Limited Dates: Amazing Aeromexico Business Class Fares From New York To Mexico City

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I visited Mexico City for the first time late last year, and loved it. While I had connected at the airport before, that was my first time actually going into the city, and I was blown away. Traffic sucks, but otherwise it’s on par (if not better) than most European capitals. The food scene is also unrivaled, in my opinion — Mexico City easily has the best food I’ve had anywhere, and it was reasonably priced as well (even the city’s top restaurants charged a fraction of what you’d pay in New York or Los Angeles).

Anyway, availability for this deal is limited, but if you’re based in New York and want to visit Mexico City, and have some free time for a weekend in April, Aeromexico has incredible business class fares at the moment. You can fly roundtrip for ~$588, which is a really great deal. Your best bet for searching the fare is Google Flights or ITA Matrix.

You can potentially save even more on the cost of a ticket by booking through Momondo, as they often have lower fares (I’m seeing fares that are about $60 cheaper roundtrip in some cases). However, do be aware that if you need to make changes or in the event of irregular operations this could complicate things, since they link to some obscure OTAs.

Best of all, one of the daily Aeromexico flights between New York and Mexico City (AM408/409) is operated by a Boeing 787. At a minimum that features a flat bed. On specific dates the route alternates between a 787-8 and 787-9 — the 787-8 features fully flat forward facing seats, while the 787-9 features reverse herringbone seats. Either of those is way better than what you’ll find on Aeromexico’s 737s, which has just standard domestic first class seats.

Aeromexico 787-8 business class

The icing on the cake here is that this is a great way to earn Delta SkyMiles, as paid business class travel on Aeromexico that’s credited to SkyMiles earns 200% redeemable miles, 200% MQMs, and MQDs for 40% of the distance flown. So as a non-elite member you’d earn ~8,400 redeemable miles and MQMs, and 1,680 MQDs.

If you do book one of these tickets and have access to US credit cards, make sure you maximize the points you earnThe Platinum Card® from American Express offers 5x points on airfare purchased directly with airlines, which is a great option if you’re booking directly with the airline. Meanwhile the  Chase Sapphire Reserve® Card offers triple points on airfare purchases, and also offers fantastic travel coverage in the event of irregular operations.

Note that availability for this fare is disappearing pretty quickly, so if you select an itinerary and it reprices, then choose a different flight or date, as it’s still pricing at the $588 cost as of the time of this post.

Anyone plan on doing a quick weekend trip from New York to Mexico City with this fare?

(Tip of the hat to BLazarus22)

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  1. No “traffic” in Mexico City’s excellent, efficient, clean subway. Stay off public roadways for your transportation and you’ll have a perfect trip!

  2. “Either of those is way bigger than what you’ll find on Aeromexico’s 787s, which is just standard domestic first class seats.“
    Did you mean 737 here?

  3. I’ve taken this flight half a dozen times over the years (I always re-arrange my schedule to get on the 787) and it’s usually around $900-$1100 so this is like half off.

    They moved terminals recently so you have access to the giant JFK Delta lounge now instead of Air France’s. It’s got a nice outdoor seating/viewing area, actual hot food, a spa lounge, and a Pierre Herme.

    The food and service onboard are about what you’d expect from the US3… well, except for the fantastic tequila 🙂

  4. Can I use this flight for completing a Delta Gold status challenge? If I understand correctly, this one flight would hit the $1500 MQD requirement and give me 8,400 out of the 12,500 MQMs required to get status with Delta? Add in a roundtrip transcon in Economy and this would give me status through 2019 with Delta?

    If so, very tempted….

  5. Why would anyone from NYC want to visit a dirty, smelly, dangerous third world city? Eating garbage in a Michelin star restaurant is still eating garbage.

  6. Great deal! Booked a RT for a weekend in the end of April. Booked it on Kayak which booked it through FlyUS. Booked about 5 hours ago and still showing as ticket pending and not confirmed on AeroMexico. Anyone else having to wait this long?

  7. LOL @ Jackie. You don’t know what you’re missing. One word: TACOS! But it’s okay… I’d rather not have someone like you tainting my beautiful country with your presence.

  8. I’m an old Gringo and I am 110% in agreement with Proud Mexican – the food in Mexico City is beyond Michelin – it is simply el major del Mundo!

  9. Ben, can’t you block offensive posts from ignorant know-nothings like Jackie? I may be an elderly American gringo, but I know that Mexico City is a more chic, trendy and cosmopolitan city than New York. And they’re on a par regarding cleanliness and safety.

  10. @proudmexican:
    Yeah. Because having tacos rivals enduring kidnappings, beheadings, drugs, forced disappearances, extortion, criminal cops, and very unfortunate-looking natives.

    One word: LOL.

    Tacos are ok, though.

  11. @Douglas Brown and @6MM, Mexicans welcome cool “old gringos” like you into our country with open arms!

    @David, lol you’re right; I’ll agree that the “natives” of Mexico City are pretty darn “unfortunate-looking”. If I’m in search of eye candy, I prefer Guadalajara. I’m glad that your ignorance of the existence of truly life changing tacos and fear of kidnappings, beheadings, drugs, forced disappearances, extortion, criminal cops keeps people like you out of my country that is still wonderfully beautiful despite its many drawbacks. Every country has its pros and cons. I’m glad that people like you don’t want to visit Mexico or else we would be the ones considering wallowing even deeper in debt in order to build a wall to keep foreigners out.

  12. @ “still proud mexican”:

    Yeah, Like there’s a need to keep anyone out OF mexico.
    And yeah, every country has its pros and cons…

    Only in the case of yours, it’s VERY few pros, and WAY TOO MANY CONS.

    Denial. If it was an olympic sport, mexicans like you would win PLATINUM.

    Quintessential “s-it-ole” country. (and the denial to go with it).

    And, mexican:

    You CANNOT AFFORD to “keep foreigners out”.

    Actually, you cannot afford to even BRING your own people home.
    Too dependent on western union transfers from the US.
    Second ONLY to oil revenue in your macroeconomically rich, yet people-level dirt poor country.


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