A flight on my favorite airline

Dear Etihad:

This is how you serve meals in international first class.


(Don’t worry, I didn’t eat all of it)

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  1. How long did that entire charade take?

    I can’t stand airlines that take forever to bring out courses one by one like this. Just put it on a tray and get it over with ASAP so I can get back to work or sleep.

  2. Sean, they’ll usually happily do that for you if you ask. (United calls it “express meals” or something similar.)

  3. @Sean Asking usually works. I have asked on LH, UA, and AC.

    Only time it was ignored for me was on SQ from NRT to LAX. We had strong tailwinds, so a much shorter flight. I wanted to eat and have enough time to sleep.

    My asking just made them not ask me on choices for anything.

  4. We share the same favourite; LX first. Travelling ZRH-DEL in F in February. Am trying to shoehorn in FRA-ZRH before that so that I can have two unnecessary car rides to a plane instead of one.

  5. Nice dinner. My wife really liked her flight on Swiss F (even old one). The service was excellent and they were hunting food down for our 6 year old and helped him cut it (Swiss bratwurst) and pretty much made sure he managed to eat without my wife’s help.
    Excellent service but in fairness also only a total of 3 passengers on that flight.

  6. Amusingly, I’ll be doing LX (new) First from ZRH to DXB in two weeks. Maybe I’ll print out your pictures and stop by AUH to drop them off by Etihad’s HQ!

  7. Nicely Plated. They should take note. By the way Lucky, Can you look over my blog and give me some pointers? I am a relatively new blogger and could use some pointers. I don’t want to crowd your blog with links so if you are willing just click my name. Thanks.

  8. @ tommy777 — Who needs caviar when you have Swiss food? šŸ˜‰

    @ ATC — New first on Swiss A333 from Chicago to Zurich.

    @ Sean M. — It took about two hours. They actually wanted to do service faster, though my friend and I asked that they do it course by course. The other passenger was done with their meal much faster.

    @ Mike — I’d be happy to take a look!

  9. Swiss New First on LX9 followed by Lufthansa A380 F on LH710 with a wonderfully short intra-Europe J flight I presume? Tokyo is a bit colder than Tampa this time of year šŸ˜›

  10. Looks fantastic! Been interested in the relatively new LX F for a while now. Do they have any plans to add it to the A343?

  11. @ Josh G — Unfortunately not, as of now. But even the old first class product is quite good, in my opinion.

  12. Two hours isn’t too bad. I suffered through a 4 hour service on Emirates last week which has once again reminded me why I bring my own food and drink on board, even in a premium cabin.

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