I’m Living For This Air Belgium Business Class Video Review

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Air Belgium is the new airline operating flights between Charleroi and Hong Kong, in addition to operating some charter flights on behalf of other airlines. I had the chance to fly them last month, and had a really great flight, both thanks to how professional all the employees were, and also thanks to how empty the flight was, as there were only about two dozen passengers.

I’m hoping to publish my trip report soon. I’m sorry it has taken so long, but hopefully the preview gave a good sense of what the experience was like.

It looks like Air Belgium recently invited a bunch of HK-based bloggers and vloggers to experience their business class product. While I personally don’t take comped flights, I think that was a smart decision for them, given that the cabins are otherwise empty. They might as well generate some buzz surrounding the flights.

So they invited a bunch of young bloggers to fly roundtrip in business class with them, and they also showed them around Belgium.

I’ve been looking on YouTube for the video reviews, because there’s something I really enjoy about watching the excitement that people have when reviewing a premium cabin experience when they’re not used to flying that way.

So I had stumbled upon this video review, though it just had subtitles in English. Even though I couldn’t understand the actual review, I still found it incredibly enjoyable to watch.

But then I realized that the same YouTuber made a video with a voiceover in English, which is even more fun to watch:

If you have a few minutes, I highly recommend giving it a watch. There’s something about the enthusiasm towards the product, as well as the overly enthusiastic voiceover, that I just love, and I can’t help but share.

It also can’t be great for the airline that the bloggers were the only people in business class — “actually we just bought out the whole flight. All of us are bloggers.”

  1. Aww this is so sweet I think sometimes many of us take for granted flying on the higher service classes when we do it often.

    It’s so sweet when people are that appreciative.

  2. Thanks for not taking comped flights. This video is ridiculous….of course the service is going to be absolutely amazing when there are only 5-6 people in all of Business Class and the flight attendants know to go above and beyond to impress all of them. ::eye roll::

    Fake service aside, the meals looked pretty good.

  3. I don’t know if he is legit in flying premium for the first time. His enthusiasm sure adds a flavor. And yes, he will get shit loads of view count from here. $$$$

    I think this stunt is poorly executed. Giving comp to bloggers for reviews are good, but to have a trip report on an empty cabin doesn’t send out a positive message about the airline.

    Also, first time really seeing the logo. Is the airline some how secretly associated with AB InBev??????? That would explain how this airline can stay afloat with bunch of dirty laundries.

  4. Something incredibly offensive is said at 3:39 which I won’t re-type here.
    Lucky – I don’t think this video should be promoted or shared here. I don’t think it adheres to the high standards that you keep on the rest of this site.

  5. Thank God my company contracts with American and lets us fly in J for flights over 10 hours. I’d shoot myself if I had to deal with people like this. I mean, I’d never have to
    fly between Hong Kong and Brussels, but I’m pretty sure that they’d put me on CX — or BA in the worst case. Better Club World than screeching millennials.

  6. This is it. joy of flying first class for the first time.

    I have suggested many times you start an annual tradition of buying a first class round trip using miles for someone deserving but who cannot afford it.

    You haven’t. Until you do, “living for it” sounds like unbelievable melodrama.

  7. “While I personally don’t take comped flights” think there’s a word missing it’s “anymore”

  8. I only watched a few seconds of this trash, but it underscores the fact that the more stupid you behave in YouTube, the more views you get. Sad world.

  9. @Chucky spot on. Vile comment.

    @Lucky you should just remove this post, since there’s no way to clean up that comment on disabled people.

  10. @Chucky – come on, how weak are you? Incredibly offensive? No. Everything in 2018 is “incredibly offensive”, apparently.

  11. @Chucky you’re crippling my ability to enjoy the video. Maybe it was lost in translation? Lighten up please!

  12. The English voiceover version is (unintentionally) the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. It reminds me of “Eurotrash” from the 1990s (that reference may mean nothing to people from outside the UK.), except that it’s not X-rated.

    That said, I’d be pretty annoyed if I’d paid to take this flight and I ended up in a cabin surrounded by annoying bloggers flying for free.

  13. @Andy. Not everyone flies J for the boss man. Some of us do it for fun and have a choice of airlines.

    And sure as hell top choice would not be AA

  14. Chucky – Words can’t really be offensive in and of themselves. Explain how his particular usage was incredibly offensive – even ignoring the fact his English is dreadful.

  15. To those complaining about Lucky’s reports (and I know not everyone’s complaining), try writing your own. Let him live.

  16. @Callum

    That is a bats**t theory of offensiveness–of course words alone can be offensive. I suspect upward of 90% of what folks are offended by are words.


  17. I am sorry but this video is a shining example of how far off some companies are about social media marketing and millennials. If this blogger was promoting a Korean denim brand or even a budget carrier like Wow he would have been perfect.

    But to put him in an empty business class cabin in an airline that is struggling to gain credibility among high end flyers is like shooting your self in the foot. Notable exceptions aside, studies confirm that millennials are among the poorest generations that have existed (in relative terms) and have rather functional habits. They would be perfectly happy stretching themselves on 4 empty seats in the presumably empty economy cabins of Air Belgium and enjoying complimentary wifi (if Air Belgium has it).

    This just seems like there has been a panic management meeting over the dismal performance of the newly launched route and some marketing person came up with a brilliant magic cure- let’s target the millennials through social media! Ugh!

    I just don’t see this airline lasting at all.

  18. @ Aman

    I agree, I don’t get either why companies are chasing millenials who, by and large, wouldn’t have a lot of disposable income.

    I’m in my late 30s and having been working for 17 years, have a decent amount of disposable income. Weird thing is, lots of companies don’t want my business, they want to appeal to millennials and don’t want someone aged 38 driving their cars or wearing their jeans or staying at their hotels. Yet, I’m the one who can actually afford these things!

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