Aer Lingus’ Christmas Video Will Warm Your Heart

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Aer Lingus just published one of the best airline Christmas videos of the year, as they united three Irish families, with the kids living in the U.S. and the parents living in Ireland. It’s a quick and touching video — I had to make a conscious effort not to tear up:

The video beautifully highlights how airlines really do bring families together. It’s not just about transportation, but about the stories of the people that airlines connect.

Last year Aer Lingus had an equally fantastic Christmas video, with the caption “bringing people home for Christmas since 1936.” Here’s that video:

Well done, Aer Lingus!

  1. Ahhh jaysus lucky too many tears after watching that one. As a frequent flyer EI pixx me off w crap seats for the $,$$$ but something special going home with them

    Cross the pond next year for Xmas we hope. COYBIG.

    Happy Holidays

  2. Wiping away the tears. Sharing our life”s bounty (which includes pts & miles) with our 5 adult kids is one of the joys of my life. Our family of 7 is gathered on a sunny beach from places across the US this Christmas.

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