2015 Hyatt Diamond Upgrades Are Now Available

Last week I posted a reminder that Hyatt’s 2014 Diamond Suite Upgrade Awards would expire on February 28. The nice thing about Hyatt’s Diamond Suite Upgrade Awards is that you don’t have to redeem them for a stay prior to the expiration date, but rather just have to make a booking prior to the expiration date, even if you’re staying on a subsequent date.

I figured I’d also post a reminder that if you qualified for Hyatt Diamond status for the 2015 program year, your four annual Diamond Suite Upgrade Awards should have posted to your account today. These are valid through February 29, 2016.


The basic rules of these suite upgrades are as follows:

  • Each suite upgrade can be used to confirm a suite for a stay of up to seven nights at the time of booking
  • Suite upgrades are valid on paid bookings as well as Points + Cash bookings; they aren’t valid on outright free night awards (that being said, Points + Cash bookings only have access to a subset of suite inventory — you’ll have to call to be sure if your Points + Cash stay is eligible or not)
  • The suite upgrade needs to be redeemed by the expiration date, though the stay can be on a subsequent date
  • Suite upgrades must be redeemed over the phone, and can be applied at the time of booking or anytime up until the arrival date
  • Suite upgrades aren’t valid at Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Resort , Park Hyatt Sydney, Andaz Tokyo, Hyatt Regency Phuket Resort, Hyatt Regency Tulsa, Hyatt Regency Wichita, Hyatt Key West Resort and Spa, Hyatt Manila City of Dreams, Hyatt Santa Barbara, Hyatt Residence Club resorts, Hyatt Place hotels and M life resorts.

In terms of searching upgrade space, the Diamond Suite Upgrade Award almost always confirms into the entry level suite.

So how do you figure out which suite is the hotel’s entry level suite?

Here’s an example. Lets say you’re looking at the Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur. When you go to their website click on “ROOMS” across the top.


Then you’ll be brought to the page listing all their room types, and on the bottom right click on “Suite.”


The first suite listed should be their entry level suite, which is the Grand Suite.


Then you can search availability for your dates, and if they’re selling the Grand Suite you should be able to confirm a Suite Upgrade Award for it.


Last year the Suite Upgrade Awards became even more valuable to me than before, given that they can be redeemed for Points + Cash booking. In the past my strategy with Hyatt was usually to stay at their cheaper properties on cash rates, and then redeem points for Park Hyatt properties. For outright points redemptions it wasn’t possible to use a Suite Upgrade Award.

However, since Suite Upgrade Awards do work on Points + Cash stays, I’m now able to redeem these upgrades at some awesome hotels, which which is tough to beat.

Do you have any specific plans for your 2015 Hyatt Diamond Suite Upgrade Awards yet?


  1. Does the Suite Upgrade inventory change at all given the new year? I have a property which I’ve had my eye on for upgrading, but they haven’t had availability for the Diamond Suite Upgrade. Didn’t know if that changes at all when the calendar year rolls over.

  2. Burned my final two DSU’s from last year on a long work trip to Tokyo. Can’t wait to live in the Park Hyatt Tokyo’s suite for 14 nights!

  3. Also: Would’ve split my stay between the PHT and the fabulous new Andaz Tokyo, if only the Andaz allowed DSU’s. Hear that AT owners? Your awful suite upgrade policy is costing you business.

  4. @Lucky sez: “For outright points redemptions it wasn’t possible to use a Suite Upgrade Award.
    However, since Suite Upgrade Awards do work on Points + Cash stays, I’m now able to redeem these upgrades at some awesome hotels, which which is tough to beat.”

    Not at all tough to beat. DSUs that work on both revenue and all types of AWARD stays (include points-only awards), as offered by some programs that are supposed to be inferior to Hyatt GP, easily beat DSU awards that work ONLY on cash or cash+points stays 🙂

  5. @ DCS — Please enlighten me as to which program allows confirmed suite upgrade certificates at the time of booking on outright award stays!

  6. @ Chris — Diamond Suite Upgrade availability is the same as actual revenue availability, so I can assure you they’re not blocking any space. That being said, it makes sense to check back, as people do often cancel bookings, and then space opens up.

  7. Any definite word on the Diamond Challenge…??? It was reported that it was back, but then the majority of people that tried/commented said they were unsuccessful, and that the Gold Passport people had no idea what they were talking about…

  8. @ SEM — Unfortunately not. It’s only being offered by individual hotels on a targeted basis.

  9. @Lucky — Being able to confirm at booking is a dubious advantage, when AVAILABILITY is the limiting factor. If suite upgrades can be confirmed at booking, they can also just the same be confirmed at check-in IF THEY ARE AVAILABLE when the request is made. Other distinguishing features, like how many suite upgrades a top-tier elite is allowed to have under the T&C and whether or not they are good on pure award stays may be more or equally important considerations…

  10. To be fair, the availability with regards to DSU is quite straight forward; as long as the entry level suite is for sale, you can use one DSU. And so far that has always been the case – in my experience, using the DSU is quite easy. Within the last 3 years I’ve only had to shift my stay for some days twice (once because the suite inventory has been sold out and once because the P+C inventory was not available). So in my mind this is certainly not a huge limitation and as transparent (with regars to paid stays) as you can get.

  11. @Christoph — “…as long as the entry level suite is for sale, you can use one DSU.”

    This is called availability…

  12. @ DCS — Sorry, that makes no sense. You don’t see the difference between availability at the time of booking and availability at the time of check-in? Do you have a better chance of purchasing a first class seat on an airplane the day the schedule opens or at the gate? Same thing…

  13. Hi Ben,

    I have a confirmed booking at Park Hyatt Paris Vendome using cash + points. The entry level suite is the Park Suite King. The Park Suite King is available for the days I’m staying there. When I called Hyatt Diamond line (three times already), they said that the Park Suite King is not available for the suite upgrade. In your primer above, it says that if the entry level suite is available for a booking, then it should be available for the DSU. Can you explain why this is the case (i.e., not available for DSU) when it’s available to be booked?

  14. @ John — Indeed, good point and something that’s worth clarifying. On Points + Cash stays, you only have access to a subset of the available suites when using DSUs, unfortunately. So it’s not the same inventory as if you’re booking a paid stay. I’ll have an updated post about that shortly.

  15. Hi Ben,

    I’m new to the whole Diamond status with Hyatt — I’m not sure I’m clear on how the process works. Are you supposed to book a room first (online, at whatever rate you fancy/dates you want, provided there is also entry level suites available/for sale on those dates), then call the number to apply the upgrade? Or are you supposed to call the number and you do everything with the agent on the phone? I’m looking to book some rooms for the near future before the 2015 DSU’s expire and before the new rule takes effect.

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