HURRY: Cheap Air France First Class Fares From Istanbul To Sao Paulo

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As is being discussed in this FlyerTalk thread, at the moment Air France has some incredibly low first class fares for travel out of Istanbul. Air France first class is one of the most inaccessible first class products in the world on miles, so this is potentially a great opportunity.

Perhaps the most compelling availability is from Istanbul to Sao Paulo, where roundtrip tickets are running just over $2,300.

Alternatively, you can book a one-way ticket from Istanbul to Sao Paulo for just over $1,500.

Availability with this fare is wide open, and you can search on Google Flights or ITA Matrix, and then ticket through Air France directly, or through an online travel agency.

If you do book one of these fares, personally I wouldn’t yet make any non-refundable travel plans based on it, as I’m not positive Air France will honor this fare. Late last year they had some ~$1,400 roundtrip first class fares from Los Angeles to London, which they didn’t honor. However, in this case the fare is quite a bit higher, and it’s also out of Istanbul, which is typically one of the cheapest markets out there for premium cabin tickets. So it’s not completely out of the realm of possibility that this is just a really good fare, as we’ve seen similar deals in Lufthansa and Swiss first class from some cities, for example.

If crediting to Delta SkyMiles, these fares would earn 300% redeemable miles, 200% Medallion Qualifying Miles, and Elite Qualifying Dollars for 60% of the distance flown, at least for the segments in first class.

So proceed with caution/at your own risk, but this is an incredible fare for what I consider to be the world’s best first class product.

Good luck to those who choose to book!

  1. Be careful. I read in FlyerTalk some people are getting it ticketed for Premium economy and not La Premiere though a few are successful at getting it for La Premiere. Good luck!

  2. I got one way in mid-June for 1304€ thru an online agency. Let’s see if it sticks…

  3. Booked round trip $2382 via Orbitz. Ticket number has been issued and seats selected on

  4. Recently: AA/BA F OTP-PHX 17xx€, LH/LX F DME/KBP-SIN 22xx€, LH/LX F ATH-PVG/BJS/HKG 24xx€. Based on what they will cancel the tickets? Fare rules: First class unrestricted fare. Only typo could be M in fare.

  5. Booked premiere class avec air france, c’est magnifique!

    Let us hope the strikes would not get to our way..

  6. So Emirates’ new F product on the 777 is no longer the best first class product?

  7. Don’t trust this. I was one of many that booked in December SFO-LHR via CDG for $1600 round trip. I confirmed with AF 3 separate instances via phone and email to then have them cancel my tickets 19 days after booking. Never again Air France.

  8. AF website is not showing me these fares (and in many cases is saying there are no flights at all between IST and JNB or GRU. They are showing on ITA and Google Flights, but even Google Flights says to “call Air France to book” :-/

  9. @christopher

    I have mine booked within minutes and even reserve my seats..I do not understand your problem? There are other possibilities than AF website and fully normal!

    AF has been one of the best F products in the industry..I am fan and can not wait to experience this great F product. Just cancelled my LH F and EK F and therefore flying with AF to BRA and RSA repectively..

  10. @ Myles,
    if I were you, I wouldn’t have cancelled the other flights yet.
    And wouldn’t be so confident in “flying with AF”, either. At least not in flying La Premiere anywhere 😉

    Saying this by having booked IST-MVD myself.

  11. @Serge T

    It’s gonna be both, 777 and A380. so choose travel dates carefully and be ready for equipment change

  12. Thanks for the post Ben
    I made a reservation.
    How much miles and XP will I earn if credit it to FB?
    booked like in your post (IST-CDG on J, CDG-GRU on P).
    I just prefer FB on Delta, but can’t figure the new system…

  13. @ Joe

    Already did! I know the momentarily situation of AF is not good, to say it mildly. Even one of those French guys saying that if this momentarily situation would not improve, it could turn pretty bad for AF..really not very comforting..Well at least if stranded, the F lounge in CDG is a nice sanctuary!

  14. Ya dun goofed miles. Ain’t nobody letting you in the first class lounge if your ticket gets canceled. As a revenue F flyer (not on my own dime), believe me, I know what a top tier first class ticket costs, and $1500 one way is a mistake fare 100%. Cue the whinging and lawsuit threats 😉

  15. @GDL
    What deal? Ain’t no deal brother. These guys are doing you a favor by helping you plan ahead. Otherwise these tickets get cancelled 48 or 72 hours out when the airline goes through their routine review process.

  16. @brian
    Still looking cancellations..or are you telling us, you are the one telling AF to check and revised the bookings? Do we have a hideous envy rat in our midst !! You know what happen with rats like you? No one will ever accept you and the Karmas you will endure..

  17. Booked on First class, today the whole reservation was changed to economy class by the airline… contact them for a full refund

  18. AF should have a new slogan.. AF the airline that you should not trust.. We offer something, and then change it without telling you.. and if you are lucky you might be able to fly, as long as we are not on strike..

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