A few mileage run highlights

Overall it was a pretty smooth couple of days of flying, although there were a few highlights:

— The captain on my flight from Los Angeles to San Francisco was fantastic. She introduced herself to the first class cabin, told us about the flight, informed us Channel 9 would be on, and also bid farewell to everyone on the way out. If you ever get a 737 captain named Karen, you’re in for a treat.

— To the contrary, the flight attendant on this flight was not so great. My seatmate asked for a gin and tonic as a pre-departure beverage, and she said she couldn’t serve it due to FAA regulations. He commented that his request was fulfilled on his flight the night before from San Francisco to Los Angeles, which left her without a whole lot to say.

— For some odd reason, there are all these “security guards” at JFK T7 past security. They’re not TSA agents, but usually people with a weak command of the English language that just seem to stand around all day with red jackets on. After the redeye I wanted to walk around a bit to stretch, so I headed over to gate 12, which is the last United gate. There was a security guard just standing on the side doing nothing, and as I walked past him he said “what do you need?” I commented that I needed nothing and just wanted to stretch my legs, and asked him whether that was a problem. He said it was. I then asked him if it would be ok to sit in that area, since the other gate area was packed. He agreed, and I said “gee thanks,” sat down for about five seconds, and walked back past him.

In retrospect I should have pushed it further and taken some pictures in the area. Oh well.

— This is totally insignificant, but it made me smirk. The captain on my IAD-TPA flight turned off the seatbelt sign right as we passed through 18,000 feet on our climb out, so I got up to use the lavatory. The flight attendant advised me that the seatbelt sign was on and that I needed to be seated. I just stood there and smiles for a moment, and she profusely apologized, especially after she saw my shirt.

Anyway, that’s all for now.

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  1. Did a run through JFK last week and saw those “guards” too, I wonder how much it costs each customer for these people to be there. It interested me enough to acturally ask them what their jobs were (I know, that’s a pretty jackass move). I got no answer but a nasty look.

  2. I walked down to gates 11/12 last month during a flight delay and noticed them too since no one else was around. Hung out there and enjoyed the peace and quiet (though I definitely felt like I was being watched!). Restroom down that way much nicer too due to low traffic.

  3. With regards to the request for a predeparture G&T, perhaps the FA already had it in her mind that she didn’t need to do a beverage service at all, even in F, “due to the short duration of the flight”.

  4. Similar thing – US Air PBI to DCA 2 days ago, first class. Passenger across from me wasn’t served G&T due to “FAA regulations” while on the ground. Apparently there is now a “no alcohol on the ground” rule. Who knew?

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