10 signs you’re in for a long flight….

These are signs you’re in for a long flight, not signs that you’re not going anywhere. šŸ˜‰

In no particular order:

  1. “Uh….. folks….. From the flight deck, this is, uh, ehm, your, eh….”
  2. “Folks, we just have a minor mechanical issue we need to take care of.”
  3. “Welcome aboard United 76XX operated by Mesa with service to New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport.”
  4. “Flight attendants are here primarily for your safety.”
  5. “There’s an emergency flight attendant call button located in the panel above your seat.”
  6. “Hi, I have the flu.”
  7. “Yeah, I’m one of the airline’s most important customers. I fly a lot with them, nearly 30,000 miles a year.”
  8. “Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeew” (sound of the engines shutting down while you’re in the penalty box)
  9. “Stewardess, this is my first time flying.”
  10. “On behalf of your flight safety professionals….”

Feel free to add your own….

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  1. “Howdy! I’m from Texas! We might as well get to know each other seein’ as how we’re stuck together for the next 5 hours!”

  2. The sounds of the engines shutting down in the penalty box is the most feared sound that I can hear when on an airplane.

    The only thing worse is listening Kennedy Ground (ATC) tell the pilot to head to the box.

    Here’s another sound… the sound of the de-icing machine stopping half way through the process. That cost me 30 minutes a few years back, as another truck had to be dispatched.

  3. Uniter, very funny never even got a chance to put the headphones on, also like #1.
    And my input, “(sitting down beside you)don’t worry my baby usually sleeps on planes”

  4. “Just finishing up some paperwork . . . that maintenance needs to sign . . . should be just a moment.”

  5. fatty sits down beside you, lifts up the arm rest and says “lets get ride of this so we both have more room”

  6. ROFLMAO! They’re funny cause they’re true. I can especially relate to the first one Uniter posted, since I’ve been in that very situation at least a dozen times on Ted.

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