35 American AAdvantage miles per dollar spent at ebags.com

The AAdvantage Shopping Portal is offering 35 AAdvantage miles per dollar spent at ebags.com, compared to the usual seven miles per dollar spent. This has the potential to be extremely lucrative since ebags.com sells a huge variety of luggage, bags, etc., mostly at very competitive prices.


I value AAdvantage miles at 1.8 cents each, so to me that’s like getting back 63 cents for every dollar spent at ebags.com. You don’t actually have to use a Citi AAdvantage credit card as long as you go through the portal, so you can use another more rewarding credit card for the purchase while still earning 35 AAdvantage miles per dollar spent.

Ebags.com carries most major luggage brands, including many Tumi products, and ground shipping is free within the US for orders over $25. Their prices are competitive with other retailers, and in many states you don’t have to pay sales tax when making purchases through them, so they can end up being even cheaper.

In theory it could make sense to purchase bags with the intention of reselling them. If you value AAdvantage miles similarly to me, you’re basically buying luggage at 63% off, so even if you take a loss on the resale you could still come out way ahead.

It’s also worth noting many items are eligible for free two-day shipping through Shoprunner, which is offering eligible American Express cardholders a complimentary 1-year membership.

It’s anyone’s guess how long this will last, so I’d definitely take advantage of this sooner rather than later.

(Tip of the hat to The Points Guy)

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  1. You are speculatively buying miles here, so appropriate valuation should reflect what you would speculatively buy AA miles for. I won’t speculatively purchase miles for much more than a cent. YMMV!

  2. I agree with HikerT that speculative points should be valued differently than standard points resulting from conventional purchases.

    Presumably Lucky would be turning those points into an actual ticket fairly quickly, but for many of his readers it probably takes time to put together a trip and during that window the rules or availability may change. In the case of AA it may even be a different airline by the time some folks can pull the trigger on their next big award.

    Putting a value on points seems to be more of an art than a science. I just completed a KA/CX/AA trip in F that priced out just shy of USD$15K one way, but there’s no way I’d ever spend anywhere near that much on a one way ticket, so that valuation is essentially meaningless.

    However, spending $1785 to reach Asia in first class seems like a fairly reasonable cost considering that’s not too far from what you’d pay for premium coach in some cases. I’m not sure if I really need that much luggage since I travel light (maybe small is a more accurate term) and I received luggage as a gift last year. Maybe if I returned the favor by buying luggage for others I could get the spending somewhere up around there.

    So how about some advice on what to buy? I’m a guy who travels small and can make almost any luggage work so long as it has wheels. For over a decade all I needed with me was a Olympia Elegance rollaboard and whatever laptop bag my job provided. America, Asia, Europe, hot and cold, tarmacs and cobblestones, you name it. What do folks who pay more attention to luggage suggest as a gift for others?

  3. Promotion code “COMJFS75BL” shows up in cart with a button “apply” toward end of purchase. What is that? And will it interfere with the portal credit?

  4. Ed,

    I bought $3k in backpacks yesterday and that code was in my cart too. It’s a 20% off code, and when I emailed to confirm that my large (for me) order was going to be awarded the bonus miles I was told it wasn’t because I used the 20% coupon. So, I’m assuming COMJFS75BL is the 20% off coupon.

    It’s pretty unfair bc the aadvantage portal says you can only use coupons found on the site. Either way, just FYI.

  5. Lucky, what would you value the AA points at that would be redeemed in 2016?

    Like many of your blog readers, I have many miles, and accumulate more for free via flying and Citicards. So even spending 400k miles a year, I think I wouldn’t tap into these until 2016.

  6. @Jordan – that’s great information, thanks for sharing that. I guess I won’t use the discount code then! How upsetting though that you’re in for $3K and you can’t even get the points now! Are you planning to resell for a profit at least?

  7. The coupon isn’t good on Tumi.

    Even though I value them significantly lower than Lucky (given how many I have), 15k miles plus no tax plus free shipping makes me feel much better about $455 for a carryon laptop bag!

    Thanks again Ben!

  8. @Jordan – COMJFS75BL looks like the AAdvantage referral code. You should fight them about that, it is automatically added when going through the AAdvantage portal. It’s in the URL after clicking through too. eBags also confirmed this for me.

  9. Has anyone had their miles post from purchasing on eBags yet?

    I bought two bags ($300) and my miles have not posted… I’m debating returning them if the miles don’t post. I’ve made a few purchases recently and they have already posted… hmm…

  10. No miles posted yet for me. I bought about $500 worth of luggage. I can’t recall the codes offered up as acceptable on the AA shopping portal…does anyone have a screen shot they could send me?

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