BRILLIANT: Aeromexico Gives Flight Discounts To Bigots Who Are Unknowingly Mexican

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Aeromexico has gotten political in some of their ads recently. Aeromexico’s biggest foreign market is the US, though obviously right now there’s some contention between the US and Mexico, especially regarding the wall (heck, we’ve had our longest government shutdown ever over this).

A couple of years ago, during the US presidential campaign, Aeromexico released an ad about walls, clearly aimed at Trump:

Well, now the airline is back with their latest marketing campaign, which is some expert trolling, if I’ve ever seen. The premise is that while Mexicans like going to the US, Americans don’t like going to Mexico as much, so they wanted to figure out why.

They interviewed a bunch of people and asked them why they wouldn’t consider going to Mexico.

Since there has been immigration from Mexico to the US for a long time, they decided to give the anti-Mexico people DNA tests. All of the people featured in the video had some Mexico heritage, and the more Mexican they were, the bigger of a flight discount they got.

Here’s the video:

That guy who learns he’s 22% Mexican… ugh!

Also, these people aren’t very good at math. For the couple that says they don’t like Mexico, the woman is 14.4% Mexican and the man is 18% Mexican, and he says “well that’s better than you.” I don’t think he gets that being a higher percent Mexican means being more Mexican (which he seems to think is a bad thing).

Bottom line

Usually it doesn’t make much sense for airlines to get political, though in Aeromexico’s case it seems smart. That’s because I imagine virtually everyone offended by this ad also wouldn’t otherwise consider going to Mexico (at least right now), while those who like visiting Mexico will like the airline even more after seeing this.

What do you make of Aeromexico’s DNA Discounts ad?

  1. So bad that I’m 0% mexican.
    Would be nice to have some discount to go there.
    Mexico is my next country on the list, just to have a week eating tacos, ultra spicy food and everything in between.

  2. Hmmm.. .didn’t the Mexican president asked 250$ million and got 100$ million from ElChapo? Please… don’t try this crap with me. Wall or no Wall, Mexico, while beautiful,, as a society is a shithole. They are trying to make fun of the US?

  3. I go to Mexico (and love it) three to four times a year, and am hoping to check out the 787 from DFW-CUN at some point in the near future.

    That being said, although the ad is hilarious, race-based pricing is undeniably wrong (and illegal?) no matter what you’re trying to prove.

    And if they want more Americans to fly them, why not offer direct flights to vacation destinations from the US? Not a single direct flight to Cabo, Cancun, or Puerto Vallarta. Even if someone has to connect regardless, better to do it stateside than go through customs in Mexico City and back through security.

  4. This is Hilarious. I love the look on the lady as she’s scrutinizing her ‘3%’ DNA result sheet.

    I’m much more of a mezcal & tlayuda fan than a tequila ‘n burritos fan, though.

    BTW, a nice pleasant surprise : I managed to find some UA Saver-Award space for upcoming return vacation to Mexico…plus Excursionist Perk stopover! I’ve never flown AeroMexico though; maybe next time…

  5. Lol – although I don’t think Americans can deal with any further embarrassment in light of their current govt…or lack there of…

  6. The most hilarious part about this group is they may hate Mexico are all “oh, Russia is ok.”

    D-students, all of them.

  7. “…though in Aeromexico’s case it seems smart. That’s because I imagine virtually everyone offended by this ad also wouldn’t otherwise consider going to Mexico (at least right now), while those who like visiting Mexico will like the airline even more after seeing this.”

    Lucky is not very bright. Sad.

  8. Great ad. Man this country is so full of rubes and yokels it still manages to shock me. What’s funny is she doesn’t want to go to Mexico but she lives in some dumpy falling apart trailer. She literally has nowhere to go but up! No matter where in Mexico she may go, it can just about only be better! After seeing these people it still seems to me school and books gets you to a better ending than Jesus and guns.

  9. Brilliant? Those where actors, not bigots… Americans with Mexican heritage. Or, probably if they had 0% Mexican heritage they threw them off the bus and went to some else.

