Breaking: Aeromexico Embraer E190 Involved In Accident

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While details are still emerging, Aeromexico has confirmed that there was an accident involving an Embraer E190 with a capacity of roughly 100 passengers.

The flight, AM2431, was scheduled to operate the short ~480 mile flight from Durango to Mexico City this afternoon. The flight was operated by Aeromexico Connect, and the roughly 10 year old plane had the tail number XA-GAL.

It’s not clear what exactly what happened, though the incident did occur shortly after departure. Whether the plane actually flew before the accident, or whether it overran the runway, remains to be seen.

Early reports suggest that about 80 passengers have been taken to hospitals. Let’s hope that everyone got off safely, and that there are no major injuries.

The plane sure doesn’t look good, and is mostly burned aside from the tail. The good news is that it looks like the fire happened after most passengers had evacuated.

I’ll update this post as we learn more, though in the meantime my thoughts are with those who were onboard, as well as their families.

  1. Local news mentioned Aeromexico accident for the first hour. Now, they changed the title to “Commercial airline”, Aeromexico is already working on damage control.

  2. I was wondering why a plane like this would have been flying from Durango, CO to Mexico City but now I see it’s Durango in Mexico.

  3. I flew out of Durango La Plata last week. Had no idea they had int’l flights to Mexico. I hope everyone is OK.

  4. First statements from survivors say that the crew tried to reject take off beyond V1 due to bad weather and failed to stop, crashing at the end of the runway and bursting into flames.

  5. @Pavel – I would hold the rumors before any official statement. RTO beyond V1 due to weather is seriously wrong and I doubt the crew would ever do that. There is a reason to have a V1.

    From the pictures, I do agree it looks like it overran the runway.

  6. Cashing in on people’s misfortune, on top of recycling other people’s materials online. You are disgusting and dispicable.

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