1 US Airways mile or 4 Hilton points per dollar spent at amazon.com!

Let’s face it, there’s a reason many retailers participate in online shopping malls — cause they need some bonus offers to sell their products. Yes, that’s why Bob’s Denture Mart, the Overpriced Chocolate Store, and the Tijuana Botox Clinic can all be found in your favorite online shopping mall (or something like that).

And then once in a while legitimately useful retailers participate in the online shopping malls, and even though the bonuses might not be great, it’s totally worth taking advantage of since they’re for purchases you would make anyway.

That’s why people are quite excited that Amazon is now partnering with a couple of airlines on the shopping mall front. You can now earn one US Airways Dividend Mile per dollar spent at amazon.com by going through their shopping portal.

Hawaiian Airlines is even more generous, offering two Hawaiian Miles per dollar spent at amazon.com through their shopping portal. Not to discount the value of Hawaiian Miles, but they’re probably not especially useful to most of us since we won’t rack up a meaningful amount, though it’s worth noting that they’re partners with Hilton. You can convert Hawaiian Miles to Hilton HHonors points at a 1:2 ratio in 5,000 mile increments.

In other words, $2,500 in spend on amazon.com earns you 5,000 Hawaiian Miles, which earns you 10,000 Hilton HHonors points.

Keep in mind that all of this is in addition to the miles you usually earn for credit card spend.

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  1. Do you have to be logged in with your Hawaiian Air account and then click the Shop Now link to earn the miles? Earning Hilton or US Air points is pretty cool.

  2. Webflyer notes:
    “To convert HawaiianMiles into HHonors points, miles have to be earned through Hawaiian Airlines exclusively; you cannot transfer American Express Membership Rewards points into HawaiianMiles and then transfer to Hilton HHonors.”

    I don’t know if miles earned through amazon.com would be eligible for Hilton Hhonors transfer.

  3. @ Angeleno228 — To me that simply means the miles can’t be transferred in from other programs. In this case the miles are being earned directly through Hawaiian, so there shouldn’t be an issue.

  4. @Mike Interesting idea with the AMEX GC’s. I don’t think it would work because the AMEX GC link on Amazon redirects to an external site but that’d be a very interesting experiment to run. PM me on FT or MP if you are interested in running some experiments.

  5. @ Carl — I’d say one US Airways mile is worth around two Hilton points, though I’m sure some will disagree with me.

  6. @ The Nomad — It certainly could be, though it’s not my understanding. The only restriction I see is on Membership Rewards points. Is it written anywhere?

  7. Did Amazon just begin doing this recently? I recall searching through the major airlines’ shopping mall sites earlier this year and found none of them had Amazon listed as a partner.

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