  10. People can laugh about the US, but till people are running by thousands, trying to get in from all over the world, rather than US people running to other countries by the millions, — shows that still it is one of the best place on this earth. I’m not seeing people swimming rivers, climbing mountains toward Mexico or Honduras, or Russia, or Cuba…. my communist teachers in my elementary school always preached how good it is home and how bad it is in the laughable US. I hear the same preaching suddenly how much these “other ” countries are much better… then go and live there. I tired of all this crap “let make fun of the US.” I’m proud to be US with a bad or good president. Next election will be here soon, and we either will have another president or will have the same. Meanwhile, it is what it is. I still respect this land over Mexico where people are killed by the thousands while their president gets 100$ million from cartel. Why we even compare this two country?

  11. These typical image of dumb Americans – ill educated , lack of understanding of irony and don’t have the slightest clue of the history of Mexico. Of course they will visit
    the Anthropology Museum, and enjoy works by Freda Kahlo and visits to palenque and cichen itza

    Your average trump supporters

    your average trump support

  12. Elizabeth Warren got a cushy university job by claiming to be Native American 1/1024th, so why not cheap flights for those claiming to be Mexican…

  13. So many generalizations, my dear Endre.

    Everywhere, every country, every people, has its good and its bad.

    As it turns out, there actually *are* a whole lot of people climbing mountains and swimming rivers to get to Mexico. That would be Central Americans fleeing violence in their home countries. Mexico has many immigrants (which I found out by actually visiting Mexico and talking to people there).

  14. Now dont forget that this airline is awful to fly. Matter of fact 150+ were stuck in an airplane out in Oakland after the pilot refused to unload them last week. Noo food, bathrooms, heater/a.c. Mexico is okay but this airline is shitty.

  15. Endre – you may qualify for a discount!

    I don’t think any of us are tired of making fun of the The United States of Putin!

  16. So how would you actually do a DNA test to see if somebody is a Mexican?

    Like the US Mexico is country of immigrants, most of them from Europe. Even if Spain was the biggest source

    As for Americans not going to Mexico, the largest group of Americans outside the United States live in Mexico

  17. Oh, Snic… al those Central Americans swimming rivers to get to Mexico only do that because they want to get to USA

  18. @Alpha:

    My sentiments exactly. I work with several people who think along the same lines as those in the promotional video and are exactly like you mention. It boggles the mind that they’ll call left-leaning folks or members of the previous administration “Commies” and “Socialists”, because clearly those terms connote something bad or undesirable. Yet as of 1 January 2016 the very country from which those terms originate is magically to be trusted whole-heartedly. WTF?!

  19. Endre – I don’t think anyone here dislikes the US. But those of us that truly love it, can see where there are problems and where there is room for improvement. There is no “best” country. They are all great in their own way. Imagine you have 2 kids. Once kid gets straight A’s, does all her chores, just a great kid. You love her. Your other daughter gets C’s and D’s, always mouths off to you. You do not love one and hate the other. You want the “worse off” one to improve. Just like when those of us that see certain things done better in other countries, we don’t say “we love our crap version of that”. We say “we have a great country, there is no reason we can’t do that, too”. Settling for mediocrity isn’t loving your country.

  20. Nothing like a funny post to bring out the bigots that follow this blog.

    Time that people stop taking things so personally. Just because they are making fun of some under educated Americans does not mean that they are making fun of the US.

  21. @AR

    Karl Marx was a German and died in Britain. Not Russia or the Soviet Union.

    The Russian did not invent that madness, they just got infected.

  22. This ad is extremely racist. Like it’s the absolute form of bigotry. My DNA composition has absolutely nothing to do with my appreciation of any country. I believe I’m one of the genetically cleanest Russians on this planet (23andme shows something like 99%) but I don’t like current Russia very much.

  23. It’s very funny, but it just makes the americans look like idiots… not sure that’s the best strategy. New aeroomexico slogan : Hey studid, you’re mexican and didn’t know it!

  24. Seriously, can anyone tell me how these DNA tests actually work?

    “Mexican” DNA is not exactly monolithic either. They have had incoming migration as well. What this test might pick up on is Spanish DNA from Spaniards that emigrated to both sides of the border.

