Air Canada introduces lifetime status!

Per Musings of The Global Traveller, Air Canada has introduced a lifetime status program as follows:

1 million status miles for lifetime elite (Star Alliance gold)
2 million status miles for lifetime elite for yourself and a nominated partner (Star Alliance gold)
3 million status miles for lifetime super elite for yourself and lifetime elite for a nominated partner (Star Alliance gold)

This is quite a rewarding program. It’s worth noting that this is based on status miles, which would include class of service bonuses for flying premium cabins, though apparently only those flown on Air Canada and Jazz (and not partner airlines). There are airlines on both sides of this. American counts all miles towards elite status (even those earned through credit card spend), while United counts only “butt in seat” miles towards lifetime status.

While three million status miles is a lot, lifetime Super Elite status along with lifetime Elite status for a nominated partner is quite a reward! Kudos to Air Canada for this.

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  1. @ rick — My understanding is that only elite qualifying miles earned by flying Air Canada qualify towards lifetime status with Air Canada. So flying another airline and crediting to Aeroplan wouldn’t help.

  2. I may be not reading between the lines here or something, but whats the difference between “lifetime elite” and “lifetime super elite”?

  3. @ DiscoPapa — Elite is Air Canada’s lower elite status tier, which requires 35,000 elite qualifying miles, while Super Elite is their top tier, requiring elite qualifying miles.

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