A lovely flight on Thai!

As I mentioned before, Thai Airways is leasing 777-300ERs from Jet Airways, which quite possible has my favorite interiors. Between the incredible first class ground services in Bangkok and the particularly attentive service on this flight, Thai Airways now ranks up there as one of my three favorite airlines. If only all their planes had the Jet Airways interior! Despite a short five hour redeye with two meal services, I feel remarkably well rested. Here are just a few pictures (with a full trip report coming in a week or so):

First class suites

Suite 2A

First serving

Second serving

Nice view from ANA F lounge from NRT!

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  1. LUCKY,

    You took BKK/NRT morning departure on Friday? I was at the NRT ANA F suite lounge around 4pm. It was rainy , pretty heavy around 5pm. Not alot of people in the ANA F lounge either. There was plain fried rice and fried onion rings there.


  2. well, good thing you were in F! And what was the route? If you’re in C and you fly from BKK to LAX, one of the longest nonstop flights in the world, you get an airbus plane and a seat that is pretty similar to UA’s older international C seat. I think Thai’s service is obviously great, but a lot of their planes are pretty old and not that great. We also flew BKK-KVB (short hop to Krabi) and the plane was like out of the 80s….

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