6 People Filed 25,000 O’Hare Noise Complaints In A Month

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Via Flight Club, O’Hare Airport has a department to deal with airport noise complaints, which were at an all time high in January, with 39,000 complaints being filed:

The Chicago Department of Aviation’s Airport Noise Management System recently revealed that noise complaints near the international airport are at an all time high. An official report cites that 63 percent of the 39,000 complaints in January came from just six addresses.

That’s right, nearly 25,000 of those complaints (in a single month!!!) came from six addresses:

That’s 24,987 complaints from just six addresses and 11,155 complaints from one address in the period of one month is quite amazing. That’s roughly 360 complaints per day on average including weekends.

There are two official ways to submit a complaint including by telephone and online. The online form has six required fields to submit a complaint and takes approximately 1 minute to complete, but maybe longer if optional fields are filled in. That would equal six hours of complaint filing per day assuming no breaks were taken. I’m not sure how well it pays, but that seems like terrible full time employment. It can only be assumed that this is the work of a highly deranged individually or a repurposed spam bot.


  1. Hello Lucky,

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  2. Just wondering about some possibilties;
    1, Could some moron be lumping all Yahoo emails as one address?
    2, Sending excessive emails does not negate the issue. Maybe there is an issue of documenting each landing above a certain threshold. Maybe it is automated. Blaming the victim is very effective when there is no better solution.

  3. Is it possible that this is an apartment complex so that it might be multiple people at a single address?

  4. There is quite user friendly software out there that can automatically complete online forms 1000s of times and requires less than 5 minutes to set up. I suspect a bored teen wanted to proof a point.

  5. Sounds like they are using a script or bot of some kind.

    Aircraft noise next to an airport, who knew? Maybe they should have thought about that before moving there.

  6. Guessing they emails are auto-generated. Once they pay for “the tool” or simple scripts, they can easily click a button and the random # of seconds sends an email from the list to O’Hare.

    So, their ‘hobby’ most probably consumes very little of their time.

  7. At the airport in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, they once fooled a weirdo like this one. This person would complain about every single airplane that left or arrived. So, they listed a non-existing flight on their page and said it had left. Sure enough, that person complained about that flight…

  8. @ Vaynu K. — Sorry about that. It’s not supposed to happen and the tech team is working on isolating the problem best they can. Appreciate your patience!

  9. I wonder how many people in Hong Kong complained about the noise that resulted from takeoffs and landings at Kai Tak when it was in operation…

  10. The Chicago Tribune did a story about one of them. May be behind a paywall, but here’s a short excerpt.


    “Dawne Morong is an unapologetic complainer, a chronicler of the havoc that jet noise wreaks on people’s lives, a thorn in the city of Chicago’s side.

    In suburban Wood Dale, no one comes close to expressing air traffic frustrations as frequently or as obsessively as Morong does. Of the 2,883 O’Hare noise complaints filed in August, she accounts for more than one-third of them.

    On any given weekday morning, she’ll submit two dozen complaints before heading to work. It’s not unusual for her to send more than 100 in a single day.”

  11. Lucky – I’ve had the exact same problem as Vaynu. It’s incredibly frustrating when I visit your website and my iphone is redirected to download Candy Crush instead. Also in Italy it redirected to some pay per view websites which cost €0.18 a view!!! Quickly used €1 trying to open OMAT!!!

  12. That is absurd that so few people would post so many complaints; that is ridiculous!! The world does not revolve around just a few. We need the airplanes, so if you can’t take the noise, maybe move.

  13. @ janyyc — Sorry, promise the tech team is doing what they can to isolate the problem/fix it. Very, very frustrating!

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