Air Europa Reveals New 787 Business Class

Spain-based Air Europa is a SkyTeam airline that doesn’t get all that much attention, though the airline operates quite a few longhaul flights. Their widebody fleet includes:

  • 12 A330s, 10 of which are A330-200s, and two of which are A330-300s
  • 10 787, eight of which are 787-8s, and two of which are 787-9s

The airline has a further 16 Boeing 787-9s on order, which will eventually replace their existing A330s, meaning the airline will exclusively operate 787s on longhaul flights.

Air Europa’s 787s feature fully flat beds in business class, though it’s an odd configuration. They have a 2-2-2 layout, and it’s similar to the seats Royal Air Maroc has on their 787-8s, where seats are angled towards one another in a rather odd way.

Anyway, Air Europa has announced a huge upgrade to their business class product, as the airline will be introducing business class cabins with direct aisle access from every seat on newly delivered 787-9s.

It looks like they’ll be using reverse herringbone seats for the cabins. Their finishes look pretty basic, though I still think the cabin looks nice.

So, when should we expect these new cabins? The first 787-9 with the new business class seats will be delivered in October of this year:

  • Air Europa will take delivery of two 787-9s this April and May, which will still feature their current seats
  • Then in the fourth quarter, Air Europa will take delivery of three 787-9s featuring the new business class cabins
  • The additional 787-9s joining the fleet in 2020 and 2021 will all feature the new seats

It hasn’t yet been revealed if existing 787s will get the new seats eventually, though it doesn’t sound like there are immediate plans for that.

Here are a couple more pictures the airline has shared on Twitter of mock-ups of the new seats:

The airline also has plans to introduce new amenity kits, and also new menus, though I can’t say either of those looks particularly remarkable…

I have a flight booked on Air Europa’s 787-8 from Madrid to Miami in April, so I guess I’ll be experiencing their “old” business class for now.

What do you make of Air Europa’s new business class? If you’ve flown Air Europa’s current business class, what was your experience like?


  1. Used to get more excited whenever an airline introduced reverse herringbone as an updated product but given its not my preferred product to fly on with a partner and the amount of airlines who also carry this seat, its sad to see business class starting to lose its diversity in hard products.

    Reverse Herringbone Airlines:
    Air Canada
    China Eastern
    Air China
    Air France
    HK Airlines
    China Airlines
    Sri Lankan
    Virgin Australia

    I’m sure I missed a few too. I think EVA and Qatar are the only airlines who introduced an updated product that wasn’t reverse herringbone?

  2. “I’m sure I missed a few too. I think EVA and Qatar are the only airlines who introduced an updated product that wasn’t reverse herringbone?”

    Add on: Delta, China Eastern

  3. So is it actually open in the middle for the center pairs as the mockup indicates, or is that just because they are not in place?

  4. Air Europa is the worst airline i have flown with in Skyteam. Worse then China Eastern. Really bad crew. Hope they change that also

  5. One nice thing about Air Europa is that they tend to have outstanding award availability. The downside historically has been the angled lie flats, so this will be a nice improvement.

  6. @criced it really does depend. I have flown them short haul Y a couple of times and service has been pretty good (in comparison to BA, IB and LH). My parents flew UX long haul J some time ago and the crew was apparently very attentive and friendly, so it’s a bit of a mixed bag

  7. I’ve noticed pretty good availability when searching AF, so I’m curious why I’ve never seen a points/miles blogger review of the airline. Looking forward to Ben’s review.

  8. @HiAperture

    Looks like there is a popup divider between the seats that is currently down. Makes for great couples seating and if it is a divider it looks pretty skookum.

  9. My experience with Air Europa is also positive. I was fortunate enough to have a seat pair (2-2-2) on my own on each and every long-haul segment. And the crews were always very friendly and helpful. I definitely rate them in the area of any other SkyTeam carrier.

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