Air Canada offering status matches to British Midland elites

Air Canada is offering status matches to British Midland elite members between June 15 and July 15, 2012. British Midland Gold matches to Air Canada Elite, and British Midland Silver matches to Air Canada Prestige. It’s worth noting that the status will only be valid through February 28, 2013.

Best I can tell as an Air Canad Elite you would earn 25+ eUpgrade vouchers (though I’m not sure you get those if you match) which are good for several upgrades (you can calculate how many eUpgrade vouchers are needed for any flight combination here). Does anyone know if Air Canada usually grants those that get status matches eUpgrades?

Either way, Air Canada Elite status comes with Star Alliance Gold, which gets you into Star Alliance lounges whenever you’re flying a Star Alliance carrier, even if it’s just domestic.

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  1. @Brian they’ve participated in past Star Alliance-wide matching programs.

    Strikes me that unless you’re going to fly Air Canada metal I’m not sure this is the best matching option.

  2. I’ve applied but the mail is overloaded. Hence I’ve to try again….

    With all these status match, we’ll collect dozen of Gold Card….

  3. Air canada have a bad reputation in the east side of the atlantic so i dont think anyone will be interested.

  4. Not only do you have to fly 10k and 5 segments on AC to requalify as Elite (*G), for 2013, you will need to fly 50k EQM to stay at this level instead of 35k EQM in previous years.

    As for the e-upgrades, the default package for Elite only gives you 25 e-upgrades which is good for a RT N. American upgrade (10 each) or one way to Asia (17 each).

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