10,000 Priority Club bonus points per InterContinental stay

While Priority Club loves to have different rates that include point bonuses (essentially a way to try and screw over your company), this is a legit promotion. For stays between July 6 and August 31 they’re offering 10,000 bonus points per stay at select properties. The rate for this promotion is the same as the best flexible rate.

I’ve just rebooked my stay at the InterContinental Hong Kong using this promotion.

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  1. Ah ok, sorry about that, didn’t read the past post. Since that post was almost a month ago, I kind of want to ask you isn’t your return flight for HKG-BKK consider as back track ? Or it is fine with AC miles ? Because I had a routing before like HKG-BKK-NRT-IAD-ORD F award, some supervisor called me back and said HKG-BKK consider as back track, I have to either buy a one way ticket HKG-BKK, or HKG-NRT.

    Good for you to try LX, TG and TK.

    I think my next F award will use the Atlantic routing as well, never done that. UA had offered me routing before like with a mix of UA, LH, NZ and SK but not LX.

  2. I’m sure they could have made the argument that I was backtracking, but they didn’t. Ultimately my award was within the maximum permitted mileage (MPM), and that’s all they seemed to care about.

  3. not the case in my experience, most of the IC i want to stay at, the 10k bonus rate is usually around $60 more than the best available rate.

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