A perfect travel experience…

Even when flying in premium cabins, travel isn’t always seamless. There are still so many things that can go wrong, from airport security to long lines at customs/immigration to surly flight attendants to bad food to lost bags.

But I think I can officially say that my flight from San Francisco to Munich on Lufthansa was – dare I say it – almost perfect.

Check-in was smooth, the security lines were short, and the United Global First Lounge they use at SFO is fairly nice. We were escorted to the gate by a Lufthansa representative meaning there was no wait at the gate. Up until this point the only negative was my TSA experience, where the TSA clerk asked me what my name was. The “security” process went downhill from there until a few suits got involved, though I’ll leave it at that.

Once onboard I had the perfect flight. After flying dozens and dozens of flights in international premium cabins, I’ve decided that 10 hours is the perfect flight length. It leaves two hours to eat and watch a movie after takeoff, six hours to sleep, and two hours before landing to eat again and freshen up.

And as usual, the service on Lufthansa was phenomenal. While I’m not usually a huge fan of their food, it was actually the best I’ve had on Lufthansa. I do tend to prefer their catering out of the US as opposed to Germany, surprisingly enough.

Upon landing there were no queues at immigration, and my bag was waiting at the carousel as soon as I got there.

For once travel was truly seamless and stress free to the max. Let’s hope that continues with tomorrow’s flights…

In the meantime, it’s time for some lovely German Fanta and pretzels.

But I do have two incredibly minor things to note.

First, you know how Lufthansa doesn’t serve limes with drinks? I’m a lime-aholic, and lemon just doesn’t give me the same rush. Well, uh, notice anything interesting about my breakfast?

Also, one of the cool things about Lufthansa is that they keep airplane postcards towards the back of each cabin to take with you. Anyone else think the placement of one of these postcards is a bit unfortunate?

More to come later!

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  1. Glad you had a good trip. Yes, i also find LH catering out of the U.S. is better. What happened with TSA?

  2. Do tell what happened with the suits! The more stories that embarrass the TSA, the better. Every bit helps to bring change.

  3. C’mon, c’mon, you GOTTA give the 411 on the latest installment of TSAssanine!

    Oh- I give up on the postcard item, and I can’t make out the upper left one- too much cabin reflection.

  4. Any chance you could post a picture of the F menu for the flight when you get a chance? Flying Lufty F ex-USA and can’t find the menu anywhere

  5. Lucky — I can’t tell from the pics whether this was LH business or first. Can you elaborate? I’ve booked an itinerary that has me on LH business from GVA-DUS-EWR and am trying to figure out how much I’m giving up by being in business instead of F.

  6. @ Jay — Sure, I’ll post it as soon as I get back.

    @ EggSS4 — This was first class. I think first is well worth the premium over business if available.

  7. Flying that route in a few months. Only in business right one but hope to up my award if last min availability appears in first. I also like Munich airport more than Frankfurt so happy when routed that way.

  8. Coins,

    My mantra when I travel is to take the chip off my shoulder when I leave the house. I don’t know what problem you had with the TSA, but anytime someone goes out of their way to provoke an incident (whatever that means), it seems to mean that the passenger has that chip ‘on’ their should. If anyone is looking for a ‘fight’ we all know they’re easy to find.
    It’s gaming the system in reverse. We all know and have read about TSA made up rules, but for any reader to ‘fan the flames’ (right or wrong), well, you can be right, or ‘dead right’.
    Frequent flyers just need to ‘move along’. We all need to stop inflaming an already out of control situation. Want to fix the system, write your Member of Congress, and write again and again.

  9. That’s really funny, Dan: the idea that Lucky went out of his way to “provoke an incident.” It’s funny because those of us who have followed Lucky’s blog and 20,000+ posts on FlyerTalk know that he could practically write a book about the Zen of air travel.

  10. @snic, Coins ‘suggested’ something happened. I’m just reading into that. Ben, do tell? If I’m incorrect, thanks for allowing my editorial comments!

  11. @Dan: It doesn’t take a chip on the shoulder to have a bad experience with the TSA. ‘Moving along’ with the TSA occasionally requires you to bend over while you suck your genitals up into your body. Which, I really wish more frequent flyers would learn to just enjoy so they don’t inflame an already out of control situation.

    Oh and, you’re absolutely right. We all need to write our Representatives. And do it again, again, and again, and again, and again, and again, vote, and copy George Clooney and Carrot Top, and do it again, and again, and again, repeat ad infinitum.

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