft on AF’s chopping block. At least the 747 actually accomplishes something with its additional noise and fuel consumption but the A340 just doesn’t make any sense, especially in this modern age where practically everything but the Q400 is ETOPS rated. It’s never that cut-and-dry though. I’m sure there’s a lot more involved in AF’s decision to retire their Queen of the Skies fleet than just revenue seat-miles.

    But don’t despair! Remember the 747 is still in production. While the current fleet of passenger carrying -8s is vanishingly small compared to the at-or-near-retirement -400, everybody’s favorite airplane will be flying for a long, long time.

    I have a feeling when it does come time to retire the A340 it will just quietly disappear without nearly the fanfare lavished on a 747 going to pasture.

  5. @Markiteight

    AF A340 is being phased out next year also, but they have a Y+ cabin something the B747 lack.

    The 3 B747 that are left are now the only AF long haul aircraft without Y+.

    And since the seats airline make the most money one per square feet/meter is Y+ I would say it’s economy speaking.

  6. @Markiteight

    You got me intrigued so I did a little research.

    AF only own some of the B747 that the still fly, and those are the oldest and is most likely coming up on heavy maintenance soon.

    While most of the A340 fleet is owned by AF, considering that the AF B787 order might be delayed I wonder if AF will keep some of the A340 flying longer?

    Boeing 747 Active with Air France

    MSN LN Type Delivery date Registration Remark
    25600 901 747-428 19/02/1992 F-GITD
    25601 906 747-428 18/03/1992 F-GITE
    32869 1327 747-428 22/04/2003 F-GITI lsd from ILFC
    32871 1343 747-428 01/04/2004 F-GITJ lsd from ILFC

    Airbus A340 Active with Air France

    MSN Type Delivery date Registration Remark
    29 340-311 30/09/1993 F-GLZC Leased From Ilfc
    78 340-311 18/07/1995 F-GLZH
    84 340-311 07/08/1995 F-GLZI
    186 340-313X 16/09/1997 F-GLZJ
    207 340-313X 02/01/1998 F-GLZK
    237 340-313X 23/10/1998 F-GLZM
    245 340-313X 30/11/1998 F-GLZN
    246 340-313X 04/12/1998 F-GLZO
    260 340-313X 25/02/1999 F-GLZP
    307 340-313X 10/11/1999 F-GLZR
    310 340-313X 23/12/1999 F-GLZS
    377 340-313X 15/12/2000 F-GLZU
    399 340-313X 06/04/2001 F-GNII Leased From Ilfc

  7. Just looked up AFs 747 seat map as I didnt even know they still operated them. They must be the only carrier in the world with al all-Y upper deck?!

  8. That is sure to be a fun flight. I flew the Air France 747 from BOS to CDG this past August on my way to India, and got to go upstairs on the economy plus area because my video screen on regular economy was broken. It was great to fly on upstairs due to the angles and leg room:).
    I just went to Tokyo on Delta 747 from Detroit on my way to Taipei lat month.
    The 747 is my favorite plane and I have had the privilege of landing 26 times on them. The airlines were: Pan Am, Northwest, Lufthansa, Singapore, Varig, United, Delta ( former NW), Air New Zealand, British Airways and even slept in the youth hostel one at Arlanda Stockholm. Just had to.
    I am glad Lufthansa has gotten some 800 series ones and other airlines are buying a few of them. So, hopefully the Queen of the Skies will live on for a couple of more decades carrying pax and cargo round the world.

  9. what happened to your motto :

    I’ll take one for the team …. does it only apply to champagne …. by the way there is no way this does not end up with a champagne toast at the end … just in case you needed something to get motivated

  10. Has anyone successfully tried to call the phone number in the press release? I tried calling yesterday afternoon and even woke up early today but I only get busy signal. 🙁 If it’s not meant to be it’s not meant to be but hopefully there will be a few OMAAT readers on that flight.

  11. Flew air France 744 from SFO back in the days when worldperks existed… Nice flight but gotta hate Charles de Gualle

  12. Still no luck. 🙁 Anyway, Lucky it would be great if you can make this flight or if not, hopefully your skyteam expert Nick will be able to!!! I’ll probably try again once I get to work but if it’s not meant to be, then it’s not meant to be. Good luck everyone!

  13. @Joey I’ve been trying all morning. When I did finally get through there was a recorded message in French (which I don’t speak) and then it cut off.

  14. @Toby, that was the same experience I got! I don’t speak French either so I had no idea what that message stated. I’ll try again tomorrow morning. Good luck to you!

  15. Kudos to Ben, for what I’m sure involved absolutely scouring the Internets to find the only existing photo of a spotless AF 744!

  16. The end of an era for Air France …
    BUT certainly NOT the end of the Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet !
    British Airways still operating a fleet of more than 40 Boeing 747-400 Jumbo Jet,
    BA just decided to upgrade 18 Boeing 747 (Hi J) and they will remain operational until … at least … 2015 !
    Etienne. Boeing 744. BA. To Fly. To Serve ! 😉

    The 7 4 … Queen of the Skies !
    Etc … etc …
    Etc… etc…

  17. BA used to have the largest 744 fleet with over 40 of them. They certainly do not have that number now and I retaining 14 at last count (a BA source says.

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