  25. I am sure that they would want the US Taxpayers to pay for them as well.
    God save American and build that wall!

  26. Sooo…let me see if this is my sign…

    You may be a racist\bigot if

    1.) you are Caucasian
    2.) you are a “typical American”
    3.) your socio/economic class
    4.) you believe in borders
    5.) you believe in Jesus
    6.) you like guns
    7.) your education status
    8.) you voted for the bad, bad orange man

    And my favorite so far…
    8.) you have no interest in traveling to Mexico
    …did I miss any bigots and racists?

    Oh…and @Lucky, I have better things to do than being “offended”…I’ll leave that to the millennial snow flakes and PC police, who apparently have waaayy too much time on their hands! However, AeroMexico has made a calculated business decision that shaming potential customers would bring them more business…hope it works out for them…perhaps they were consulting with the ad folks at Gillette?

  27. No such thing as “Mexican” DNA. No such thing as “American” DNA either. In general most Mexicans are various combinations Iberian and Amerindian, and smaller amounts of Subsaharan African and North African. So who knows what they are picking up-Amerindian, which may be indigenous from the US? Iberian from Canary Island descendants in Louisiana or San Antonio? The video is funny but dumb.

  28. As a PhD hispanic who would NEVER go to Mexico, I guess my 100% would ruin their little video…..

    I don’t mind the video as much as some of the people that follow you. I read the comments and realize they are the mirror image of those they rile against. I wonder how so many people are unwilling for one second to consider they might be wrong or heavens forbid, consider the other position and learn something. We Americans are so ugly…..

  29. @Carol thats funny… but how are you racist if you believe in Jesus??????? If you believe in Jesus then you believe that everyone is equal under gods eyes….

  30. This is simply arrogant people who are blinded by politics and have no knowledge of the country of mexico and the sights that it has to offer. As a world traveler, people should not hate on a Country without even knowing and actually being there. Stay in your lame town, Mexico does not want you bahahaha!

  31. @Endre. Nothing wrong to be proud of your country but you don’t need to put down other countries to elevate your own. This as highlights one thing: like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, etc, these nations were built on all the hard work and sacrifices of immigrants. People who were hoping for a better life for themselves and their families. This trend hasn’t changed but what has are the people whose ancestors benefited from this migration.

    That’s the point of this ad. So be proud of the US that immigrants live and have empathy for those who aren’t living the same dream you are: if you look at your own family, you may find people like this but the difference was they were able to come to the US when everyone else was saying they shouldn’t!

  32. @ Lucky “Since there has been immigration from Mexico to the US for a long time…” — There’s also the fact that about 25% of the US by area used to BE Mexico…

  33. Brilliant? Idiotic ad that attempts to portray those on the right side of the current debate as ignorant bigots. The current debate is about ILLEGAL immigration. Having millions of citizens originally from Mexico, the United States has always been welcoming to our friends from the south, specially those who chose to immigrate legally. But every country has the right to sovereignty and to control who comes across their border. That’s not bigotry. Open borders is simply bad policy both for the US and the immigrants. I have a Latin heritage.

  34. So if I understand it correctly, the company sells the same product to different people for different prices based purely on the people’s cultural background…

  35. OMG all you people freaking out over this. It’s a fake. Just call Aeromexico and they’ll tell you it’s not real and there is no redneck discount. Even this article is fake, everyone knows Mexico is a top vacation destination for Americans. You all got trolled good. roflmao

  36. @Chris K while it really isn’t this simple, here is how dna tests work. These labs have samples from all over the world. They have been able to identify markers that denote the region that marker is common and probably originates from. They have samples of ancient dna from bones. They can isolate certain markers to certain regions. The science gets better every day as more people do dna testing.

    And also for those making fun of Elizabeth Warren. Likely one or more of her 8th or 9th great grandparent was Native American, that is having NA heritage. Facts are facts are facts and dna does not lie. My mothers family insisted we have NA heritage 3 generations ago but we have ZERO, at least in the last 8 generations and I am not paying for an advanced test like Elizabeth Warren did.

    Collecting points and miles is my favorite hobby, traveling is a passion but genealogy is my profession and love – dna is a huge part of genealogy research and I run several family dna projects. Dna doesn’t lie.

  37. Everyone calm down! This video is a prank, there is no such airline as “Aereomexico”!

    Still makes a valid point though! Great use of humor.

  38. @ Ali Hammoud — There’s a typo in the YouTube description, but the airline name is correct throughout the video.

