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At the moment Aeromexico’s Club Premier frequent flyer program is offering status matches to those who hold status with other airlines.


To request a status match, fill out the Aeromexico status match form, which will ask you for some personal information, along with pictures of the membership card and mileage statements for the program from which you’re matching, as well as a copy of your ID (presumably to avoid fraudulent matches).

Aeromexico will match you to the following tiers in the Club Premier program, based on your status with a competitor:


Matched status is valid for six months, and if you earn 40% of the mileage required to requalify, your status will be renewed.

The benefits of Aeromexico’s elite program as such are quite limited. Platinum members receive complimentary upgrades, though only on full fare, or close to full fare, tickets. In most cases you could just outright pay for a discounted business class ticket at a lower cost. So personally I doubt many will find it to be especially valuable in that regard, unless you’re a frequent flyer on Aeromexico.


However, Aeromexico Platinum status does come with SkyTeam Elite Plus status, which is the top tier status in the SkyTeam alliance. This includes perks like priority checkin-in, priority security, priority boarding, free checked bags, and lounge access on international itineraries.

This status would get you free checked bags on Delta domestically, though it wouldn’t get you free SkyClub access domestically. Unlike with Star Alliance and oneworld, all top tier alliance elite members only receive lounge access on international itineraries.

Delta-SkyClub-San-Francisco - 13
Delta SkyClub SFO — get access as a SkyTeam Elite Plus member when on international itineraries

Bottom line

This isn’t for everyone, but if you’re looking for waived bag fees, priority check-in/security/boarding, or lounge access on international SkyTeam itineraries, this status match might be worthwhile. Keep in mind the status match is just valid for six months, though, unless you earn 40% of the required elite miles.


(Tip of the hat to Points to be Made)

  1. Just curious, would a trip to/from Canada be considered as domestic or international itinerary for the purpose of lounge access if one has Sky team elite status, flying on Delta?

  2. Hey Ben, does Aeromexico limit Skyteam partner redemptions to business and economy cabins only (like Delta)? Is it only the carriers with an F cabin (like AF and KE) that allow mileage redemptions in F? Thanks!

  3. It’s interesting that most of the mid-tier levels (including Air France, Delta, and KLM) are only being matched to the lower status. AFAIK, AF/DL/KL Gold are all Elite Plus levels, but Aeromexico considers them equivalent to Aeromexico Gold, which is only SkyTeam Elite. Only AA Platinum and SQ Gold seem to be matched properly to the comparable status. Weird.

  4. Just sent my executive club gold in order to status match. Lets hope they send a card by mail, but 6 months is crap.

  5. Has anyone been able to load the image for the captcha yet? Stuck at the last step of the form!

  6. @Tennen

    They seems to have based the requirement on the number of miles/points required to reach status.

    AM Gold 50K point=Flyingblue Gold 40K level miles=SK Gold 45K points.
    Even if the Flyingblue and SK Gold is top status with Skyteam and *A respectively.

  7. Elite Plus allows domestic entry to SkyClubs in USA as long as final destination is international except Caribbean. From Delta below:

    SkyTeam Elite Plus (Delta Diamond, Platinum, or Gold Medallion Members)

    SkyTeam Elite Plus® (including Delta Diamond, Platinum or Gold Medallion® Members) traveling in any cabin on a SkyTeam international flight* or a SkyTeam domestic flight connecting to/from a same-day international flight (includes same-day travel on a Delta domestic flight connecting to an international Delta—or any other SkyTeam partner—flight). If traveling on an international itinerary, please show a frequent flyer credential for lounge access.

    Note: SkyTeam Elite Plus benefits are provided only at the departure airport and not at the arrival airport unless connecting to a qualifying SkyTeam flight. …*International Travel includes: Customers traveling to/from Europe, Asia, South America, Central America, Africa, Canada and Mexico (excludes travel to/from the Caribbean,…

  8. My error Lucky, was interrupted and above reply was meant for “Points to be Made” about multiple domestic entry to Skyteam lounge prior to qualifying international Skyteam elite plus itinerary.

  9. @No Name

    That’s certainly a possibility, but it wouldn’t explain BA Silver’s match to the lower tier, since their Tier Credit system is so different. And AFAIK, both SQ Gold and AA PLT have 50k requirements, yet are matched to the Platinum level.

    Regardless of their reasoning, it’s still a very strange status matching program. The airlines whose status levels are mismatched seem pretty random. It’s also perplexing to have some entry level elite tiers included in the match while others aren’t (AC 25K, BA Bronze, JL Crystal). Plus, I find it amusing that US DM is still listed. 😀

  10. @Kumar,
    I did have your Canada international inquiry in mind when responding [that a trip presumably from/to USA – Canada has this benefit of multiple lounge access for entire international Elite Plus literary ]. Thank you for commenting info was helpful. Thanks to both “Points to be Made” where I was first aware of this status match and to “One Mile at a Time” for further elaboration of the benefits of Aeromexico [Platinum] elite status.

  11. Last time Lucky, I rarely comment. From SkyTeam website because it is more accurate about lounge access:

    SkyTeam Elite Plus

    Regardless of their travel class, SkyTeam Elite Plus members traveling on, or connecting to/from, a same-day international flight operated by a SkyTeam member airline have access to a lounge. Lounge access will be provided only at your departure airport and transfer airports, and not on arrival. For connecting customers, both the domestic and international flights must be operated by a SkyTeam member airline. Simply present your boarding passes and a valid Elite Plus membership card for the lounge agent to validate for admission.

  12. @Liam
    AM does not have a First Class. Their so called ClasePremier is considered as Business Class.

  13. No match yet. Club Premier responded to me though when I emailed them:

    “We inform you that if you have already filled in the application on Aeromexico´s web page, it is necessary to wait for a response from the corresponding area. This area will inform you if your application is approved or denied.

    Club Premier does not have interference on this process.”

  14. I wrote that I didn’t have their FF# and since it was saying “Your Club Premier Account Number (if you have one):*” I thought they will apply for me and since I didn’t get any emails I though maybe I should have created one before trying to match to my AA Plat.
    I’ve asked them @ [email protected] they told me to send to [email protected] but it bounced back then they’ve said to send to [email protected] (IDK why Europa?) and they’ve answered that it’s no more. They took down the link too..

    We inform you that the Elite Match Program is only valid for accounts affiliated to the Corporate Club Premier Program.

    The Elite Match Program is no longer valid for personal Club Premier Accounts. We invite you to consider one of the alternatives we have previously provided.

    We remain at your service.
    Best regards.

    We inform you that due to new regulations on the leveling process for Elite Match it is no longer available for Personal Club Premier Accounts.

    We invite you to obtain the Gold Level by accumulating 50,000 Premier Points on a period of 12 months, or Platinum Level by accumulating 80,000 Premier Points on the same time period.

    According to the above, the Premier Points that are valid are the ones that you earn with Aeromexico and SkyTeam flights, not including the points earned by Affiliated Airlines, transferred points or purchased points, among others.

    We remain at your service.
    Best regards.

    Claudia Contreras
    Analista Club Premier
    Club Premier Analyst

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