You Can Adopt A Dog From The TSA!

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I’m about as obsessed with dogs as I am with travel. Of course, having a dog when you travel a lot is tough, so for now I just mooch off my friends’ pets when I need some puppy cuddles. If I were to get a dog, though, I might consider adopting one from the TSA: they have a Canine Adoption Program!

(Fair warning: I’m going to use some very technical dog-related terminology in this post.)

The Canine Adoption Program offers young dogs, usually 2-4 years old, a new leash on life after they are heckin’ bamboozled by (translation: flunk out of) TSA Pupper Training University (that’s not really what it’s called). Instead of checking people’s pawsports and fighting global terrierism, these pupperinos can enjoy the dognified, comfurtable life of a family pet.

They also occasionally place doggie retirees (former TSA canines). (Do the retired dogs receive government pensions? If so, I’ll take three!)

Right now there’s a long waiting list of people looking to adopt these doggos, so if you’re looking to get a big ol’ floofer of your own, check back on the program’s website in August when they might accept new applications.

I wonder if you can adopt human TSA agents who flunk out of the training program…

  1. Bwahahaha…. nice article! Especially at adopting human TSA agent…. hahahaha…


  2. I don’t think you can flunk out of the human TSA training program if the workers can be considered evidence…

  3. Lucky, can you tell me why Air France )and Delta and maybe others) do not accept dogs in First or Business class sections but only in economy ?

  4. @Nrglobal

    Most in-cabin pet policies require them to be stowed in the under the seat storage for the duration of the flight. Premium cabin seating lacks this storage much more often than in economy. They must not want to take the risk of someone showing up and having no legal place to store their pet. You can’t just gate check them!

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