25,000 Delta SkyMiles for $500 SkyMall purchase through September 15

As many of you may remember, SkyMall had a two day promotion earlier in the month offering 25,000 Delta SkyMiles for a $500+ purchase (before tax and shipping) on select items. Well, that offer has now been extended through September 15. Of course there’s a reason they offer such a lucrative bonus — almost everything in the magazine is absolute crap. But then again, if you just can’t resist something in the catalog, this would be the time to buy it. While Delta miles are among the most worthless mileage currency out there, they’re still worth about a cent each, so to anyone that cares about miles, this is like getting half off anything in the catalog.

Not coming up with any good gift ideas? Allow me to make a few suggestions.

Wanna, er, stand out in your neighborhood? Nothing says “I’m special” quite like this garden ornament:

Does your spouse complain about sore feet? This should shut ’em up:

Feeling a bit wrinkly but not quite ready for botox? This is your cure:

Have a teenage daughter that’s addicted to texting and driving? Here’s your solution:

(Tip of the hat to Gary)

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  1. I’m sure you’ve already gotten a gazillion comments about this, but I think there’s a typo on your blog post title.

    Of course, it’s certainly helping your blog view count! 😉

  2. Agreed, most of it is crap, however they do sell a decent variety of digital cameras that are not, such as the Canon EOS Rebel XS 10MP. Actually their prices aren’t bad, and you could almost make it worth it by Ebaying the camera.

    If you actually needed a Canon camera, this is a great deal.

  3. I just came back here for my Friday confession….

    On the original go-round of this deal, we bought the Canon EOS Rebel XS 10 MP. Yes, it’s priced higher than you could get it elsewhere, but it’s probably not $250+ higher (depending on your valuation of SkyPesos).

    Just one week prior we had decided to get an entry-level DSLR camera, and this deal popped up. We also needed a few miles to top of my wife’s DL account for an award.

    So the planet’s aligned and I pulled the trigger. I lost my SkyMall virginity.

    Thanks Jason for making me feel less guilty!

  4. Did the numbers on Canon EOS Rebel XS 10 MP. By the time you pay tax and shipping, then sell on ebay and they take 10%, I was really only getting the miles for $200, not really worth the risk and effort for me.

  5. @Jason: Agreed. I think you have to want the DSLR like we did.

    @Craig: Buy 9 of those and you can have a forest. AND get 25000 miles.

  6. There is a good selection of GPS’s and they agree to price match so no need to pay more than the best web price.

  7. I just bought 3 of the Gigaset phones. With the price match they are the same price as anywhere else and the 25k miles @1 cent means they are about half price.

    Not a bad deal if you wanted a couple of extra handsets anyway since the whole phone is only $10 more than buying just the handset.

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