  39. Forgive but this makes no sense. There is no Mexican race. Mexico is a mix of natives and Europeans, mostly Spanish. Spanish also immigrated to the US, so of course they are related by DNA.

  40. Well… if USA could have immigration laws as half as strong as Mexico’s then President Trump would approve opening the full government. Not that it would be a good thing.

    Sorry, was this video showing Europeans are the least bigoted people in the world? Makes sense if so, obviously true.

  41. Actually, I have to give @Endre some major props. He doesn’t hide his racism, as so many others do in the US. I disagree completely with his assessment, but it does take some genuine courage to declare his racism, so let’s recognize that, maybe even build on it. We might have a constructive debate in an honest fashion in an attempt to change his mind. After all, ignorance is simply a lack of education. We might succeed in educating him on the perils of bigotry.

  42. Hey.
    How about Mexicans call themselves Americans?
    Maybe that way mr orange face could see them with other eyes.
    Funny to see US citizens saying that they’re Americans as they are the only ones in this continent.
    “Hi, I’m American”
    “Hola, yo soy Americano”
    “No! You’re a Mexican piece of sh**”

  43. I liked the part at the end where Lucky volunteered to personally pay the education and hospital costs of all undocumented immigrants. That’s how you know he’s not just virtue signaling.

  44. While I like vacationing in Mexico, I’m not a big fan of Aeromexico. Granted, it was the first and only flight I’ve been on.

    Booked Delta itinerary, but the first leg was on Aeromexico from SJD to MEX in First class.
    Probably the oldest plane I’ve been on. Very old 737 with the two buttons (one recline and one that launches the foot chopper-offer as you have to be like 4′ in order to use it).

    WiFi wasn’t working (it was on, but wouldn’t connect to anything).
    Inflight entertainment wasn’t working
    20 minutes prior to arrival, we were not allowed to use earbuds/headphones (even our own). Quite odd, but not sure if it’s an Aeromexico or MEX restriction.
    Overhead bin popped open during final approach and obviously couldn’t stand up and close it, so me and the other passenger had to try to hold it closed enough to avoid having the luggage fall out on us.

  45. Funny commercial, but you do realize those people are all actors (amateur perhaps) and the DNA results are not real, right? There is no DNA test for “Mexican”. Many Mexicans have an admixture of typically Iberian (but some amount of other European DNA too at times) with that of one or more indigenous peoples. However, that isn’t true for all Mexican citizens, even those with long family roots. Some have purely European ancestry with no indigenous admixture. Likewise there are residents with purely indigenous ancestry. And there are Mexicans with varying degrees of African, Asian, and Middle Eastern DNA.

    And DNA tests for ancestral ethnicity rely upon the extent and accuracy of the sample populations whose DNA was collected. Many of the popular commercial services can only narrow down to a general “Amerindian”; also there is a common Asian root for both the people who became indigenous Americans and several Eastern & Central European peoples. It can often be difficult to differentiate without detailed, expert analysis. Accuracy of such tests is fairly good to the level of a continent or continental mass – and the accuracy diminishes the more narrowly the model purports to identify regional or more specific roots.

    In short, there are no tests that will produce results proclaiming one is “22% Mexican” – nor is there only one definition of what “Mexican” looks like. So it’s a humorous and clever ad – but not real.

  46. The video’s viewers are the butt of this joke, not the white country bumpkins that Lucky is all too happy to laugh at. Everything about this video is fake. All the ancestry maps for everyone look exactly the same. You think they processed a DNA test for Betsy right in front of her trailer? Embarrassing that Lucky is giving himself a pat on the back for calling these people bigots and they’re all just actors.

  47. Endre – the US is a cesspit, the people trying to get in in their thousands are almost exclusively after money.

    The majority of Americans I meet abroad open with apologies about their country – many even pretend to be Canadian.

    People like you will never understand that there’s much, much more to life than money though. To adapt a phrase, truly sad.

  48. I’m not sure about discount based on blood line. I know they try to make a political point but it’s a bit racist to me in nature

  49. But what IS Mexican DNA? It’s just like asking what is American DNA. It’s a multicultural country! This ad is cute but doesn’t make any sense to me!

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