A confession from one of the most beatuiful places on earth…

Good morning/afternoon/evening from Berchtesgaden! It really doesn’t get more beautiful than this.

The confession? I’m terrified of gondola rides. Terrified. I sweat at least a liter of Fanta on the way up, which, on second thought, might just be a good thing, since I’m on the verge of overdosing. Yeah, I know it’s irrational given that I’m attached to a sturdy rope, while ironically I have no problem flying through the sky seven miles up in a 500,000 pound metal tube with nothing but “lift” holding me up. But that doesn’t make me feel any better. Am I the only one?

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  1. @ Lantean — Yep, it’s a (beautiful) 90 minute drive from there. Salzburg Airport is a bit closer, though.

  2. Naw, not irrational…I’m exactly the same way! Fly? Yes, anywhere! Gondolas? Not so much…

  3. I presume that’s Königssee down there, right?

    We actually took a driving trip from Munich south towards the unimpressive Four Points by Sheraton Brauneck (I don’t think it’s starwood anymore) in Lenggries and got on the Alpenstrasse all the way to Königssee, then backtracked a little to the highway to drive to Salzburg. We were there the 15-16th of July last year.

    We went there for the twisty road driving more than anything else, but the scenery is amazing. Next time we go we’ll probably check out the Intercontinental.

  4. You are definitely not the only one.
    I’m fearful of heights but absolutely enjoy flying. The difference for me? When flying I am “inside”.
    I have no problems enjoying the view from inside buildings like Stratosphere Tower but when I go outside I feel very uncomfortable.
    You shot some very nice photos! It’s great to see them as that … as images. Luckily, I don’t have to stand there in real life 😉

  5. Do you get a commission from the Berchtesgaden tourism bureau? 😉 I’m headed to MUC/SZG in the first week of Sept. and decided to stop in Berchtesgaden solely due to your previous blog posts. Now I just have to decide whether to stay at the IC (with no status) or an extra night at the Sheraton Salzburg (free breakfast and internet as Platinum).

  6. It looks gorgeous!! Would it be hard to get around Berchtesgaden for someone who doesn’t know German?

  7. Have you done the Nong Ping 360 in HK? I’m usually fine with gondolas, but the height of that one and distance between poles was both impressive and terrifying!

  8. Gondolas? Ferris wheels? I’m closing my eyes the entire time.

    Loops, spins, and other aerobatics in a plane? No problem at all.

  9. If you haven’t yet, try the peak to peak between Whistler and Blackcomb. Some of the gondolas have glass floors. You’ll love it.

  10. The husband and I were in Berchtesgaden a month ago – we did 4 days hiking in the Alps hut-to-hut around Watzmann and the Konigsee. It is an AMAZINGLY beautiful area. Great pics 🙂

  11. Hahaha! I completely agree with you! Flying is way less scary than gondola rides, where you look down and know that if that skinny piece of string breaks, you’re falling down into those rocks below!!!

  12. Lucky is there any trains from munich to Berchtesgaden???whats the easiest itinerary to reach??i mean closest airport.

  13. @Jenny
    I was in Berchtesgaden last July and speak little German while the rest of my family speaks no German. We didn’t have any problems and a few locals explained that the significant American military presence in Berchtesgaden for several decades after the war means most locals, even the older ones, know some English.

  14. @ Jenny — Most locals speak at least a bit of English, so shouldn’t be an issue at all, as Dan said.

    @ Raffles — On the agenda for tomorrow!

    @ mohamed — There’s a train, though I far prefer renting a car since it’s much easier to get around the city/area that way. The closest airport is SZG, which is about a 30 minute drive away.

  15. @Lindsay, would you mind sharing more details about the hike? Sounds interesting – thanks!

  16. Yes it does.
    Lots of places in Swiss, Italian and French alps. You need to spend some time in south tyrol, how about the dolomites.

  17. The hotels are nice, but in this place the mom and pop places you find on homeaway.com are so much better, often time for the same price.

    Was there last month and would only consider staying at a local place. Hiked up to the Eagles Neat,took 3 hours and I’m in shape. Very well worth it.

    Already want to return. Bald Army Guy

  18. Several of my frequent flyer coworkers have a fear of heights….no gondolas; even some bridges are a challenge.

    Yes, Berchtesgaden is one of the most beautiful places on the planet….would love to know more about day hikes in the area.

  19. Lucky – you’ve probably been to Kehlsteinhaus (Eagle’s Nest) — most amazing views – and the raspberry/ice cream dessert in the restaurant is ausgezeichnet!

  20. As a Royal Ambassador, what room level do you need to book to get upgraded to the two level suite?

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