250 free Delta SkyMiles!

Thanks to Frugal Travel Guy for pointing out a way to earn 250 Delta SkyMiles for free:

Delta has a new and improved online shopping mall and they will give you 250 Delta Skymiles to re register or register for the first time.

So here is the link to your free 250 miles 250 Free Miles

In my case this is an easy way to keep my SkyMiles account active.

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  1. Be careful…If it is an internal Delta promo these miles will NOT count for extending your miles life! My wife learned this the hard way a few years ago, just fyi.

  2. internal promo….no outside partner who bought and will be rewarding miles….Bosley is definitely external and this one is definitely internal!

  3. As George says, unfortunately not all programs allow any activity to extend mileage expiry. There’s a thread in MilesBuzz forum on FT that summarises the rules for all the main FFPs.

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