3,000 American miles for a new Netflix account

American is offering 3,000 miles for opening a new Netflix account by the end of the month. You can open an account for a mere $8.99/month, and cancel after the first month and still receive the bonus miles. Keep in mind that this is for those that haven’t been members before, and Netflix seems to be good at determining who has been a member in the past, so don’t try to fool them.

While I’ve seen promos offering 3,000 Delta miles for a new Netflix account, American miles are far more valuable. This is enough to get me to sign up for a month, and entertain me for at least a couple of mileage runs.

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  1. Thanks Alex. That’s a great deal for those that have Mileage Plus Visas, but I don’t (as a matter of principle).

  2. Nice way to top off 3 different AA accounts from various family members.

    Works out to roughly $75 for 25,000 miles. Now if only that were a possibility. :>)

  3. Wow, that was fast! I signed up on January 25, and as of this morning the miles are in my account. That’s a lot faster than the 8-10 weeks they promised. 🙂

  4. Just noticed that as well, as I was trying to get my brother to sign up. 🙁

    Oh well, I’m sure there’ll be another deal sometime soon.

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